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Lately I had been struggling to find the “right” shaving cream that wouldn’t leave me rashes or an irritable skin after the job was done. And believe me it was not my grooming technique because I have been shaving for over 10 years so clearly it was not my mustache and beard maintenance. I was taught how to shave by my father at 15 years old so it would be a dishonor to him if I didn’t learn and apply all of his techniques he taught me.


This burning feeling on my skin had been going on for over six months and off and on throughout the years, but I had not paid much attention to it until now because I had to make a change. I was tired of the burning sensation that other shaving cream brands would leave.

But look no more since I decided to make the switch to using another shaving cream brand and giving Baxter of California – Super Close Shave Formula a try.

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Guess what? It was the best decision ever!


I experienced smoothness the minute I shaved my hair particles of my mustache and beard. A kind of smoothness I had not experienced in a long time and I was not bothered by the subtle scent of Baxter of California – Super Close Shave Formula because it was as if it was unscented.

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Want my recommendation? It’s worth it and I think you should give it a try because just like I realized that this is the perfect product for sensitive facial skin you might realize it is what you needed.

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Other products from Baxter of California that I decided to try-on myself included the deodorant (aluminum-alcohol free / sensitive skin formula) and the oil free moisturizer (normal to oily / fragrance free). Aside from the deodorant being on a small container, which makes it easy for travel I also loved that it leaves no stain on clothes and it fights the strongest stinky odor. Ha!

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In addition I loved that the oil free moisturizer leaves behind no oily residue and that it really gets the job done without much application.

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I would also suggest that you try other amazing and popular products by Baxter of California:

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