Dear Baby Maximiliano Contreras Gutierrez,

I know one day when you grow up you may stumble across this post and once you read it I want you to understand why Tio Tavo has so much love for you. I type this as you approach your 6 month old celebration and I watch you get bigger by the day. Let me start off by saying you’re a blessing in my life and in our families. Why? Throughout this post I will attempt to explain myself to the best of my ability as to why I say that and I hope I succeed.

First of all, you’ve got one heck of a good mommy! As you grow-up you will realize this because only time will let you figure that out. Time is the best teacher. Your mom is the only sister I have; she’s not only that to me, but more like my second mother. Yes, as I often joke with her she’s my “Mama Lety,” too. Ever since I was a baby she cared, protected and pretty much raised me until I was more than ready to fly away all on my own, which I did when I bought my first home. Plus she put me through grad school all on her own. For that I am forever in debt with her. But, I bet you one thing Max she will care for you even more than she did with me, so get ready! Lol

Often times we rarely tell those we love how much we appreciate them and this note will be a reminder to your mom as well as to how much I truly love her for all that she’s done for me. So it’s an easy task to figure out that because I appreciate and love your mommy so much by default I love you just as much baby champ. Family means everything to me.

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Yes, I have other nieces and nephews; as a matter of fact you are the no. 7 in our family. It’s worth mentioning that is your mom’s lucky and favorite number so you are set for some great stuff in life. Plus your birthdate also includes a 7 since you were born on 12/17/14. But, what makes you so special is that you are my sister’s first and only child until now. And the relationship I’ve had with Lety has always been super strong. All your older cousins have brought into my life fond memories that I will always cherish close to my heart, but I see you more like my little baby brother — that’s exactly what your mom would call me.

Ever since I found out from Lety that you were on your way I immediately got super excited for your arrival into this world. I wanted to tell the whole world that I would once again become an uncle, but I waited until I was given the green light that I could do so. Since that day your mom has always been so bright and cheery because I honestly knew how much she wanted you. She never told me, but I could just tell. I think your mom and I in another life could have been twins because we know each other very well. You were always in her plans and God granted her that wish.

From what I have heard having a child brings an endless amount of joy into people’s lives, but also so much change that is sometimes hard to keep up with. Imagine your life changing 365 degrees from one moment to another. So try to imagine your mom from being an independent woman, entrepreneur and professional to becoming a stay-at-home mom at least for the first years of your life — that was difficult for her. But I also knew that every second spent with you would be so worth it. Her life now has a new meaning and you’ve helped shape that. She loves you with all her soul and melts by seeing your beautiful little face every day. Her maternal love will only grow exponentially – I am sure.

Baby Max your mom and I are also very close because we’re the only two that ventured out from our family to this city of dreams, Los Angeles. We’ve stuck together like glue. We’ve looked out for each other always. We’ve brought one another up in moments of difficulty and celebrated our victories! Throughout her pregnancy looking out for her well-being was only natural for me. I feel I became even closer to her during that time and much more after. I tried my best to be the #1 brother for her and best uncle to you.

FullSizeRenderWhen you were born on that cold and overcast day on December 17th I was the first person in the delivery room — well actually 20 minutes after you came out of your mother’s womb. I wasn’t there during delivery, which I could have been, but that was a moment for your mom and dad to experience on their own. I hung out with your mom and dad and you for over an hour before I had to depart for work that morning. I will not even try to explain how I felt being there because no words can even come close to experiencing that magical moment. Now, I cannot wait to be a dad! I had never been able to make it to any of your cousin’s delivery so my connection to you only became that much more stronger and special.

Now, that you are here I am seeing you almost every day and unfortunately in the past I did not have this same experience with your older cousins. But, when I would see them for a weekend and during the holidays I always made sure to make each minute count.

Max, there’s a saying in Spanish that goes something like “trae la torta bajo el brazo”, which means that a child’s birth will bring positive things into someone’s life. In my case, during the time that you were born I was going through a major career change in my life and I was having the worst of luck finding a role that was fulfilling. The good news you brought was that I started working at Lexus one month after you were born. Thank you for bringing that good luck and faith after many months of failed job-seeking opportunities.

As you can imagine you were born during a time when social media was so popular and everyone is on these platforms so even before you were born I created your Instagram page and handed it over to your parents as soon as they had a better grip on time once you arrived. Because let me tell you they went through some sleepless nights during your first months. Eras un lloron y solo querias dormir en brazos. Haha I hope you don’t hate me for uploading some of your pictures and videos. Lol You will get to decide if you keep that account or if you delete some of the embarrassing photographs. Haha

So you were born, and you can just imagine how much I’ve showed you off with family and friends off and on social media. I have the hashtag #BabyMaxUpdate on Facebook where I was giving people updates hours before you were born and after on your biggest accomplishments as you grew older. I continue to share some of your milestones.

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Max I dedicate this section of my blog to you because I’ve got a feeling that you’ll continue to bring many joyful memories in my life and to our familia and I want to document them for you. I’ve had many uncle/nephew moments or how I will call them “unphew” times with you already that have been so much fun. But, I cannot wait for all the upcoming unphew times from play times, beach days, road trips, birthday celebrations, going to sporting events, watching you play your first games, dropping you off or picking you up from school and so much more. So far it’s been great, but I only hope I can be a great uncle and role model so that I can teach you how to always be a gentleman!

Many say you look like me, but I must disagree because you actually don’t. You are your very own person. You are different than me and may you always be yourself. Never try to look like anyone. Be different in your own way.

Handsome fella, I’ve only got some words of wisdom left to tell you: live life to the fullest, don’t give anyone your power to be happy, respect others and ALWAYS stay humble. And most importantly never forget your heritage and culture because it’s that which makes a human worth knowing.

You will accomplish bigger things than what I was ever able to do –of that I am sure and you’ll remember me for saying this.

I am not a dad yet, and I cannot wait to be one. I hope that by having you around so much I can become the best trainee to properly fill that role when that time comes. Thanks for helping me get there one day and thank you for making me a better man by loving you.


If you’ve read up to this point I hope I’ve communicated thoroughly the reasoning behind my love, attention and care for you. As you can see I’ve been very involved in your life even before you took that first breath in this world. With your strong and almost emperor-sounding name, Maximiliano Contreras Gutierrez, you are well on your way to be a very successful human being and you will always have my support on whatever road you decide to embark on. Live life to the fullest changuito!

Con Todo el Cariño,

Tio Tavo


  • Victoria M Lopez

    What an amazing, heartfelt essay. Maximiliano is a lucky guy to have you in his life. Thanks for sharing.

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