My fitness lifestyle is all about balance, moderation and not having restrictions. I’ve always applied the mantra of life being too short to live restricted from eating certain cheat snacks or meals. There’s no point in living with that mentality because in the end you’ll only end up hurting yourself and your fitness goals. When you live under restrictions you only want what you tell yourself you can’t have even more.

It’s under that same mentality that every once in a while when I am craving a cold glass of beer and after participating in some of favorite activities such as hiking, working out or laying out in my pool I make sure I have one or two on deck to enjoy. There’s a big reason why I enjoy Michelob ULTRA so much and that is because they are all about living fit, having fun and living a life without compromise. I think my life mantra blends so well with theirs too.

If you did not know a Michelob ULTRA contains 95 calories and 2.6 carbs so that you and your buddies don’t sacrifice all that time spent in the gym. Sometimes when I hit the gym I push even harder on my routine because I know that at home I can reward myself with an ice cold beer during my dinner or as I hang out in my backyard patio counting my blessings (staring at sunsets). There’s no guilt or feeling bad because I remind myself of how hard I worked for that beer.

Michelob ULTRA is the superior light beer and I love that because I am that man that loves a great quality light beer. It’s fun to know that Michelob ULTRA carries the belief that health and happiness should go hand-in-hand of each other.

As a personal trainer I always tell my clients that I train that diets don’t work and that in order to see results you’ve got to put in the work at the gym and with nutrition. But I also always remind them that an occasional alcoholic drink will not mess up the fitness journey and instead it will aid the body because it confuses it so that it works even harder to obtain that summer body.

Michelob ULTRA believes you can work out and still go out and that you can stay fit and still have fun.

Recently we all probably went a little overboard during the Super Bowl or maybe even during the holidays that passed way to fast! Michelob ULTRA is helping everyone so that we don’t lose sight of those grandiose fitness goals we set ourselves to achieve this year therefore they are offering a sweepstakes that features over 95,000 fitness experiences. Whoa!

Michelob ULTRA has partnered up with organizations such as Class Pass, and CrossFit (on my bucket list to train list this year) and others to bring fans the motivation required to crush those 2018 fitness goals.

In order to participate in the Michelob ULTRA 95,000 sweepstakes make sure to follow the following guidelines; applicants must be 21+ to participants, begins on 1/1 and ends on 5/5 and prizes will be awarded across 125 periods. Some of the prizes include Class Pass Trial membership, a prize and much more.

Share what your passion points and check out how Michelob ULTRA is helping people reach their fitness goals by giving away over 95,000 fitness experiences. Don’t forget to enter here as many times as you’d like for yourself for the opportunity to win.

Don’t forget to Live Fit. Live fun. Live Ultra.


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