The holidays are here and luckily for some of us that means spending more time with our immediate family because we may live many miles away from each other. ¡Muy lejos! I can’t ever picture myself nagging about visiting the two human beings that brought me into this world, but sadly some people will.

This past Thanksgiving Day I traveled by train from Los Angeles to Northern California to spend time with my parents. On the same cabin there was a woman in her mid-30’s sitting close to me and she was complaining during the entire 3-hour ride to the man sitting next to her of how much she hated traveling back home.


In my humble opinion, the things she said were absurd and I couldn’t imagine a person complaining so much as she did about visiting their parents. ¡Muchas quejas! Throughout the conversation she referenced how boring her family was, how they didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving other than eat and watch movies. I remember thinking, “Isn’t that what you are supposed to do, just hang with the family?”

She continued saying that she was only going home for 12 hours because she could not bear to be around her family any longer and she mentioned that the last time she had seen them was over two years ago. She wouldn’t even spend the night at her parents because of how traditional and old-fashioned they were so she was staying at a hotel. ¡Imáginense! She mentioned how she had a curfew when she was with them. I thought to myself, “Was it really that hard for her to adapt for some hours?”

As she continued in her litany, I was thinking how I would never think of not staying at my parents’ home as I would want to maximize my time and spend every minute possible next to them to make-up for lost time. Plus, in the majority of Latinos families the more people in a household for the holidays the merrier. Don’t you agree?

I honestly felt like speaking up and telling her how my family means everything to me, but I didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.

Life is unpredictable and I only hope this woman realizes that no one’s parents are eternal. From her conversation it sounded like she had a very positive upbringing so I couldn’t understand why she had so much hate towards her parents. No judgment, here. ¡No la juzgo! But, hearing her only made me want to arrive that much quicker to see my parents and my family for Thanksgiving to hug them, catch up, have dinner together and simply be present under the same roof.

At home we laughed, played games and most importantly we all feel that sense of belonging and nurturing that only parents can give their children. Also we relaxed, don’t do much, and just enjoy the moment. ¡Disfrutamos juntos!

I like to debunk the assumption about millennials not giving much importance to family values because I actually feel we do and from my train experience I can venture to say that others generations might choose not to.

For me the holidays are a perfect time to strengthen my connection with my family.


I hope this holiday season you are able to visit your family, be present and not complain about the beautiful family traditions or how old-fashioned your parents are. Yes, times have changed and parents sometimes still hold a very conservative mindset, but I think we can easily adapt and go with the flow one time a year!

Saludos Mileniales,



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