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As we all know there’s an international day for everything and sushi could not be left out from these big celebrations. I bet that you probably did not know that International Sushi Day falls on June 18 (Monday) and you can celebrate it too. I know I will be eating Sushi that day because I eat it at least twice a month and that day I will want it even more. I have an obsession with Sushi, not only is it delicious, but I feel that it is very refreshing and goes perfect with my fit lifestyle.


Every time I visit a Sushi restaurant I need to pair my sushi with the oldest and best-selling brand of Japanese beer, which is Sapporo Premium Beer. I will omit how many glasses I actually drink, but understand that it is one of my all-time favorite premium beers.


I will never forget the very first time that I was introduced to Sushi. I was a freshmen in college. I visited a Japanese restaurant and that time with friends and we ordered so many sushi rolls and I was enjoying all of them. At that time I was under 21 and I could not have Sapporo, but as soon as I did turn 21 and paired Sushi with Sapporo Premium I honestly felt that it was the perfect harmonious Japanese combination. Would you agree?


There’s a cool thing going on right now over on Sapporo Premium page and thanks to OpenTable giveaway one of you will have the opportunity to receive a gift card by commenting on my blog post with your favorite type of sushi to enjoy a Sapporo with! You do not want to miss this opportunity so that you can have an even better International Sushi Day at the restaurant of your choice.

In addition to the above giveaway there’s a Sushi Star game where you can find more information on the Sapporo Premium page and play for a chance to win fun, Sushi Day related prizes!!

So what will you do on June 18? Eat Sushi of course and wash it down with some crisp and cold Sapporo Premium Beer right! You can choose to visit your favorite sushi restaurant in your neighborhood or why not make your own sushi at home.

Recently my wife and I bought a sushi toolkit where we can make our own sushi and we have yet to use it so that’s what well do on June 18th. We’ll break the seal and have a sushi prepping party at our home with close friends.

We already have the complement to our Sushi, which is Sapporo Premium Beer and all we’ll need to go purchase are the ingredients on International Sushi Day. We will not do any fancy rolls since it will be the first time that we cook sushi at home, but California Rolls will be on the menu list for sure. A California Roll is very simple and the one I recommend everyone if they are trying out sushi for the very first time. The California Roll consists of rice, avocado, imitation crab meat and cucumber.

Lastly don’t forget to chime in on the fun and go have Sushi on June 18. Follow Sapporo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for International Sushi Day content – and don’t forget to share your celebration of International Sushi Day with all of us using the hashtags: #InternationalSushiDa #CelebrateWithSapporo or#SapporoPremiumBeer.

Kampai (cheers in Japanese) or Salud in Spanish!


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