Wow, 2018 has started off on an amazing note and by that I mean that AVivirLA has been on the road quite a lot. I am not complaining, but with that comes the responsibility of constantly washing hands because I have been in hundreds of public spaces.

These public spaces are not always the cleanest places either. Everyone touches everything and things can get pretty gross when you over analyze them like myself. Yes, I consider myself a germaphobic. Plus my wife realized this too when we moved-in together.

When traveling there’s been places where water is not nearby, but having the new Kleenex Wet Wipes has been a life saver. They are an extra item that has served a great purpose in my recent traveling experiences and also after my workout routines when I have to run a quick errand and there’s just not enough time to clean-up.

Yes, we all know that sometimes after a workout there’s that one errand that needs to be taken care of before the post office or bank closes for the day.

That is what recently happened to me and Kleenex Wet Wipes were the perfect method for a quick clean up. The other day I had less than 10 minutes to make into a nearby post office to ship several items and Kleenex Wet Wipes were very helpful.

When I received the opportunity to partner with my friends from Kleenex I knew it would be a perfect collaboration with the way I think and how concerned I am about germs around me. On my recent road trips I’ve made sure that a couple of these Kleenex Wet Wipes come along with me too.

It’s important that I mention that Kleenex Wet Wipes lacks harsh chemicals that are found in other wipes therefore they are very safe to use on our faces and hands. I love that they are thick and soft enough to clean all the sweat after my workout or germs on my hands after touching public spaces.

You’ll love to know that the Kleenex Wet Wipes now come in the perfect travel size packs that you see here in my post. They can almost fit in a man’s pocket or for sure in a ladies’ purse. My wife does carry pack in her bag.


If you’re ready to be a little more cleaner or simply carry that new wet wipe that kills 99% of germs around you get yourself to a Walgreens store now so that you can pick a few packs. You’ll find them in the “home supplies” section of the store. Plus, Kleenex at Walgreens is currently offering a $1 IBOTTA rebate through the app. Now you don’t want to miss these kinds of savings.

Let me know what you think once you try the Kleenex Wet Wipes?


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