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The Kia Sorento 2016 boasts itself with a lot of style and luxury. I recently had the opportunity to drive it for a week in different environments and I already feel like doing an upgrade on my own car. I loved how it drove in the highway, streets, beach, city and freeways. I currently drive a 2013 Kia Soul and I loved all the great amenities and upgrades the Sorento has compared to my car. Don’t be surprised if I do an upgrade!


During our most recent road trip to California’s Central Coast- Carmel by the Sea my girl and I had the amazing opportunity of driving this upscale SUV. Many would say it resembles a minivan, but I would strongly disagree because I feel that Kia has done a very good job in making the notable difference. They have worked hard to revamp their car lineup and have luxury meet affordability. The body is elegant and its balanced proportions inside and out give it a premium look and feel.


We felt like we drove on the freeway with a lot of style and never felt like we were driving a minivan like some others describe the SUV. I have nothing against minivans, but I feel that they are for a family and my girl and I are still young with no kids so we would not drive a minivan at the moment.


Everyone that has visited Carmel knows that it’s a fancy and romantic town by the sea with beautiful million dollar homes and luxury brand cars driving around the downtown area, but we felt no less with our very own white elegant Kia Sorento 2016 that we had the pleasure of driving for a whole week.


We had the opportunity of driving a 2016 Sorento that came with all the upgrades and without a doubt there are several amenities that grabbed my attention right off the bat. I loved the panoramic sun roof w/ power sunshade, standard 12V power outlet, the camera feature inside the car, the functionality of opening your car with the touch of your thumb just as long as the key was nearby and the button option to close the trunk door.


During a road trip there are times when your hands are full of stuff and the Sorento’s upgrades always made it easy to get in-and-out of the car. We traveled four days and being comfortable in the car was always a priority—we certainly feel we received that with the Kia Sorento.


Thanks to the vehicle we were able to visit Point Lobos State Natural Reserve where we hiked for half a day, had a delicious picnic with good friends and enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery. We fell in love with this place. With a $10.00 parking fee we were able to enjoy this crown jewel and also known as the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world.


And to talk about comfortability and space — the Sorento has both. The three rows of seats can sit up to 8 passengers and if you do not need all the seats you can make great use of the large back space, which made it perfect for our road trip. I had never seen a trunk space this large and I am thinking it’s a must have vehicle for long trips or moving furniture/items.


After our hike in Point Lobos we drove off to the downtown area in Carmel where we enjoyed strolling through some of the shops, fine dining, galleries and beach.


As I mentioned earlier the sun roof extended all the way to the last row of seats and all passengers get the benefit of some natural sunlight. I loved this feature!

We all have seen the vehicle reverse camera in cars, but I was surprised to see the front, side and top camera in the Sorento. When driving in narrow streets and finding parking in busy areas these camera features came in very handy, especially in downtown Carmel and Monterey.


We continued our trip by visiting Monterey and we devoured some of their delicious clam chowder and the cold weather was perfect for this! The views from the restaurant were great too.


We continued our trip in the Kia Sorento by paying a visit to Mission San Carlos Borroméo del Río Carmelo, which by the way is extremely beautiful and holds so much history about California. My girl and I have a life goal of visiting all the California missions and so far we’ve been to 4 of them together. That countdown continues. Lol


The mileage on the Kia Sorento was great. We filled up two tanks during our trip and that second tank got us back home to Los Angeles. The Sorento gets you about 22 miles per gallon combined, which is very good for a car this size.


My girl was part of this amazing experience and she wanted to add the following:

“La Kia Sorento hizo el viaje mucho más cómodo, un carro súper futurístico y puedo decir que lo que más disfrute fue el “quema cocos” y claro el sistema de seguridad que esta SUV ofrece como  la cámara tanto frontal (así es, esta tiene una cámara por delante y no solo por detrás como algunos otros vehículos) y cámara lateral, en fin son varios los detalles que me gustaron de esta SUV. Así que si en un futuro cercano esta en mis planes cambiar de un carro a una SUV ya tengo esta opción”, dijo Carmen.

Our mini road trip would not have been possible without #DriveKia and Kia. We continue to be very appreciative of the support and trust that was given to us when fully experiencing their elegant SUV. Thanks to our friends at Drive Shop for making this experience a reality. If we’d have to rate our experience and vehicle we’d happily give it a 10+ because we rode in comfort, elegance while never jeopardizing affordability.



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