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I always look forward to watching boxing matches because as someone who was born in Mexico this is a sport that is deeply rooted into our culture – just like soccer is. But you cannot compare the two because they are extremely different yet highly competitive. I do recall when I was younger how my parents, uncles and neighbors would get together at a friend’s house to watch a good boxing match getting streamed on TV. There was always one main ingredient at the table and that was Tecate beer. I remember how they would enjoy every single drink as if it was the last drop they’d be having.


Not all light beers are born equal because this one is born BOLD. It is as bold as the boxing sport where only the strong end up winning the match. Now that I am older and whenever I decide to have friends over for a boxing match at my place I always like to offer them a low calorie beer with full flavor. With all the fall holidays and festivities (my birthday in October) this is one of the beers that is always present in my home.

Even when I drink I like to be cognizant of my healthy lifestyle and will always aim to drink a beer that is a full flavored light beer. I do not like to throw everything that I’ve accomplished with my transformation physical journey so Tecate is the right choice for me. It is a beer that can easily be paired with any food such as munching on some chips while your guests arrive or even something heartier as a bean chili bowl.


Nowadays one of my favorite boxers out there is Canelo Alvarez. Not only because he’s great at what he does and has worked real hard to be where he’s positioned himself, but also because I’ve had the honor of interviewing him in the past, back in 2009 at an event when he was not as big as he is today. I would say that it was the beginning of his career. I am happy to see where life has taken him.IMG_0493This upcoming Saturday, September 16th 2017 on Mexican Independence Day is the WBA (World Boxing Association) Middleweight Championship at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Current WBC Middleweight Champion Canelo Alvarez will be contending undefeated Gennady Golovkin (GGG) to win the title of WBA Middleweight Champion in this highly anticipated fight.


You already know who I will be rooting for along with my friends that I will invite over for a pool party as we watch the fight. Who are you rooting for on September 16? I know for a fact Tecate and who else?


Tecate will be our special guest because we would not celebrate Mexican Independence Day without this bold beer.


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