It is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year to get out of my house to be a wanderlust in my own city – Los Angeles, Calif. A city where thousands of people visit annually and it’s (without being biased) one of the best cities in the world since it is so diverse. It’s diverse because of it’ melting pot of ethnic backgrounds, landscape terrains, cities and rural areas, but most importantly its food and drink.

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I can go on and on about the food culture in Los Angeles. It’s almost its own world because you have it all from “towns” that focus in a particular country, vegetarian options, vegan and everything else in between. You’ve also got all the street vendors in LA that have some of the most delicious food you’ll ever find.


When it comes to food I am sucker for amazing sushi. Especially during the summer I feel like it is such a healthy and refreshing option. I don’t lie when I say that I can have it multiple times in a month. When it comes to Sushi in Los Angeles there are so many places that have what you’ll need. One thing is for sure though when I eat Sushi I must pair it with a premium beer such as Sapporo. You can order it at almost anywhere at an affordable price. It’s the perfect combination.


An area of Los Angeles that I highly recommend when you visit and of course to have Sushi is Tokyo Town, which is located in the downtown area. Believe me that you’ll find some of the best Sushi restaurants there. Their Sushi is so good that my fiancee and I visited a week ago to celebrate our anniversary there. Their sushi is always fresh and delicious. We love it so much that we ended up ordering a third roll, which we split between us.


While you are in the Downtown area I also recommend you visit Plaza Olvera which is literally a hop away from Tokyo Town (okay maybe 3 blocks away). But it’s still worth checking out. You’ll find a very traditional Mexican Plaza and of course food from that country. There’s always live and free entertainment that you can enjoy at Plaza Olvera. You cannot leave this iconic LA area without eating their famous churros. I won’t tell you where they are exactly, but everyone raves about them so go on a scavenger hunt and find them.

After living in Los Angeles for almost 9 years I can tell you about so many places you can visit, but I will only suggest some of the most popular areas that every tourist that comes here visits. After you make your way to Plaza Olvera I suggest you go on a short hike to the Hollywood Sign in Hollywood. If you want a longer hike you can opt for doing the Griffith Observatory. The best part of doing these hikes is that you’ll experience some pretty stunning views from the Los Angeles skyline. You won’t regret the views.

Once you do your hike you can visit the all-time Hollywood Walk of Fame and see all the stars. While you are there you can also visit some real good and famous Sushi places. I will let you do the research on them so that you get to learn more about this city.

From this area of LA you can work your way to Santa Monica Pier and the Venice Beach area. You cannot come to Los Angeles and not visit the beach. It’s a must! You can even get in the water and experience the ocean. When you visit some LA beaches you’re able to make it a picnic so this would be the perfect opportunity to bring your Sapporo beer to stay refreshed with all of your friends. You can find this premium beer almost anywhere at an affordable price. Don’t forget to pack yours before you head out to the beach.


As you can see I know so many places in Los Angeles, but the possibilities of exploring such a large and eclectic city are endless. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, having a picnic at the beach, hiking in the Hollywood area or walking the concrete jungle of Downtown Los Angeles exploring Southern California will always be an extraordinary experience.


Lastly a suburb of Los Angeles that holds a special place in my heart is Long Beach, CA because this is where I lived when I first moved to LA and I also highly recommend you visit. There’s an up-and-coming downtown area and also the beach here is very popular with a handful of restaurants where you can sit down to get a beach view as you zip away on some Sapporo paired with Sushi.

I hope that with my recommendations you are ready to explore my favorite city and that you take the time to visit some of the places I mentioned because you won’t regret it.


Especially when you visit a restaurant make sure to order a Sapporo so that you can get the full experience I mentioned when wanderlusting in LA. It pairs perfectly with Sushi and it’s almost always on the menu list because it’s that popular.


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