From world famous soccer players to our close friends who are “futbol” fanatics or even ourselves we’ve seen how head injuries, falls and turf burns can scar the player and those watching the game too. Soccer is a very fun sport, but can also be a dangerous one if you are not wearing the proper gear.


With over 250 million active player’s worldwide soccer is the most played sport according to FIFA and the one with the least equipment to offer protection, but Storelli is changing this.

Storelli is the only brand dedicated to creating innovative injury-preventing performance gear for soccer players that does not compromise the players speed and performance. The gear can easily be hidden while enabling players to withstand the physicality of the game. When a player is out in the field the last thing they want is to feel that they have extra weight on themselves to move aggressively and so that they can score the next goal.


It is reported that 56% of all injuries in soccer are skin abrasion related, but with the Body Shield Field Player Sliders and Body Shield Leg Sleeve that I was able to wear I can tell a lot of these injuries can be reduced to a significant low amount. Why? Because they are well padded and offer that extra protection that is needed in the areas where you are most likely to be hit by the ball or when sliding on the turf when attempting to score that goal.

Storelli is for soccer players of all ages, genders and positions and the great thing is that they have partnered with superstar athletes Iker Casillas; world champion, Spain Captain and Real Madrid icon, and Oscar; Brazilian midfielder for Chelsea F.C. in their new campaign, The Dark Side of the Beautiful Game. You can check out the cool video below:

As you can see from the video Storelli is #YourSecretWeapon against Turf Burns, the most common affect of the dark side of the beautiful game.


Gearing up for wearing these items was super easy and quick and I enjoyed knowing that they would be hidden away protective products that do not compromise performance. There was no trick to getting ready other than the leg sleeves indicating which one went on your left and right legs. In a locker room all players would be happy to know that gearing up is time-efficient.

Turf Burn Infographic

When I tried the Body Shield Leg Sleeves on myself and slid on the grass I loved the comfort protection they deliver – no burning grass sensation.


I can just imagine how well they can help avoid abrasion related injuries on a number of surfaces, from the best kept grass fields in the world, to lush artificial turf, to some of the most extenuating weather conditions in which players are forced to give the best of them.

FullSizeRender (11)

While wearing the products I felt very protected and confident, not to mention their comfort and sometimes felt as if I was not wearing this extra gear, which is what all soccer players want to perform better.

FullSizeRender (3)

If you or someone you know is a soccer player you can have them use the code BURN15 at checkout to receive an exclusive discount on this lightweight and impact-resistant technology.  Check out the great Storelli products here.


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