Stone & Cloth is more than just a Backpack & Tote Bags Company!


It was a great and celebratory surprise to see Stone & Cloth be doing so well after I was first introduced to its founder Matthew Clough, the creative mind behind the label, for a school project during my Master’s program at USC in 2012.

Since then I saw that they teamed up with the car company Scion in a campaign highlighting creatives that are “driven for success”. They partnered in a commercial that aired in national television and were highlighted in a video series interviewing small businesses that are making a difference such as Clough.

Now three years later I see how it’s thriving and that’s truly commendable because it’s a small company based out of Los Angeles, CA (#MadeinLA) that is making a huge difference all the way with people in Tanzania and Kenya. Stone & Cloth has partnered with the non-profit Knock Foundation to ensure that scholarships are provided for kids in those areas who are struggling with limited access to an education.


Stone & Cloth makes stylish, sleek and functional handcrafted canvas backpacks, weekend bags, and totes for men and women. They are a socially conscious line of product!

When I spoke to Clough in 2012 he shared the primitive beginnings of his vision and you can see them in the short video:

A couple classmates and I were taking a Public Relations course where we focused on this up-and-coming small company already making a big difference to tackle global issues – access to an education.

As we all know the global education crisis is a huge problem in our world, but thanks to companies like Stone & Cloth and its founder this issue receives some attention. To put things into perspective more than 124 million children and adolescents around the world are illiterate, according to UNESCO and your Stone & Cloth purchase provides 25 hours of classroom learning.


With Christmas being 7 days away you can do a whole lot by giving a gift that will go a long way to that person on your list for which you have no idea what to buy. Visit Stone & Cloth and take 10% off your next purchase.

You will never regret making a purchase with a purpose!


Photo Credit: Stone & Cloth website


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