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Long gone are the days when we would need to get up from our seats or rush home to control our kitchen appliances because thanks to Samsung Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity they’ve made life easier for everyone. How crazy yet convenient is this right? The times when we would need to get up from our couch to preheat the oven or turn on the dishwasher are forgotten because with a simple touch on our smartphones we have full control without physically being in front of the appliances. This is a huge WIN for us homeowners.


This is exceptionally great for people like myself that live in big cities such as Los Angeles and are always rushing to make it in time for dinner. Thanks to Samsung users can remotely preheat, check and control the temperature of the oven from miles away. This incredible feature gives families and busy couples like Carmen (my fiancée) and I more quality time to spend together.

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For a millennial like myself this has got to be the best upgrade ever because I am guilty of saying; “I want things to work for me” and Samsung appliances does that exactly. Plus in today’s busy world, everyone’s needs of kitchen appliances have changed.

Consumers who were once focused on how well a kitchen appliance cooked now really care more about connectivity and personalized design. By living in a world where we pay so much attention to aesthetics and creativity Samsung has made sure to provide the most innovative products.


The time we get to spend in the kitchen has shrunk due to our busy schedules, but with Samsung appliances every moment spent in the kitchen is efficient, smart and connected.

I was extremely stoked to have be invited to Samsung’s new Chef Collection launch in San Diego, CA during the Pacific Coast Builders Conference last week. Furthermore, because I am always on the lookout for gadgets that make life easier for all of you and I was happy to be talking about some new and cool appliances.

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I honestly believe that the kitchen is the center of attraction for many families because it is the room where the majority of time is spent. When having visitors at home it is where everyone gathers and to have Samsung take this into consideration with their premium built-in appliances is huge. Samsung’s appliances that are designed to enhance the overall look and functionality of the space.

I wish that these Samsung appliances would have been available several years ago when I first became a home-owner because I would have integrated all of these smart-feature appliances into my home. Though when my current products break or wear out I will not think twice about the next brand that I will be looking into so that it makes my life more convenient.

It’s also great to know that Samsung is the preferred choice among modern homebuyers. Today’s state-of-the-art consumers see Samsung as a brand that’s in sync with their lifestyle. . Modern homebuyers crave technology that makes a statement. These homebuyers want innovation that offers unexpected and meaningful improvements to their daily lives.



During the unveiling of Chef Collection it was great to view a cooking demo by renowned Napa Valley and Michelin three star chef Kris Christopher Kostow and to have seen wellness expert, chef and author Candice Kumai help introduce the new innovation.

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“Samsung Chef Collection reflects the aspirations of a new generation of homeowners who not only prefer a beautiful look in their kitchen, but also appreciate having the latest technology in their homes,” said John Herrington Samsung’s senior vice president. “For some time now, Samsung has been championing the growth, expansion, and disruption of the premium built-in sector, and our new Chef Collection presents both a huge advancement and opportunity for this market.”


There are so many cool features I want to mention about the 10 premium and beautiful kitchen appliances, but I will for sure bring up the three that most drew my attention. The line includes refrigerators, range hoods, wall ovens, gas and induction cooktops and a dishwasher.

The New Samsung Chef Collection Line

  • The number one feature that I enjoyed learning about the most is the inside cameras in the 42” Samsung Chef Collection Built-in 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with FlexZone™ compartment that easily transitions from fridge to freezer at the touch of button. This feature is particularly helpful because at home I am often tasked with grocery shopping at the store and when I forget what we do or do not need this would be a life saver because I’d simply need to look at the inside camera in the refrigerator to make sure I purchase the food items that are missing.
  • Another feature that I enjoyed learning about was the W-FI capability in the dishwasher because there’s been so many times when I’ve loaded everything into the dishwasher, but I’ve forgotten to hit start. Sometimes I’ve remembered when I am in bed or have left the house. With the Wi-Fi feature I can now control this from my phone. Woohoo!
  • And most importantly one of the features that really drew my attention was the time-saving process during installation. Samsung set out to make this less cumbersome for its users. It features pre-drilled holes and easy leveling for faster installation. It’s guaranteed that consumers will take half of the amount of time needed in conventional kitchen installs.

The Chef Collection is available in an exclusive matte black stainless steel – a soft brushed metal finish, as well as stainless steel. Do you already know which one you’ll be purchasing later this year when they become available?


Will you change and upgrade your current kitchen appliances to Samsung’s premium products to experience the new era of a truly connected and personalized kitchen?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Samsung. The opinions and text are all mine.


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