It’s no secret that my wife (Carmen Melgoza founder of Latino Fit Club) and I love traveling and exploring new places. We’ve been fortunate enough to be living a life on-the-go since the beginning of 2018. When the opportunity of driving the Chevy Cruze Hatch Diesel came about we immediately said yes because not only would we make this a road trip experience to Scottsdale, AZ, but we would also attend an MLB spring training game.

The Chevy Cruze was delivered days before our departure so I was able to enjoy it in my city by running errands and simply taking it out for a couple spins with my wife. My wife’s favorite color is red and we were happy to drive the car in that color. The brown leather interior caught my eye since the moment I was handed the keys because it made the compact car look modern and sporty. You’ll like to hear that the Chevy Cruze offers up to an EPA-estimated 48 mpg on the highway with manual transmission.

For the extensive distance that we drove it from Los Angeles, CA to Phoenix, AZ we were surprised yet pleased with the fuel-efficiency of the car. You would love this too for your future car if you’re looking to purchase soon.  

We arrived to Scottsdale, AZ late on Friday night and although we only made one pit stop in Coachella, CA we were extremely tired of the long 6+ drive. It was great to be sitting in extremely comfortable seats. While I drove the entire way there my wife was able to take care of our online business. Aside from being bloggers and social media influencers were also fitness coaches and thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot she was able to get a lot of work done with our clients who are seeing amazing body transformations.

Saturday was game day and we were stoked to be enjoying a spring training game between Los Angeles Angels and Chicago Cubs at Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ. We were happy to arrive in style inside the Chevy Cruze. The weather was perfect and the best part was that we got great seats where we could watch the game without sun rays directly on our faces!

You’ll want to know that manual-transmission models for the Chevy Cruze come standard with the RS package, sport-tuned suspension and 18-inch wheels.

Since 2006, Chevrolet, has been supporting baseball and softball at the youth level in communities across the country through Chevy Youth Baseball, a grassroots, community outreach program. Chevrolet once again has sponsored Major League Baseball’s PLAY BALL initiative, a collaborative effort between MLB, USA Baseball and USA Softball to encourage participation in all forms of baseball and softball.

After enjoying the game we were starving so we headed out to eat a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called “Flower Child”, which by the way was delicious!

After that we went back to the hotel to do some R&R and got ready to explore Downtown Historic Scottsdale in our Chevy Cruze. It was a fun night and we were glad we got to enjoy the small city.

Sunday was return day to Los Angeles and we were sad that our experience had come to an end in the Phoenix area. In Los Angeles, CA we still had more hours to enjoy the car though.

You’ll want to know that available features inside the Chevy Cruze include wireless phone charging, heated rear leather seats and heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel. There’s also OnStar with 4G LTE connectivity, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility through Chevrolet MyLink.

Our drive back to Los Angeles was fun because we were able to see an amazing sunset during our drive. Wife and I got to enjoy quality time together and began planning our next trip.

We always felt safe inside the Chevy Cruze because its strong body structure because it features high-strength steel in key areas.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and learning more about the highlights of our trip and of course the car.  


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