We’ve entered a brand new year and you should see it as opening the first page to a book you’re about to start writing — yeah as cliché as it may sound, but it is very true. You are the designer and operator of what you’ll get done this year. You may have had your faults in 2017 or in past years, but you’re starting from a clean slate.

Make 2018 count with all of your fitness goals by writing them down and keeping them in a place where you can see them daily – like some of you I am a visual learner and having my goals in a place where I can easily see them has helped me achieve resolutions.

Throughout the years as a fitness blogger I’ve found that it is extremely important to have a support group who you can relate to and have goals in common with so that would be my first recommendation before any other hack I can offer. It is imperative that you have a support group by your side or virtually because these are the people who will pick you up when you do not want to continue with your healthy lifestyle that you’ve planned for yourself.

Another key item that I wanted to mention in order for you to see results is that you must have a protein shake or intake that will go well with your busy lifestyle. That is why I want to recommend to you 1Shot Protein because it will certainly support your New Years healthy resolutions. The best part is that it will not create any mess when you are preparing and there’s absolutely nothing you must worry about cleaning.

1Shot Protein will give you 24 grams of protein after your workout. In addition it counts with only 96 calories, 0g of sugar, 0g fat and it’s gultten and lactose free. As you can see from my experience already using it’s packaged in a conventional bottle that can easily fit in your gym bag or even in your pockets or running jacket (if you are a runner like myself).

As previously mentioned 1Shot Protein is great for those who have an on-the-go lifestyle and are always busy. 1Shot Protein also does NOT require refrigeration. And the best part that you’ll want to know about is that it’s TASTY! You’ll be able to find them in four flavors: coffee, tropical, strawberry and mixed berry (my favorite).

Where do you find 1Shot Protein? You can order 1Shot Protein on Amazon and don’t forget to use this link and use the coupon code 2018GOALS at checkout to receive 15% off!

Aside from the support group and the fact that you need to write down your fitness goals on paper or on a vision board and drinking 1Shot Protein in 2018 there are other hacks that I want to share with all of you that have worked with me in the past.

  • Drink water – it has countless benefits. Don’t over analyze this and do it.
  • Eat Better and Meal Prep – You’ll be fully replenished and your finances will NOT suffer.
  • Reward Yourself – It’s important to do so even if they are small steps and enjoy the process.

What plan do you have in mind to stick to your healthy New Year’s Resolutions? What 1Shot Protein flavor will you be ordering to incorporate into your fitness regimen?


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