This is a sponsored post thanks to Mazda; however all opinions are my very own based on my experience. 

Have you driven a Mazda before? If you haven’t let me try and explain how it feels. I cannot think of better words to describe how Mazda evokes emotion with those that dare to get behind the wheel of their cars than saying that they want everyone to experience an exhilarating yet soothing ride. And that is exactly what I felt the moment that I test drove both the 2017 CX-5 and MX-5 Miata RF at the Journey with Mazda event that I was invited to at the luxury Rancho Valencia Resort near San Diego.


As soon as I arrived to the resort I was greeted by the Mazda team with champagne. Cheers! Then as I made my way to my room, which was an oversized villa, I was pleasantly surprised to see everything beautifully arranged in Spanish accessories and décor. As soon as I stepped into my room it made me feel as if I was at my grandparent’s home back in Mexico.



When I first opened the door to my room I felt welcomed and the smell of the tile reminded me of so many childhood memories. Now, I call that a great emotional connection. It was in that moment that I immediately knew how much attention to detail Mazda puts into their cars because this was an overall experience that they wanted everyone to witness since the start.


The first evening I participated in a welcome reception with fellow bloggers and influencers where we were surrounded by the entire Mazda car lineup that we were allowed to sit-in and admire. I learned from some of the Mazda team that each car is hand crafted with beautiful dynamics and withholds strongly to its Japanese authentic aesthetics. That evening I sat in almost every car to fully take in all of its craftsmanship. Of course we kicked off what would be an extraordinary journey for the following days with drinks and amazing food.


The next morning I woke up early to get my morning workout in my system and walked around the resort to continue enjoying more of this beautiful experience. That morning we had a brief presentation from the Mazda media representatives and we learned all about the evolution triumphs and challenges that Mazda has lived.


We even learned about the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima and for the Mazda brand that has been a symbolic turning point and sign for overcoming and pushing forward to prevail against all odds. It’s become their “Hiroshima Spirit”.


I especially enjoyed learning of the 4 phases that the brand has gone through from establishment, growth, global expansion to re-establishing the brand or being innovative (current). It is no secret that Mazda evokes emotion in all aspects of their creative process. From concept to creation, Mazda explained why they focus on relaxation, joy, well-being and exhilaration, which we discovered during the test drive, is a concept they refer to as “Hashiru Yorokoni”.


As Mazda continues to get away from being recognized as a mainstream brand they’ve put in a lot of work to rather be known as premium because their purpose is simple; make people smile and they attribute this to their never-stopping challenging spirit.


Mazda will continue to deliver one & only unique vehicles and I discovered that as I began driving the CX-5 for a guided tour to Temecula hosted by the team. I felt so much tranquility (no outside noise inside the cabin) and cleanliness in the interior layout of the car. Mazda engineers and designers focused on giving the driver the best experience by incorporating a driver-centric interior that allows the driver to simply focus on the road.



The CX-5 is simply luxurious in my most humble opinion – so much that I could not stop bragging to Carmen (fiancée) when I returned home. On another post I will share what we ended up doing immediately after this event. SURPRISE.


Going back to the CX-5 driving experience I really enjoyed driving the white sports utility vehicle (SUV) in the hilly roads. A cool feature that I wanted to highlight was the traffic sign recognition that automatically read stop signs, speed limits and “do not enter” symbols. I must mention all the extra space everywhere too, which does not make the car look gigantic while it still serves an entertaining and comfortable ride.




Our next destination was an olive oil tasting experience and lunch at the Temecula Olive Oil Company. This was my first time olive oil tasting and it was fun to learn about how the extra virgin oil is prepared from California olives that are grown at the ranch. A peaceful picnic-table-style lunch waited for us tucked away into olive oil tree orchards. Now this was also an exceptional experience because I had never done something like this and it was pure joy to talk with fellow influencers about our most recent driving experience.


Once lunch was over, we began making our way to the car line-up and were handed the keys to the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF to drive back to the resort while making other pit stops along the way. Ever since I was introduced to this two-seater car at another event it’s become one of my favorite sports car. It’s a real fun ride and if you decide to put the top down you’ll feel a blissful joy and liberty.


During our drive back to the resort we made a pit stop at a run-down and vintage gasoline station to capture some stunning shots of the red Miata RF. Take a look at the pictures below… Doesn’t it look hot??!





After a long day of all the activities the Mazda team had organized for us we arrived back to Rancho Valencia Resort to participate in a meditation session with a Sensei. This was my very first time practicing meditation and I must admit that it was very difficult for me because my mind never stops working and processing. But here I learned how important it is to shut down and sooth and harmonize oneself after all the busyness we live day and day out. Meditation is supposed to balance you similarly like Mazda has been able to create a bond that combines well-being, balance and joy to enrich Mazda owner’s lives.




After an excellent meditation session everyone participated in tequila tasting (my first time) and saw an artist modeling and carving clay in a way that provoked emotion. I decided to play and construct different designs in a way that felt natural to me. It was a lot of fun to do this because I felt as if I was a child with all of the imagination in the world. I discovered that Mazda creates their canvas and that it is a primary point in the creation of a body-type.


Thanks to the Mazda team for allowing me to experiment a lot of “first-times” during this “Journey with Mazda” experience from olive oil tasting to tequila tasting and of course test driving the 2017 Mazda cars. It was a real bittersweet moment when it was time to check-out from Rancho Valencia Resort because I felt calm, joyful and truly blessed for being able to take moments of exhilaration and overall tranquility.



Don’t forget to stay tuned for a follow-up blog post because there’s a second part that was definitely sparked from this incredible experience.


HINT: We have a brand new addition to the Gutierrez-Melgoza household.

As a fitness blogger and personal trainer I am always looking for new food items that I can adopt into my healthy lifestyle. That is because I often find myself consuming chicken, fish, shrimp and tuna the same way week after week. I wish I could be more creative in the kitchen, but it definitely is a work in progress. Therefore I enjoy coming across new products and food items that I could incorporate into my lifestyle and it was recently that I learned about Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks.

We must remember that our body needs protein, just like it needs fruits, carbs and other vital items from the food pyramid. Without sufficient protein intake, our bodies won’t be able to function properly and for someone like myself who wants to build muscle I would not be able to do so without consuming more and more protein. In addition when we do not consume the necessary protein that our body needs we tend to be sluggish and often get those blues that no one likes experimenting. They are an excellent source of protein that keeps you satisfied longer without all of the added sugar.

IMG_7880 (1)

As someone who is working hard to bulk-up this summer season I believed Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks to be a great addition to my lifestyle. They are delicious and each serving provides 11 grams of protein. You would like to know that the snacks do not contain MSG, nitrites or preservatives.


In addition, after doing my research I was happy to know that the chicken, pork and beef used to make the snacks were raised without added growth hormones. For all my gluten-free readers you’ll want to know that these snacks are approved for you too.


I am always on the go and participating in events. Such was the case recently when I was part of a live workout with some of my favorite celebrity trainers. I did not have time to whip up a protein shake so I brought Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks with me to have after my workout. Now I find myself having them as my go-to snack when I am on a rush, which is almost never. Lol Plus they are a snack that won’t spoil while you’re out-and-about.

The new Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks are available in 4 flavors (Szechuan Pepper, Ginger Teriyaki, Sweet Chili & Korean BBQ) and after trying all of them I must confess that the Sweet Chili is my favorite. As a Latino I love spicy food and I feel that this one had a kick of spiciness. Nothing too strong, but it was my favorite out of all four. I still think the other 3 flavors are tasty though.

FullSizeRender (39)

Another great thing about these Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks is that they are small enough to carry in your gym bag, suitcase, lunchbox or backpack. And this will be extremely handy since I will be traveling for the next 3 weeks and you bet I will have my new favorite snacks in my luggage for that midday snack when I may not have healthy options in the places I will visit. I will be in New Orleans and New York traveling so I know these will save me some major headaches when I’m not able to find the healthiest options.

I am very happy I came across these protein snacks because I can finally mix-up my food intake a bit more than before.

If you are eager to give Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks a try you can order them from Amazon here.

Where do you see yourself enjoying Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks this summer? Which flavor do you think you’ll like the most?

It is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year to get out of my house to be a wanderlust in my own city – Los Angeles, Calif. A city where thousands of people visit annually and it’s (without being biased) one of the best cities in the world since it is so diverse. It’s diverse because of it’ melting pot of ethnic backgrounds, landscape terrains, cities and rural areas, but most importantly its food and drink.

FullSizeRender (38)

I can go on and on about the food culture in Los Angeles. It’s almost its own world because you have it all from “towns” that focus in a particular country, vegetarian options, vegan and everything else in between. You’ve also got all the street vendors in LA that have some of the most delicious food you’ll ever find.


When it comes to food I am sucker for amazing sushi. Especially during the summer I feel like it is such a healthy and refreshing option. I don’t lie when I say that I can have it multiple times in a month. When it comes to Sushi in Los Angeles there are so many places that have what you’ll need. One thing is for sure though when I eat Sushi I must pair it with a premium beer such as Sapporo. You can order it at almost anywhere at an affordable price. It’s the perfect combination.


An area of Los Angeles that I highly recommend when you visit and of course to have Sushi is Tokyo Town, which is located in the downtown area. Believe me that you’ll find some of the best Sushi restaurants there. Their Sushi is so good that my fiancee and I visited a week ago to celebrate our anniversary there. Their sushi is always fresh and delicious. We love it so much that we ended up ordering a third roll, which we split between us.


While you are in the Downtown area I also recommend you visit Plaza Olvera which is literally a hop away from Tokyo Town (okay maybe 3 blocks away). But it’s still worth checking out. You’ll find a very traditional Mexican Plaza and of course food from that country. There’s always live and free entertainment that you can enjoy at Plaza Olvera. You cannot leave this iconic LA area without eating their famous churros. I won’t tell you where they are exactly, but everyone raves about them so go on a scavenger hunt and find them.

After living in Los Angeles for almost 9 years I can tell you about so many places you can visit, but I will only suggest some of the most popular areas that every tourist that comes here visits. After you make your way to Plaza Olvera I suggest you go on a short hike to the Hollywood Sign in Hollywood. If you want a longer hike you can opt for doing the Griffith Observatory. The best part of doing these hikes is that you’ll experience some pretty stunning views from the Los Angeles skyline. You won’t regret the views.

Once you do your hike you can visit the all-time Hollywood Walk of Fame and see all the stars. While you are there you can also visit some real good and famous Sushi places. I will let you do the research on them so that you get to learn more about this city.

From this area of LA you can work your way to Santa Monica Pier and the Venice Beach area. You cannot come to Los Angeles and not visit the beach. It’s a must! You can even get in the water and experience the ocean. When you visit some LA beaches you’re able to make it a picnic so this would be the perfect opportunity to bring your Sapporo beer to stay refreshed with all of your friends. You can find this premium beer almost anywhere at an affordable price. Don’t forget to pack yours before you head out to the beach.


As you can see I know so many places in Los Angeles, but the possibilities of exploring such a large and eclectic city are endless. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, having a picnic at the beach, hiking in the Hollywood area or walking the concrete jungle of Downtown Los Angeles exploring Southern California will always be an extraordinary experience.


Lastly a suburb of Los Angeles that holds a special place in my heart is Long Beach, CA because this is where I lived when I first moved to LA and I also highly recommend you visit. There’s an up-and-coming downtown area and also the beach here is very popular with a handful of restaurants where you can sit down to get a beach view as you zip away on some Sapporo paired with Sushi.

I hope that with my recommendations you are ready to explore my favorite city and that you take the time to visit some of the places I mentioned because you won’t regret it.


Especially when you visit a restaurant make sure to order a Sapporo so that you can get the full experience I mentioned when wanderlusting in LA. It pairs perfectly with Sushi and it’s almost always on the menu list because it’s that popular.


Something that is worth mentioning is that right now Sapporo is hosting “Explore Your City, Uncover Sapporo Contest” and there’s even more reason to explore a new city. Snap a photo of your favorite spots in your city and submit them here for a chance to win a trip to Sapporo, Japan. Who is in on this?

IMG_4428 (2)

Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity! Go out and explore your city and enter the contest!

This is a sponsored post written on Samsung Home Appliances. All opinions are my own.

Long gone are the days when we would need to get up from our seats or rush home to control our kitchen appliances because thanks to Samsung Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity they’ve made life easier for everyone. How crazy yet convenient is this right? The times when we would need to get up from our couch to preheat the oven or turn on the dishwasher are forgotten because with a simple touch on our smartphones we have full control without physically being in front of the appliances. This is a huge WIN for us homeowners.


This is exceptionally great for people like myself that live in big cities such as Los Angeles and are always rushing to make it in time for dinner. Thanks to Samsung users can remotely preheat, check and control the temperature of the oven from miles away. This incredible feature gives families and busy couples like Carmen (my fiancée) and I more quality time to spend together.

FullSizeRender (37)

For a millennial like myself this has got to be the best upgrade ever because I am guilty of saying; “I want things to work for me” and Samsung appliances does that exactly. Plus in today’s busy world, everyone’s needs of kitchen appliances have changed.

Consumers who were once focused on how well a kitchen appliance cooked now really care more about connectivity and personalized design. By living in a world where we pay so much attention to aesthetics and creativity Samsung has made sure to provide the most innovative products.


The time we get to spend in the kitchen has shrunk due to our busy schedules, but with Samsung appliances every moment spent in the kitchen is efficient, smart and connected.

I was extremely stoked to have be invited to Samsung’s new Chef Collection launch in San Diego, CA during the Pacific Coast Builders Conference last week. Furthermore, because I am always on the lookout for gadgets that make life easier for all of you and I was happy to be talking about some new and cool appliances.

IMG_7327 (1)

I honestly believe that the kitchen is the center of attraction for many families because it is the room where the majority of time is spent. When having visitors at home it is where everyone gathers and to have Samsung take this into consideration with their premium built-in appliances is huge. Samsung’s appliances that are designed to enhance the overall look and functionality of the space.

I wish that these Samsung appliances would have been available several years ago when I first became a home-owner because I would have integrated all of these smart-feature appliances into my home. Though when my current products break or wear out I will not think twice about the next brand that I will be looking into so that it makes my life more convenient.

It’s also great to know that Samsung is the preferred choice among modern homebuyers. Today’s state-of-the-art consumers see Samsung as a brand that’s in sync with their lifestyle. . Modern homebuyers crave technology that makes a statement. These homebuyers want innovation that offers unexpected and meaningful improvements to their daily lives.



During the unveiling of Chef Collection it was great to view a cooking demo by renowned Napa Valley and Michelin three star chef Kris Christopher Kostow and to have seen wellness expert, chef and author Candice Kumai help introduce the new innovation.

FullSizeRender (36)

“Samsung Chef Collection reflects the aspirations of a new generation of homeowners who not only prefer a beautiful look in their kitchen, but also appreciate having the latest technology in their homes,” said John Herrington Samsung’s senior vice president. “For some time now, Samsung has been championing the growth, expansion, and disruption of the premium built-in sector, and our new Chef Collection presents both a huge advancement and opportunity for this market.”


There are so many cool features I want to mention about the 10 premium and beautiful kitchen appliances, but I will for sure bring up the three that most drew my attention. The line includes refrigerators, range hoods, wall ovens, gas and induction cooktops and a dishwasher.

The New Samsung Chef Collection Line

  • The number one feature that I enjoyed learning about the most is the inside cameras in the 42” Samsung Chef Collection Built-in 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with FlexZone™ compartment that easily transitions from fridge to freezer at the touch of button. This feature is particularly helpful because at home I am often tasked with grocery shopping at the store and when I forget what we do or do not need this would be a life saver because I’d simply need to look at the inside camera in the refrigerator to make sure I purchase the food items that are missing.
  • Another feature that I enjoyed learning about was the W-FI capability in the dishwasher because there’s been so many times when I’ve loaded everything into the dishwasher, but I’ve forgotten to hit start. Sometimes I’ve remembered when I am in bed or have left the house. With the Wi-Fi feature I can now control this from my phone. Woohoo!
  • And most importantly one of the features that really drew my attention was the time-saving process during installation. Samsung set out to make this less cumbersome for its users. It features pre-drilled holes and easy leveling for faster installation. It’s guaranteed that consumers will take half of the amount of time needed in conventional kitchen installs.

The Chef Collection is available in an exclusive matte black stainless steel – a soft brushed metal finish, as well as stainless steel. Do you already know which one you’ll be purchasing later this year when they become available?


Will you change and upgrade your current kitchen appliances to Samsung’s premium products to experience the new era of a truly connected and personalized kitchen?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Samsung. The opinions and text are all mine.

  • Lincoln posee la más alta categoría de lealtad del segmento de lujo entre los nuevos compradores de vehículos de lujo en el primer trimestre del 2017, de acuerdo con los datos de IHS Markit Loyalty.
  • El impulso es dado por el Lincoln MKC, Lincoln MKZ y Lincoln MKX.
  • Lincoln también se está enfocando más en las experiencias centradas en el cliente como el servicio de Recogida y Entrega, que está ganando popularidad, de acuerdo con The Lincoln Motor Company.

Lincoln Continental

La fuerte línea de vehículos de The Lincoln Motor Company está atrayendo a más gente a la marca. Lincoln tiene la más alta categoría de lealtad del segmento de lujo entre los nuevos compradores de vehículos de lujo para el primer trimestre de 2017, basado en datos de Markit Loyalty.

El impulso es dado por el Lincoln MKC, Lincoln MKZ y Lincoln MKX.

“Para Lincoln, se trata de proporcionar vehículos de calidad y un servicio ejemplar”, dice Kumar Galhotra, presidente de The Lincoln Motor Company. “Esto nos dice que estamos avanzando en la dirección correcta.”

El exclusivo servicio de Recogida y Entrega de Lincoln ahora incluye todos los vehículos del 2017. El programa le devuelve a los clientes de Lincoln algo muy valioso: el tiempo.

Un servicio de valet de Lincoln recoge el vehículo del cliente para cualquier necesidad de servicio desde cualquier lugar, proporciona al cliente un vehículo de Lincoln prestado y gratuito. El vehículo es devuelto recién lavado al cliente una vez que el servicio se haya completado.

El programa ha probado ser immensamente acertado, lanzado en septiembre con más de 15.000 viajes realizados antes de fin de año. Están en camino a completar más de 50.000 viajes para finales de 2017.

Las experiencias realzadas de los clientes siempre han sido críticas para el crecimiento de Lincoln. Lincoln Black Label, por ejemplo, proporciona la máxima expresión del estilo y la sustancia de Lincoln, ofreciendo a los clientes un servicio personal y una serie de privilegios exclusivos con su membresía.

Las ventas de Lincoln aumentaron un 6 por ciento este año, superando a un segmento de lujo que aumentó un 2 por ciento, según datos de ventas de Lincoln y de la industria.

La fidelidad a la marca se determina cuando un hogar que posee un vehículo nuevo vuelve al mercado y compra o alquila otro vehículo nuevo de la misma marca, modelo o fabricante. Las tasas de lealtad del primer trimestre se basan en el análisis de Lealtad de enero-marzo de 2017 de IHS Markit.

Para obtener más información acerca de The Lincoln Motor Company, visita o Siguelos en Facebook:

This is a sponsored post thanks to Tide® however all opinions and pictures are my very own.

Doing laundry is a pretty daunting task for almost every man out there who I’ve talked to because they feel that they do not know where to start when it comes to this necessary chore. A lot of us men like to have an instructional manual on how to do things so that we can do them in 2 to 3 simple steps because we dislike going into the details and finding answers that are hidden in a product.

Such is the case with Tide® PODS™ + Downy® because they are so easy to use in this new form  I was fortunate enough to find out about the packets that dissolve in both hot and cold water. The best way to use them is to place in the machine drum before you add clothes. And you may want to know that for especially large loads or dirty clothes, you may want to add a second packet for extra cleaning, freshness and fabric protection. And those are all the steps you will take to make sure you have a successful laundry experience.

I don’t ever recall being taught how to do laundry by my parents. It was always something that I jumped right into doing my first year of college. Till this day I am not sure if I always place the correct amount of detergent in the washer and I always found myself pouring extra because I wanted my clothes to wash really well and I thought that would only happen if I poured a lot of detergent. In the long run I am sure that would ruin my clothes and possibly even my machine since I am making it work more. Possibly…IMG_6648

Before my fiancée (Carmen) and I started using Tide® PODS™ + Downy® we were already using Tide® as a liquid form for laundry at our house and I always found myself asking Carmen how much detergent to use for each load. Most often we misplaced the measurement cup with all the running around that we do and it was hard to guess-estimate how much was the right quantity of detergent to use. Every time I did laundry I had to ask her. When I got introduced to Tide® PODS™ + Downy®  it just made my life so much easier. I just followed the instructions on top of the container for how many packets I should use per the size of load and done.


There’s no need to continue bothering Carmen when she’s busy working or doing other chores on how much detergent I should pour or where is the measurement cup from our Tide® container.

One thing I do want to bring up and especially for the ladies because Carmen would always freak out when I’d wash her super delicate clothes and that I would ruin them with my improper handling. Now she’s more comfortable that I use Tide® PODS™ + Downy® because the patented 3-chamber design, chemistries that are incompatible in the liquid form can now exist harmoniously in the packet until they are combined in the wash cycle thus enabling benefits that could never be achieved with liquid detergent.

Product Image - Tide PODS Plus Downy Tub

Even for me there are some clothes that I can get picky about and such is the case with my white clothes — for instance this t-shirt I am wearing now and I am happy that Tide® PODS™ + Downy® protects it during the wash.

As the healthy enthusiasts that Carmen and I are we use so much fitness apparel and we were happy to read that one of the key benefits of Tide® PODS™ + Downy® is that it is suitable for fabrics that traditionally cannot be washed with fabric softeners but could benefit from conditioning such as performance gear.

I am happy that I can do our laundry all on my own in between workouts or when I am running errands as it happened this past weekend. I was able to get so much done outside the house, but also inside the house thanks to Tide® PODS™ + Downy®, which make life easier when it comes to doing laundry.

The new Tide® PODS™ + Downy® is the first detergent packet to offer cleaning and protection from fading and stretching directly in the wash cycle, helping transform the washing machine into a safer place that cleans, conditions and protects the clothing you most love to wear.


You’ll want to know that Tide® PODS™ + Downy® is available in the iconic Downy® April Fresh® scent in food, drug and mass market retailers nationwide. The price is $11.99 for 32 ct.

In addition, it’s important to keep children safe around Tide® PODS™ + Downy® packets by following this simple rule: Keep them Up, Keep them Closed and Keep them Safe.

I hope that this information and post allows you to make your life a lot simpler and that you benefitted from learning how Carmen and I have changed our laundry ritual into a brand new one. Thanks to Tide® PODS™ + Downy® for giving me the security that I needed to be able to complete this essential house chore. Let me know when you’ll start using Tide® PODS™ + Downy® in your home or if you already have started using I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

If you do like myself and celebrate your #LastCallForTheBachelor at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa your expectations will not only be met, but also far exceeded. It was on Memorial Day weekend that my college buddies and myself decided to reunite after months of not seeing each other to kick-off my “game over” celebration. Yes I am tying the knot on August 19, 2017! We spent over 48 hours together and we enjoyed every minute as if it would be the last party we would ever attend as a group. Lol


As soon as I was dropped off by the airport shuttle at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa I was amazed by the resort’s style and architecture. There was a blend of ultra-contemporary & traditional Caribbean décor, which definitely made me disconnect from my busy everyday lifestyle. This was something I was really looking forward to after some pretty hectic months. I must mention that everyone’s attentive service always made me feel comfortable and welcome. I really did feel at home (speaking Spanish) because everyone would cater to guests as if they knew us for years.

That Friday night when we all checked-in to Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa my buddies had all arrived before me. I figured I’d go with the mentality save the best for last with my arrival. By the time I arrived everyone had a head start on drinks and they were more than ready to party it up at the resort’s nightclub called “After Dark”. Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa does not waste any ones time when it comes to partying and having a great time. Thanks to the Unlimited-Luxury offerings, where everything is included, drinks and food was always a surplus. Woot woot!

Before we made our way to “After Dark” we enjoyed the welcome bottle of tequila that was delivered to my room courtesy of  Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa because it was included in the #LastCallForTheBachelor package. Taking shots of tequila definitely reminded us of our fun college nights we all had been a part of years ago. My friends and I joked about our crazy college times and we couldn’t wait to replicate some adventurous memories at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa.

“After Dark” is a popping and exclusive nightclub situated in the center of Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa. We partied there until the morning hours while we met locals and internationals who were on the same boat as myself – tying the knot. As part of the unlimited-luxury offerings beverages at “After Dark” nightclub kept showing up at our table one after another. The drinks were tasty (not watered down) and the music playing were the top hits of the season. We danced, connected with cool people and kept drinking. It was an unforgettable night for everyone. We rolled up to our rooms early on Saturday morning to nap and then continued the festivity all over again in a couple hours.


Waking up with a beautiful view on Saturday morning reminded me that this was a great location to celebrate an epic, yet sophisticated bachelor party that I would never forget, but wouldn’t fully remember either. And that was exactly what we all wanted. I know that in the end no one would ever want to remember and some may have even used the mantra “what happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun” when they returned home. I am certain that everyone had a great time because once my buddies arrived home kept on texting me for the amazing time we all had at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa.


The majority of the boys kicked-off Saturday at the resort’s X-ert Fitness Center. As part of the Unlimited-Luxury offerings the X-ert Fitness Center counted with clean towels, water, fruits and snacks. I was happy that my boys were all pumped for getting some training in before we began with all of our activities that day. I was happy that I did not need to skip out on my workout at the state-of-the-art equipment. As the fitness enthusiastic that I am this was a huge plus for me. I was impressed by all of the equipment and free weights available. The size of X-ert Fitness Center was also moderately big and I never felt as if I was bumping into anyone while I completed my fitness routine.



After our workout we made our way to the top-of-the-line buffet at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa. I was still amazed that I had access to all the food and drinks with the Unlimited-Luxury offerings. The food was to die-for at the gourmet a la carte dining center and there was no reservation required. Every single time we came here to eat the food was different. There was always variety and I loved that. There was even a pre-made juice bar or you could ask to have your own smoothies made. How cool is that? The food tasted like authentic Mexican food. We saw ourselves constantly visiting the buffet because we wanted to try all the different kinds of food that was served. The hours of operation for the buffet were 6 am to 3 am, so pretty much open 24 hours.




As part of the #LastCallForTheBachelor package there are countless of fun activities that anyone can participate in. You’ll have kayaking available to you, which is what my guests and I did. During our kayaking we all brought out the inner child we have in us and played races on the kayaks. It was hilarious to see some of my buddies fall off the kayak and not be able to get on because the waves would keep on throwing them down. Lol There’s also paddle boarding, tennis, beach volleyball, pool tables, golf, water aerobics, snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving available if you desire.IMG_4565

After we had gotten all of our fitness and outdoor activities in our system it was time to get the party started all over again at the Xcelerate Party Zone. This was by far one of our favorite experiences because we were able to mingle and drink with others in the foam party at the pool overlooking a stunning ocean view.



FullSizeRender (33)

Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa is located between the Caribbean Sea & the Lagoon of Bahia Petempich in the Yucatan Peninsula.


During the foam party my boys and I were given an exclusive cabana so that we could enjoy the party and acrobatic performers. The pool & beach wait service was on point and we felt as if we always had a drink on hand while others were always on deck. The DJ played the greatest hits and the premium cocktails kept coming our way.


FullSizeRender (34)


That same night we had a group dinner at Picante one of the 10 restaurants at the resort. As part of the #LastCallForTheBachelor package you’ll have a reserved spot in a restaurant of your choice at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa. Picante is a gourmet Mexican restaurant and the upbeat atmosphere had us hyped to continue partying the night away. Some of the other restaurants include Spumante (Italian specialties), Silk-City (Pan-Asian cuisine), Coquette (French Cuisine) and others.


After our group dinner we hung out at the open plaza at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa which is a social gathering place for guests to continue the celebrations. There was also a lights, water and music show we enjoyed there.


Later that night Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa had bottle service and a table waiting for us at “After Dark” where once again we continued with my bachelor celebration. One bottle was not enough for everyone so we continued with other drinks because I wanted to continue celebrating with all my buddies. The night was young and we stayed up until 4 am enjoying the atmosphere, music and around-the-clock partying.

Sunday was a day of visiting Chichen Itza, which Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa was very helpful in coordinating this trip. We all had a blast exploring the Riviera ruins and getting some history and educational lessons in our systems. That day we also got to swim in a cenote.


Upon our return to Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa we had an exclusive room service waiting for us with mini burgers, hot dogs and beer. This is another amenity that is part of the #LastCallForTheBachelor package. This was the perfect welcome gathering with my buddies after an exhausting day of exploring.


Everyone took a power nap to get through the remainder of the trip. The finger food was not enough so after the nap we made our way to the Unlimited-Luxury a la carte dining. The food was delicious as always. That night I had so much protein and I may have had some dessert too. Lol After all the walking we did I think I deserved the extra sugar and carbs.

That same night we enjoyed a theatrical performance at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa. The show was very interesting and fun. I was impressed by all of the performers and their ability to deliver such professional and good show.


After a long day and so much partying my boys and I decided to head back to my place and ordered room service again as we continued drinking the beers that were delivered to us earlier in the day.


My bachelor experience was unforgettable, epic and a lot of fun. I cannot wait to go back to Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa because I loved Unlimited-Luxury offerings, where absolutely everything (daily maid service, themed parties, beer, wine and international and domestic top-shelf spirits) is included and how people were extremely welcoming.

Let me know if you plan on visiting Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa? I would love to help you with planning your trip to this luxurious destination. And don’t forget to follow more of my experience at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa on my social media pages with the hashtag: #LastCallForTheBachelor! While you are there you can also check out the hashtag for #CarGusWedding as we are 2 months away from tying the knot!

As we all know there’s an international day for everything and sushi could not be left out from these big celebrations. I bet that you probably did not know that International Sushi Day falls on June 18 and you can celebrate it too. I know I will be eating Sushi that day because I eat it at least twice a month and that day I will want it even more. I have an obsession with Sushi, not only is it delicious, but I feel that it is very refreshing.


Every time I visit a Sushi restaurant I need to pair my sushi with the oldest and best-selling brand of Japanese beer, which is Sapporo Premium Beer. I will omit how many glasses I actually drink, but understand that it is one of my all-time favorite premium beers.


I will never forget the very first time that I was introduced to Sushi. I was a freshmen in college. I visited a Japanese restaurant and that time with friends and we ordered so many sushi rolls and I was enjoying all of them. At that time I was under 21 and I could not have Sapporo, but as soon as I did turn 21 and paired Sushi with Sapporo Premium I honestly felt that it was the perfect harmonious Japanese combination. Would you agree?


There’s a cool thing going on right now over on Sapporo Premium Facebook page that when you visit the site you can get sushi and Sapporo prizes as they countdown to International Sushi Day. You don’t want to miss out on having free items from them so hop on over to their Facebook page.

So what will you do on June 18? Eat Sushi of course and wash it down with some crisp and cold Sapporo Premium Beer right! You can choose to visit your favorite sushi restaurant in your neighborhood or why not make your own sushi at home. Recently my fiancée and I bought a sushi toolkit where we can make our own sushi and we have yet to use it so that’s what well do on June 18th. We’ll break the seal and have a sushi prepping party at our home with close friends.

We already have the complement to our Sushi, which is Sapporo Premium Beer and all we’ll need to go purchase are the ingredients on International Sushi Day. We will not do any fancy rolls since it will be the first time that we cook sushi at home, but California Rolls will be on the menu list for sure. A California Roll is very simple and the one I recommend everyone if they are trying out sushi for the very first time. The California Roll consists of rice, avocado, imitation crab meat and cucumber.

Lastly don’t forget to chime in on the fun and go have Sushi on June 18. Follow Sapporo on Facebook for International Sushi Day content and exclusive giveaways – and don’t forget to share your celebration of International Sushi Day with all of us using the hashtag: #InternationalSushiDay or #ISD.

Kampai (cheers)!

Often times we choose the store bought pancake mix and may not even know the ingredients. But worry no more because you can truly take action in knowing everything that goes into your pancake mix if you make it from scratch at home.

This time I wanted to show you my go-to favorite pancakes that I make at home when I have a little extra time to mix the batter or when I want to impress my guests on weekends! They are my famous blueberry and oatmeal pancakes that many of you have seen on my social media if you’ve been following for some years now.

FullSizeRender (16)

My favorite version of pancakes are not only filling, but they make for a great breakfast because you make sure to receive the nutrients that your body needs to get started! How? One of the main ingredients for this pancake recipe is eggs.

Eggs are a great item for everyone to include in their diet. Why? Because they are a nutritional powerhouse and with one large egg you obtain 6 grams of high-quality protein and nine essential amino acids, all for 70 calories. In addition, eggs are a natural source of Vitamin D, which supports your bone structure.

This month I decided to partner with the American Egg Board to bring you this recipe in detail here on my blog because I had never taken the time to show you the ingredients and instructions.

We often think of eggs as only having them in an omelet, scrambled or poached, but there are truly hundreds of ways in which they can be consumed. But having them be a part of the pancake mix is just another cool way to eat them too. Eggs are so versatile.

I enjoy having these pancakes at least three times a month if not more because they are so delicious and filling.


Below are the ingredients and instructions to prepare my famous and nutritious oatmeal pancakes that you will love:



 2 Eggs

 ½ cup oats

 ½ tsp cinnamon

 ½ tsp vanilla extract

 1 tsp chia seeds

 1 container of fresh blueberries

 Coconut oil for pan


1. Mix oats, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla extract and chia seeds into a small bowl.

2. Heat a pan to medium.

3. Melt some coconut oil on the pan.

4. Pour the pancake batter onto the medium heat pan.

5. In 1-2 minutes, flip pancake.

6. Wait another 1-2 minutes.

7. Sprinkle blueberries on pancakes.

8. Remove pancake from the pan, and repeat until batter is gone.


Now that you know how to cook these delicious pancakes with your own homemade pancake mix you can always accompany them w/ additional scrambled eggs and fruit on the side.

May is National Egg month so I look forward to seeing your replicated creations on social media. In order for me to see them please hashtag with #EggChallenge and #NationalEggMonth

IMG_2651 (1)

With eggs being under $.20 each, and one of the least expensive sources of high-protein per serving, you can assure yourself to have them every day this month. The average American eats 276 eggs a year so don’t miss out on incorporating them in your diet.

For more information about the American Egg Board including recipes, and nutritional information, visit or follow the Incredible Egg on social media.

This post is sponsored by the American Egg Board, but all opinions expressed are my own.

This post was sponsored by HERDEZ® and WeAllGrow Latina. All opinion and thoughts are my own.

As a fellow Angeleno I consider my backyard being San Diego because it is relatively close, well actually it should not take you 4 hours to drive from one city to the other like it happened to me recently when I attended the Cinco de Mayo Street Taco Fiesta hosted by Chef Marcela and Herdez. On a good day without traffic you can make the drive from point A to point B in 2 hours or less so don’t be alarmed.

This past Cinco de Mayo I felt honored to have been invited to Chef Marcela’s beautiful home to enjoy a real authentic and culturally-filled fiesta w/ delicious food, music, views and vibrant colors everywhere I looked. I truly felt as if this was the right way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo if anyone would ever decide to make this a celebration because we enjoyed of great company while being cognizant of culture, tradition, food and folklore.

It was not your typical Cinco de Mayo fiesta because I heard from everyone that they all played a role in preparing the dinner. Well of course that happened because it was a cooking class hosted by the chef. Something I supported with was arriving just in time to help in consuming the yummy goods. Lol


Hands down this has been by far one of my favorite blogging experiences because not only did we get to meet Chef Marcela Valladolid who you know as the co-host for Food Network’s show The Kitchen, but also has launched her third book called “Casa Marcela”. She invited a small group of influencers into her stunningly beautiful home to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. When my fiancee saw the pictures of the intimate event she was a bit jelly that she was not able to participate. Lol



During the event the other special guest was Herdez® new Guacamole Salsa. Chef Marcela showed us how to make homemade Tacos de Adobada and other taco fillings that were to die for! As I am typing this blog post for you all to read I am savoring those tacos. You know about those tacos that you have at your all-time favorite taco stand that’s how delicious they were. TASTY!



The tacos are traditionally made with a whole pork shoulder that is roasted all day until it is tender. This shortcut version was made with slices of pork shoulder, bacon, a homemade adobo sauce and fresh pineapple. The best part is that it only takes 45 minutes instead of having it cook all day.



Chef Marcela cooked each taco for every guest and I felt honored and humbled. To add to the great taste the tacos were topped with Herdez® Guacamole Salsa. I am glad we were given some jars and now have a good stash in my kitchen for when I want to prepare my own recipes using Herdez® Guacamole Salsa like I have done in the following meal that I will present to you.

FullSizeRender (32)

At Chef Marcela’s home the celebration continued and we took part in a family-style sit down dinner where we had salmon-baked tacos, esquites and margaritas. The tacos paired or topped with the flavor of the Herdez® Guacamole Salsa was scrumptious. It was the perfect combination because I could taste a real avocado and a spicy kick of authentic salsa verde. It’s such a versatile salsa that you can pair it with almost any dish.


After the food the dessert arrived and it was a Flan de Coco — so good or you could also order some “paletas de nieve” from the “carrito de paletas.”


This was true 5 de Mayo Street Taco Fiesta that I will never forget because it celebrated culture, tradition and there was food. I am grateful to Chef Marcela and the Herdez® team for being so welcoming even when I arrived late because of traffic.



Like I mentioned earlier we were gifted several Herdez® Guacamole Salsa jars and at home I cooked a healthy turkey “picadillo” or what would be known in English as a green chili.

FullSizeRender (30)

The turkey chili was accompanied with Herdez® Guacamole Salsa to give it an authentic Mexican flavor. Herdez® Guacamole Salsa is so versatile that you can use it as a dip, topping, or in a food recipe like I decided to do.


FullSizeRender (28)

* Turkey meat
* Red and green bell peppers
* Purple Onion
* 2 garlic cloves
* Salt and pepper
* Quinoa
* Olive Oil
FullSizeRender (31)
How to prepare Turkey “Picadillo”:
1. Chop the garlic, bell peppers and onions into small pieces.
2. Place olive oil into a pan and once it warms up place the onions and garlic.
3. Once hat has turned a golden color place the onions and bell peppers inside as well.
4. Once all of those ingredients have cooked place the turkey in the pan and continue cooking.
5. Mix all ingredients and let everything cook.
How to prepare Quinoa:
1. Boil 2 cups of water in a pot.
2. After water has boiled mix 1 cup of raw quinoa.
3. Cover the pot and let it cook. Once the water has evaporated completely the quinoa will ready.
FullSizeRender (29)How to Serve:

Serve the turkey “picadillo” on a plate accompanied w/ a side of quinoa and topped with Herdez® Guacamole Salsa. It will be delicious.

FullSizeRender (27)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HERDEZ® and WeAllGrow Latina. The opinions and text are all mine.

© Copyright All Rights Reserved.