Do you remember that in my Journey with Mazda post I talked about a new addition to the Gutierrez-Melgoza household? Here it is!!! Our brand new Soul Red Crystal red CX-5.

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Carmen and I could not be happier with our most recent purchase. We had both fallen in love with it and since we’ll need a larger car for when we begin planning for a family we knew this was our number one choice. Plus, I was completely blown-away by my Journey with Mazda test driving experience.

We could not think of a better color than red because deep inside our subconscious, it symbolizes passion, aggressiveness and importance. Like Carmen mentioned to me; “it’s a statement when someone drives around in a red car,” and she’s right on that. I cannot count the amount of times we’ve had people turn around ever since we brought “Fiera” or the SUV home. Even our neighbors have asked us about our recent purchase.

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It’s incredible how much others have liked the SUV and have stopped us to ask questions about how it drives, pricing and fuel-economy. The effect has been so powerful that one of my great college buddies is seriously thinking of making this exact purchase in the coming months because he’s test driven it and also loves it for him and his family.

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Here’s a LIVE Facebook video that Carmen recorded a couple of days ago announcing our brand new car to her followers:

Hope you enjoyed our honest opinion of the Mazda CX-5 and if you are looking for an SUV you should highly consider this one at the top of your list. It’s hands down a luxury statement car that drives with so much tranquility and exhilaration.


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