In this documentary we meet two individuals diagnosed with rare diseases and see how their families play a crucial role in their daily care.

Both, Maria and Javier are champions of change and I could not think of two better individuals to have as my first post on this section of highlighted features of my blog where I will periodically introduce you to important people that are changing many lives.

In order of appearance:
CG: Marcy Smith / CEO and Founder of Madison’s Foundation
CG: Dr. Leigh Ramos-Platt / Pediatrics and Neurology at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
CG: Chien-Ping Ko / Professor & Head, Section of Neurology Department at USC
CG: Maria Garibay / SMA Patient
CG: CG: Luisa Garibay / Maria’s Mother/Primary Caregiver
CG: Alejandra Arreola / Javier’s Mother/Primary Caregiver
CG: Karina Arreola / Javier’s Sister
CG: Javier Arreola / Cystic Fibrosis Patient


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