As a fitness blogger and personal trainer I am always looking for new food items that I can adopt into my healthy lifestyle. That is because I often find myself consuming chicken, fish, shrimp and tuna the same way week after week. I wish I could be more creative in the kitchen, but it definitely is a work in progress. Therefore I enjoy coming across new products and food items that I could incorporate into my lifestyle and it was recently that I learned about Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks.

We must remember that our body needs protein, just like it needs fruits, carbs and other vital items from the food pyramid. Without sufficient protein intake, our bodies won’t be able to function properly and for someone like myself who wants to build muscle I would not be able to do so without consuming more and more protein. In addition when we do not consume the necessary protein that our body needs we tend to be sluggish and often get those blues that no one likes experimenting. They are an excellent source of protein that keeps you satisfied longer without all of the added sugar.

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As someone who is working hard to bulk-up this summer season I believed Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks to be a great addition to my lifestyle. They are delicious and each serving provides 11 grams of protein. You would like to know that the snacks do not contain MSG, nitrites or preservatives.


In addition, after doing my research I was happy to know that the chicken, pork and beef used to make the snacks were raised without added growth hormones. For all my gluten-free readers you’ll want to know that these snacks are approved for you too.


I am always on the go and participating in events. Such was the case recently when I was part of a live workout with some of my favorite celebrity trainers. I did not have time to whip up a protein shake so I brought Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks with me to have after my workout. Now I find myself having them as my go-to snack when I am on a rush, which is almost never. Lol Plus they are a snack that won’t spoil while you’re out-and-about.

The new Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks are available in 4 flavors (Szechuan Pepper, Ginger Teriyaki, Sweet Chili & Korean BBQ) and after trying all of them I must confess that the Sweet Chili is my favorite. As a Latino I love spicy food and I feel that this one had a kick of spiciness. Nothing too strong, but it was my favorite out of all four. I still think the other 3 flavors are tasty though.

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Another great thing about these Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks is that they are small enough to carry in your gym bag, suitcase, lunchbox or backpack. And this will be extremely handy since I will be traveling for the next 3 weeks and you bet I will have my new favorite snacks in my luggage for that midday snack when I may not have healthy options in the places I will visit. I will be in New Orleans and New York traveling so I know these will save me some major headaches when I’m not able to find the healthiest options.

I am very happy I came across these protein snacks because I can finally mix-up my food intake a bit more than before.

If you are eager to give Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks a try you can order them from Amazon here.

Where do you see yourself enjoying Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks this summer? Which flavor do you think you’ll like the most?


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