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For the first time this year my wife and I attended Hispanicize Los Angeles as Prudential ambassadors. We felt humbled and took on this opportunity with great responsibility because we understand the gap that there is when it comes to educating our audience on how to better approach their finances. I’ve said it before that it’s not only about the number of followers on social media that we have, but we really take our profession seriously as influencers.  

Hispanicize 2018 (#Hispz18) is the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and entrepreneurship. Hands down this is one of our favorite conferences because it is one of a kind where we get to strengthen relationships with existing friends, but also are introduced to new people that end up becoming like a big extended family. In addition we get to form new brand partnerships with those that align with our own mission.

Furthermore, we get to participate in sessions and hear from keynote speakers that allow us to drive our business forward. Such was the case with all of the sessions Prudential sponsored this year. I love educating myself on the topics of financial wellness so I was happy that I was able to learn information on how to better manage my budget, make money work for me even during my sleep and also how to better monetize with my brand.

Day 1 was a lot of fun as the evening kicked off with Prudential Influencers Welcome Reception as we gathered to learn about the most recent initiatives that Prudential has put into practice to foster and attain financial wellness. I enjoyed hearing other influencers testimonies as to how they incorporate being financially fit on their blogs, the food was great and the backpack we received is now one of my favorites that I use during all of my recent trips.

On day two when I attended Prudential’s “Achieveing a Life of Fire” panel and a lot of discussion points resonated with me and I immediately learned that there’s a lot of room for improvement with my own business and how I handle my finances. Although I feel I have done fairly well for myself and my wife who is also a full-time entrepreneur in the past year when we decided to retire from Corporate America there’s so much more we can improve on. Over the last year as self-made entrepreneurs we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but we wouldn’t change this lifestyle for anything — it is so rewarding.

From the panel we realized that we are working at a level where we can easily put ourselves through burnout and we need to be smarter with how and where we spend our time. If there’s one main point that stuck with us it was the fact that we need to get better at making money even when were sleeping to reach a higher level of financial wellness.

My wife and I took on this opportunity of being so close to Prudential’s financial experts to ask questions and even come up with a plan where we could start planning for our retirement early. Do you have a retirement plan? It’s crucial that you do.

During Hispanicize we sat down with one of Prudential’s advisors and he was extremely helpful to make us think outside of the box and gave us ideas to do different things to be more financially stable when it came to money. Why? Because money affects our stress level, mental state and physical health of course. Prudential advisors do take the time to provide the necessary financial education depending on the stage of your life that you are in — my wife and I are expecting parents and we even received valuable information to be the best parents possible.

Another great component that I got to cover as a Prudential ambassador was the Impact Awards presented by Prudential where we go to hear empowering stories from the awardees.

By far having the Prudential activation room at Hispanicize all throughout the weekend was another of my favorite parts of the conference because their interactive components made me learn so much more about optimized financial planning.

My wife and I are very appreciative to attend the Hispanicize and especially to Dorinda Walker, Vice President of Cultural Insights and Activation of Prudential.

Remember that it’s never too soon to teach others about financial literacy and it’s easier than ever by visiting and putting their simple recommendations into practice when were around our loved ones and friends.

Financial Wellness could mean the Following:

  • Financial wellness means maintaining stability today while having the knowledge and confidence to do

what you want tomorrow.

  • Financial wellness is a continuous process of achieving and maintaining balance to ensure we are

equipped to handle whatever life may throw our way.

  • The journey to financial wellness is deeply personal. Our relationship with money impacts our physical

health, our stress levels and state of mind, our family dynamic and even our performance at work.

  • Similar to getting physically healthy, there is no magic number that works for everyone. Financial

wellness is about training ourselves to build good money habits that we can practice in support of our

own personal goals and dreams.

  • To date, financial wellness has predominantly only been spoken about in the workplace–but it’s so

much more than that. Financial wellness can and does impact our lives as a whole.

So what does financial wellness mean to you? To me it means having an overall stability with my finances so that my mental, physical and emotional health is not affected. I do this by having a monthly budget and managing my expenses so that I can create sustainability and create extra money for a vacation or outings that bring joy to my life.

Lastly, if you have not thought about your financial wellness recently, but would like to get your financial wellness aligned with your long-term goals please reach out to one of Prudential Financial Advisors just like my wife and I did.


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