It’s accurate to say that at least 350 days out of the year you’ll be wearing sunglasses in Los Angeles (LA), California and while many people think of them as an accessory — they are an essential piece of gear. Honestly, you can’t leave your home without them in our sunny-like So. Cal. weather year-round.

From an outdoor adventurer to a business person working in a corporate office you’ll agree that without this piece of protective eyewear your day is set to be pretty challenging because you won’t be protected from UV rays and glares.


While living in LA you are almost forced to live the best of two worlds— the beach and city life. For our sunglasses needs we no longer need to exchange this gear when going from one environment to the other because Luke Shades gives you the flexibility to sport them perfectly at the beach or the city.

Luke Shades allows you to go from a casual and laid-back look to a sophisticated one within the same pair of wooden sunglasses.

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Luke Shades was founded by Luke, a Midwestern entrepreneur with a taste to coastal style and quality craftsmanship. Luke knew he wanted to carve out an adventurous career so he set to create his first pair of wooden sunglasses by hand from spare plywood during his college years.

Back in the Midwest he decided to create, test and tweak his new wooden sunglasses concept. After months of trials and updates, he set about performing the ultimate test on his fellow lifeguards and the sunglasses stood out in saltwater and island parties. Luke Shades are still hand crafted by Luke himself.


In recent years wooden accessories and even phone cases have become very popular and handmade wooden sunglasses are very much in style too so sport a pair on your next adventure because Luke Shades were created for the explorers and those young at heart.

For the adventurers doing hiking, fishing, rock climbing, beach bumming or just about any other outdoor activity, having the right protection for your eyes is crucial just as much for those driving in the city or walking beside skyscrapers.

If you want to stay close to home and support those with an entrepreneurial spirit then this new company you should consider, in fact, because they are hand-carved in small batches to produce quality pairs. These one-of-a-kind pairs are handcrafted from tropical hardwoods and fit with colorful mirrored lenses for a bold look.



Luke Shades are impact and scratch resistant UV400 polarized lenses that fit into each pair of reinforced Luke Shades frames. Additionally, each pair comes with a handcrafted protective hard case and also beeswax and natural oils blend to re-shine and seal your shades from moisture and dirt.


For my first pair of I opted in owning the Honduran Rosewood in Green Lens Color. I am very happy with my choice. I loved the wood species in these shades and the green is my favorite color so choosing them was a no brainer.


Know that they will continue to be a trend in 2016 so get your pair now and take advantage of their 20% off holiday sale. Whether it be a gift for you, a family member or friend you’ll be appreciated. For all four styles, prices top out near $144, which is a modest sum for an eccentric addition to your sunglasses artillery. Visit their site and shop their different styles and lens colors.

Vist and follow Luke Shades on Instagram to see more of their great collection and bring on the light!


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