I recently learned about Lil’ Libros through my social media and you bet I am already sharing these great books with my nephew Maximiliano during our #unphewtimes. This project was inspired by Patty Rodriguez and she’s a Latina on the Rise!

Patty Rodriguez is a Latina you should know about if you do not know about her already, she’s doing so much in the Latino community and even as the Senior Producer on On Air with Ryan Seacrest she finds the space and time to represent the Hispanic community on the show. She’s booked guests to come on the show that are iconic in the Latino community even when their music is not played on KISS FM 102.7.  The show is aired in Los Angeles where at least half of the population that listens to the station knows about the symbolic celebrities that they’ve had on the show e.g. Pepe Aguilar, Shakira and members of Mana.


I wouldn’t consider Patty a dreamer, but more like a visionary that gets things done and I mean big things. I follow her on social media and I am fascinated by her tenacity every time she delivers some big news on her company Lil’ Libros such as when the books will be available in a new store and for that matter a big store such as Target, featured in book festivals, or how the books will be featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York! Yikes, that’s huge!

I recently had the opportunity of meeting her in person, a humble and kind-hearted human being. We’ve got an interview pending, but I know she’s extremely busy with the arrival of her second child and simply making things happen so for now I will take it upon myself to highlight her amazing work because you all need to know about her and her book company that is thriving.

Lil’ Libros was inspired by Patty and co-founder Ariana Stein. Patty saw the lack of Spanish books that introduced children at a very early age to the Latino heritage and culture. She saw the problem and had the solution for it, she co-founded Lil’ Libros. The goal with the Lil’Libros books is to encourage parents to read to their children in Spanish and English and to plant a seed for the child– to continue reading.  The books are first concept books, all text is English and Spanish – 50/50.   Each book is 22 pages filled with colorful pictures and Spanish and English words.

My sister and brother-in-law have made a promise to each other to only speak Spanish to Maximiliano because they understand the value that a bilingual child brings to the world. And so far they’ve stuck to their word.

During one of my recent #unphewtimes with Baby Max we visited a small bookstore in Long Beach and he had 3 Lil’ Libros in his hands all to himself. He’s only 9 months, but it’s never too early to start teaching a child the different colors, numbers and first words. An early education bilingual is critical for children to excel and I want my nephew to be successful.


I look forward to reading these short and educational pieces of art to him on our future #unphewtimes dates, which I foresee many of them coming as his godfather!

Max currently has three Lil’ Libros in his book collection already; ‘Guadalupe: First Words/Primeras Palabras, Frida: Counting with / Contando con and Zapata: Colors / Colores.

So don’t forget if you want to have bilingual children pick up your copies of Lil’ Libros at a location near you. Don’t let our beautiful culture and heritage go to wate in the new generations to come after us. It’s beautiful, please preserve it!

For a list of places where you can purchase these books visit: http://www.lillibros.com/


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