Lexus is on a roll. LF-LC, LF-CC, LFA, IS and RC are all pretty stunning.

Next up on the roster of updates, and adopting the L-Finesse design language is the LS flagship sedan, is the LF-FC (“Lexus Future Fuel Cell”) – a concept car (for now) that challenges the Merc S-Class and BMW 7-Series.

If you’re bored of the German default you should really try out something from Japan. And seeing the LF-FC unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, it’s easy to see the appeal.


WHAT IT IS: A two-plus-two sports coupe concept from Toyota’s California design studio that could be Lexus’s answer to the Aston Martin DB9 if, of course, it reaches production. More expensive and more driver-oriented than the defunct SC430 convertible, this “poor man’s LFA” (it’ll cost about half as much) will squeeze at least 500 horsepower from its hybrid powertrain.

WHY IT MATTERS: With the LFA out of the picture, the LF-LC would become the brand’s standard-bearer—and a more visible one at that.


PLATFORM: Unknown. A new front-engine, rear-drive architecture or a heavily revised Lexus GS platform are logical possibilities.

POWERTRAIN: A gasoline-electric hybrid with a V-8 engine and at least 500 horsepower.

COMPETITION: Aston Martin DB9, Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari California, Mercedes-Benz S-class coupe, Porsche 911 Turbo, Rolls-Royce Wraith.

WHAT MIGHT GO WRONG: Unveiled as a concept at last year’s Detroit show, the LF-LC moved toward production after enthusiastic receptions at dealer meetings. That green light can swiftly turn red, though, for a host of political and economic reasons.


ESTIMATED ARRIVAL AND PRICE: At the earliest, in 2016 as a 2017 model with a price just below $200,000.

Credit: Car and Driver and Pocket-lint


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