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I know this may sound crazy, but it’s true that in the past I’ve never been able to find the perfect phone case for my iPhone. I’ve bought different styles, colors and textures, but I am never 100% satisfied—I just don’t think what’s out there is manly enough nor goes with my active lifestyle that I have. But search no more since I came across the VOLO Smartphone Sanitizing Cases because not only are they what I was looking for, but they also eliminate the growth of germs for maximum protection and have a super slim design that fits everywhere. Very nice!


In the past I had a lime green and black phone case on my iPhone and almost every time I took a photo the pictures came out with a green-like filter. I would need to take off the phone case in order to eliminate the green filter on my photos and it was such a hassle. But now thanks to these amazing Volo Smartphone Sanitizing Cases I don’t need to worry about that problem because they offer a glare free flash bevel for perfect photos without flash interference. I am always taking shots so another reason why this case is perfect!

I am an active individual that works full-time, enjoys working-out in the evenings and travels on the weekends as much as possible. In the mornings when I leave for work I have my phone with me to be punctual and I carry it next to my keys, computer bag and lunch pail so you can imagine all the germs traveling around, but good thing that this case hinders the growth of microbes.


At home we have a key tray and everyone places their keys and sometimes phones after work so once again it really helps that these cases are sanitized to help keep your phone clean.

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When I end up staying in Los Angeles I make sure to use my weekends to run errands and visit places that I haven’t visited in the past. I love being a tourist in my own city. Like many of you one of my favorite stores is Target and that is where a lot of my shopping takes place. I always place my phone, keys and wallet in the front of the cart. I know it’s not the safest place because I’ve had my phone fall off from there, but with the Volo cases I don’t need to worry about the phone shattering because it has reinforced corners with extra material that gives it that extra protection from drops.

I love working out, running and hiking. I work out at least 6 days a week and I use my phone as a timer and to play my favorite music.


Before going on a hike it’s important to stretch all your muscles and I also like to make sure that the correct playlist will go on when I am enjoying nature. I also love the easy access to ports such as for my headphones and charger plug-in. I’ve had other cases in the past where the ports are covered or not easy to find!


Another thing that the Volo cases feature is the reduced slip micro-feet, which prevent slipping and elevates case to protect from spills. I placed my phone next to a “raspado” or in english a “freeze or slushie” and the water that creates on the outside of the cup almost touched my phone, but I didn’t need to worry about it getting wet because of the protective case.

The Volo cases website is very user friendly and you will have no problem navigating it. Go online now, choose your phone type and then choose your favorite color and place your order. That simple!


My favorite colors for my iPhone 5s that I bought were the blue, grey and black. I love having several colors on deck to choose from.

What color germ-free volo case will you be buying? I’d love to hear which one is your favorite!


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