This post was inspired during my time off for the holidays. There’s no time of the year that I look forward to the most than this one – Christmas and New Years. During this special time I head home to visit my parents and siblings whom I sometimes go weeks or a month without seeing because of distance, but technology nowadays keeps us together.

I feel that technology can be a double edged-sword though since it can also separate us from those we spend time with because we can find ourselves stuck like glue to our phones, tablets and computers during family time.


While many rejoice from checking off names from their list of presents that they’ll purchase, giving and receiving costly gifts I decide to not fall into that trap. Although, it’s so easy to do so with many television and radio commercials, billboards and ads thrown at us everywhere we turn during this time of the year.

I do think a gift would have more meaning if it was given at random and not during a holiday because it’s then when I feel they come from the heart and not to show off during the family gathering around the Christmas tree.

But, if we were to take a step back or even retract several more to evaluate life I am sure many would conclude that the materialistic world we’ve built with our actions has no importance at all. Sadly, so many of us have followed what others have done or what we’ve automatically thought to be “the right thing to do”.

On Christmas Day may we all find the courage to open our body, soul and spirit to really embrace the real meaning of Christmas, which is the celebration of Christ’s birth. And may you not place so much importance on opening countless and expensive gifts where you end up broke or in huge debt to simply see 5 seconds of awe.

On Christmas Day may we look deeper into our existence and really evaluate our life and where we’re taking it.

Ask yourself:

Have you loved enough?

Have you given non-materialistic items without measure?

Have you forgiven those that did you wrong?

Have you NOT judged?

Have you lived a happy life with what you have?

Have you lived a simple life?

These and many other reflections can be made possible on this day without the need to open pretentious gifts. Let’s open the gift of love and appreciation this holiday season as we surround ourselves with family and close friends.

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And remember that the best gift is not the biggest or most expensive one because the most valuable present usually comes from acts that the human being cannot measure. Two of those important demonstrations can include time and attention that we give our families and friends.


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