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It’s been almost a year that my wife and I both decided to be more self-conscious on the food items we buy and consequently put in our mouths. We have not strictly gone vegetarian or vegan yet, but we have definitely cut back on our meat and fish consumption by over 80%. The main reason we did this at the beginning was to try out something new, but seeing how our energy levels improved we’ve decided to stick to this new lifestyle.

Throughout my life I have struggled a lot with my wellness, improper exercise, weight and body image problems, but ever since 3 years ago that I changed my lifestyle completely to one where I work out at home for 30-40 minutes, go on runs 2-3 days a week my health has tremendously benefited in ways that I would have never imagined. Staying active and eating healthy food has made me have more free time, stay more alert, be more creative and has made me feel great, but with summer here and with so many outdoor activities I felt that lately my energy was not how it was before.

As I mentioned earlier although my wife and I have changed our nutrition to be more plant based in the last months we’re always researching ways that we can continue to optimize our performance as athletes. Having the correct nutrients in our bodies is key to help us recover more quickly after we train and be able to hit “repeat” the next day during our home workouts.

The moment we began looking for the right sources to give us Omega 3 from algae that is grown in a sustainable way we came across iWi® Omega-3 EPA+DHA softgels. What this means is that these supplements are also great for the world.

We could not let this opportunity go by without trying them and implementing them into our daily lives. We both consume them now and right off the bat we’ve felt our performance and energy levels skyrocket as to how they were before.

An important nutrient for athletes, Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to quicken workout recovery by reducing inflammation and improving protein synthesis which may enhance workout gains. In fact, everyone benefits from omega-3s, as they are also essential for cardiovascular, brain, joint, eye and skin health as well as fetal development and a reduced incidence of certain kinds of cancer.

iWi is a U.S based company that is changing the Omega 3 scenario. Their product is algae based and actually has the highest bioavailability in the Omega 3 market (higher than fish and krill). Take a look at the graphic below so that you have a better idea as to what I am referring to. A side note is that it has a higher potency and absorption rate. They have full traceability of the entire product.
They make efficient use of land that is not suitable for farming and the delicate ecosystem of the ocean is not bothered. Sunshine is their main source of energy. The process is sustainable and scalable and the brand is socially-aware, creating jobs in rural areas. All of this ties into iWi being ocean friendly, which is pretty awesome right? They’re helping to save our oceans ecosystems. Now don’t we all want a better and healthier planet for the generations to come. I know the answer is: YES!

You’ll love to learn that iWi® Omega-3 EPA+DHA are non-GMO and suitable for all diet tribes from vegan and vegetarian to paleo and keto.

I continue to strive for implementing healthier habits in my daily life, but also serving as an inspiration in the lives of everyone who I impact via social media therefore I believe it’s important I share the new product I found and has benefited me. I make health and fitness a priority therefore I am incorporating iWi® Omega-3 EPA+DHA supplements in my life.

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