Hotel Good Luck is a story that aims to reconcile ourselves with life, through reconciling us with death.  It is a play about love in its different ways. It’s a play about the abandon, the need of dropping, and above all the need of accepting that we are only here for a short while, in passing, and that’s why we need to be the very best we can be.

Hotel Good Luck builds up a very particular universe full of absurd situations and ironies, as well as a lot of humor, or rather said it builds up several parallel universes, occurring over and over.

Directed by Alejandro Ricano, and starring Luis Gerardo Mendez and Pablo Chemor, Good Luck Hotel comes to Hollywood for 3 performances only, in Spanish, so don’t miss this opportunity to see Mexico’s brightest talent live on stage at The Montalban in Hollywood, CA (1615 N. Vine St.)


Diciembre 9 y 10 8PM

A través de un portal Bobby Good Luck encuentra la manera de viajar entre universos paralelos sin sospechar que en cada nuevo mundo se enfrentará con la muerte de un ser amado. Hotel Good Luck es una comedia basada en sucesos insólitos que te reconcilia con la vida a través de un personaje que se reconcilia con la muerte, su mayor temor.


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