When I talk about an honorable and respectable man, my father comes to mind right away because that is exactly what he embodies. I hope I have inherited all of his positive qualities!

My dad has taught me three very important qualities: patience, hard work, and gratitude. All important to navigate through life! And how best to honor him than to live by these everyday?!

I feel blessed and humbled to be celebrating Father’s Day with my “pops” this year, like I do every year. But this year, our celebration is extra special because it will have been exactly three weeks after I became a legal U.S. resident. This process took more than 18 years. Through it all, my father has been the most patient person, and that patience kept me sane when I was on the long road to becoming a U.S. resident. I can still recall how he would remind me that everyone’s opportunities always come up and that everything we wished for would arrive sooner or later. Oh, how right he was!


An important quality my father has taught me has been the value of hard work. He’s your typical Latino hard-working man who, at times, had multiple jobs to make ends meet and went through different occupations to provide for his family. His work ethic was admirable because I never recall hearing from him that he was tired nor ever any complaints about his jobs. He taught me that with hard work and perseverance everything was possible.

Lastly, a third quality I learned from my dad is one rarely followed by others, that of being appreciative or grateful. My dad has always taught me that an appreciative state results in boundless good coming back to me. I’ve put this into practice in my own life and have found that when I am more appreciative than not, I continue to be blessed with wonderful opportunities.

This quality holds so much truth and it is one that I want to pass along to my children.

When I am a father, I am going to make sure to pass along these important qualities to my children: patience, gratitude and the value of hard work.

Happy Father’s Day to all the strong magnificent fathers out there!

Saludos mileniales,



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