My father has always been a man of his word and consequently always stressed the importance of punctuality in a man’s life. So dare I never be late to a meeting or lunch date with him because I would not hear the end of it.


Now I thank my father for instilling this important trait in me and something that has characterized him is wearing a watch to help him stay on schedule. Aside from helping him arrive on time to his doctor’s appointment, work (before he retired), dates with mom or simply running errands he always mentions how a man’s watch is a statement of living in the present and being time –conscious. I completely agree with his view.


So you can imagine that buying a gift for this special man in my life on Father’s Day was never an issue because he would never mind a new watch when it was that time of the year to give. This year I wanted to give him a unique one that he’s never seen or worn before and I could not think of a better idea than WeWood Watches because they are made from 100% re-purposed natural wood.


They are wooden eco-friendly pieces. A very cool thing about the watches is that they use different color wood to manufacture the pieces and they do not use dyes to alter the color.

I know my father will love this watch because he’s such an environmentally friendly spirited man. He loves nature, farming and gardening his own crops. My father’s backyard is filled with fruit trees and his garden with an array of vegetables that he harvests every year. In addition, he will love WeWood’s concept that for every watch sold, they will plant a tree in the client’s honor. My father would agree with that being environmentally conscious and he would suggest them being fruit trees.



WeWood partners with American Forest and Trees For the Future in order to carry out their mission of planting trees. Since December 2013, the environmentally-friendly company has planted over 200,000 trees in America and other parts of the world including Brazil, UK and Australia.


WeWood is an accessory brand that also makes other fashionable and functional accessories such as eyewear made from cotton and wood. My father is a lucky man this year because he will receive both a timepiece and sunglasses that are proudly made with sustainable resources. He deserves them.


We all know how much our father’s have done for us throughout our lives so I believe it is only time that we give them more than a simple gift and instead surprise them with a meaningful gift that will contribute to restoring our environment this Father’s Day.

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The two items pictured in my post are the Kappa Nut Timepiece and the Crux Iroko Crema Eyewear, valued at $160 and $120, respectively.


WeWood and I have partnered on this Father’s Day to give you an exclusive offer where shipping is free along with a free pin removal toll (so you don’t need to visit a store for re-sizing). All you need to do is use promo code: WWFD16.

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