The days are only getting longer and this allows for more time to spend on the slopes while flashing through the beautiful powder whether that be on your snowboard or ski set. I’ve always been told by snowboard and skiing “aficionados” that spring is the best time to get onboard these fun adventures.

And I think they are correct for when visiting Park City, Utah. I remember being there in the spring during my last visit and I spent an entire full day on the perfectly groomed trails.


The sun warms up throughout the day, which makes for a very easy and comfortable ride because you don’t get burned by the cold temperature as you stride down a slope. I recall that you can easily ski in a t-shirt underneath that bluebird sky.

Also, the city is less crowded and busy season is over if you were to visit in February, which is was when I visited with a group of friends. You can experience a laidback, relaxed vibe all across Park City.


On my last trip to this beautiful place I recall arriving on a late Friday afternoon, we made it to our hotel and went out in Downtown Park City, which by the way is very attractive. The dining and nightlife will make you go back.

It was Saturday morning when we woke up at the crack of dawn and headed out to the Canyons Resort to get our snowboard and ski on. We rented equipment there and it was truly an unforgettable and fun experience. I cannot wait to return.


The hills were some of the best and lonely ones I have even been on, which made it easier to get more rounds completed.


We enjoyed the powder until the resort closed. We were tired and went back to the hotel to dip into the jacuzzi for a couple of hours and then made it back to Downtown Park City once again for dinner and hung out at a local pub. We had dinner at Bangkok Thai on Main Restaurant and the food was delicious. The restaurant vibe was classy too.


On Sunday we made it to Gorgoza Park for snow tubbing. I was pretty sore from some unexpected falls the day before that this experience was much better for me. We got on large inflatable tubes equipped with handles on each side and a hill packed with snow. You can take the little ones down the bunny sized hill or try one of the four advanced lanes if you’re feeling like an adventure. There are easy-to-use-lift-served tubing lanes that you can ride as many times as you want.


This snow trip was a lot of fun and below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your spring visit just like I did:

  1. Follow the sun: To get the best snow, hit the trails with the most sun on them in the morning. The groomer’s will be soft and smooth. Due to our geographical location, most of these runs will be Southwest facing in the morning hours. Be prepared for changing snow surfaces throughout the day.
  2. Hydrate: Many people forget about staying hydrated in the high alpine environment. The sun and dry mountain air will quickly suck the moisture out of you. Drink plenty of water or delicious Gatorade before, during and after your visit.
  3. Apply sunscreen: The Utah sun is very, very powerful to begin with. Put yourself up at 10,000ft and those UV rays intensify dramatically. Lather up with some Sunscreen to prevent skin damage.

Money and Time Saver Tips
Buy your lift tickets online in advance for the lowest price guarenteed and skip the ticket window line completely.
 Rent your ski’s online in advance for 20% off and save time.



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