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Nowadays we all want tech gadgets that make our life easier and nothing complicated. Such was the exact case when I came across Garmin Venu Watch because it adapts to every aspect of my lifestyle – whether that be in my fitness goals, work life and everyday goals as a first time dad.

I have recently been using it to monitor water intake which I sometimes need the most help with because I have found out I am not drinking enough water through out the day. And we must all track our water consumption for better performance.

I’ve also come to like the stopwatch feature for when I am doing high-intensity trainings and I want to track my repetitions. The stress monitor helps me stay sane and relax and especially during this hectic holiday season when we tend to feel rushed and tense.

Garmin has been making products that are engineered on the inside, for life on the outside, for almost 30 years. They recently released their newest GPS Smartwatch – the Garmin Venu – and I am experiencing because the world of health is at my fingertips.

Just like I am able to use my Garmin Venu when I go for a run I can also use on my low-key days when I do Yoga and recovery days of stretching.

Wearing a comfortable watch has always been very important for me and the Garmin Venu is one that I can wear 24/7 because it is not obstructive and I sometimes feel like I am not even wearing it. It has adapted so well throughout my day-to-day routine. I love that I am also able to monitor myt sleep because lately as a new dad I feel like I am not getting enough sleep as I used to. I will be monitoring my sleep a lot better with it now.

Whatever your lifestyle may be I know that Garmin Venu will adapt to your needs and cater to you because it’s so versatile. Talking about versatile I enjoy that it’s got an athletic look and feel to it, but also I can wear it when I take my son out in the neighborhood on a stroll or go out on date with my wife.

To learn more about the Garmin Venu Watch visit here for more details and consider purchasing it for yourself or as holiday gift!


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