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It is part of the growing up process to look for an apartment one or numerous times in the course of our lives and especially if we are not fond of purchasing a property. As someone who has done apartment searching in the past I will tell you that it is not an easy task and rather daunting. There’s so many different factors that go into play when looking for your next place you’ll call home. It can become extremely overwhelming when you are juggling a full-time job, social and family life and insert traveling to your schedule.


A task that should take weeks to figure out can sometimes end up taking months and the majority of times many people do not have that much time to find a new place. Sometimes they are faced with finding a new apartment within days or weeks. Therefore I wanted to share with all of you Apartamentos.com, which is the nation’s only exclusive Spanish apartment-listing site built and tailored for the all-growing Hispanic renter population in the U.S.


Apartementos.com has the most properties of any rental site with over 800,000 listings. WOW! Their listings range from apartments and condos to townhomes and single-family properties. You are almost guaranteed to find a new place that meets your personalized needs.


I really wish I knew about this tool when I needed it and even when some people have asked for my support when it came to apartment searching. But, now I am glad I have a tool that I am able to recommend to people going through apartment searching. I recently recommended it to my niece who graduated college last year and is ready to move out on her own. I told her about all of the great perks that this tool has to offer and that I will also share with all of you. Apartamentos.com will make a stressful task the least painful possible because it is very user-friendly.


Check out the following video where I give you a quick preview on Apartamentos.com:

When you visit their app and site you’ll realize that it has features that are most important to you such as safety, easy access to public transportation, grocery stores or restaurants. If you have children you’ll also be able to find nearby schools and be able to do additional research about those institutions.


In addition, this website has innovative custom search tools, making it the most convenient to find your dream place. For instance the POLYGON™ search tool allows users to define their own search areas on a map and also plan your commute with a feature that helps renters search for rentals by proximity of their office or even airport if you constantly travel.


One of the site and app features that most drew my attention was the 3D interactive tour and video of the places you are looking at possibly renting. This technology is very advanced and for someone who is always busy and has no time to schedule appointment showings to go look at properties this is a life saver. You can simply log-in to Apartamentos.com input the search criteria of where you’d like to live and have the site do the work. You’ll be presented with potential properties and in each search return you’ll be able to view a video or 3D interactive tour. This is very cool!


Other important features that I wanted to mention about Apartamentos.com is that it will let you know if the properties are pet-friendly, have pools, include gyms and have washer/dryers. These additional amenities are always deal breakers when it comes to saying “yes” to a new property because we want to live where we feel the most comfortable at all times.


From my post and video I hope that you’ve found Apartamentos.com to be your ultimate, one-stop shop to find the perfect place to live. The site is extremely user-friendly and effective and when you are ready to start using it for your next apartment search let me know your thoughts of how easy you found it to be?


If you are currently not looking for a new place to live please share this post and tool with someone who might be in the apartment hunting process.


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