There are two things I really enjoy in life and that is cheese and Halloween! My birthday is two days before Halloween, so you can imagine that growing up my mother always organized costume parties for my friends and me.

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When I heard all about the Mini Babybel® cheese being introduced this year with a Halloween twist I thought it was the coolest idea for children and us adults too, why not? So, the Mini Babybel® come in seasonal holiday wraps that you can give out on Halloween day to all those little monsters “trick-o-treating”. Plus you’ll feel great about giving out healthy options because children do need that — instead of candy.


As an adult I got to bring out the inner child as I decorated the Mini Babybel® cheeses with my friend’s 2-year-old daughter, who we had over for dinner a couple of nights ago as my wife and I decorated the house for the spooky holiday! The Mini Babybel® cheese is perfect for doing some fun activities with the lil’ munchkins because it makes them get creative. This is great because we want to children that think about new ideas, are innovative and think outside the box.

The best part is that children get to decorate the cheeses and if they’d like they can eat them too since they are a healthy snack that is 100% real cheese. Plus, it’s a good source of calcium and protein, which is delivered in each little cheese. They are super easy to unwrap too.


Since I am still not a dad I feel that this Mini Babybel® cheese experience gave me a solid practice for fatherhood and a different activity that I can do with my little one when it arrives (for the record my wife and I are not pregnant). Lol

By now you are probably wondering where can I purchase the Mini Babybel® cheeses? At your local Target store you’ll be able to find them. You can take advantage of the excellent prices of Mini Babybel® at the store during all of October and make your own creations. You might not have enough with one bag though for this holiday season, so I recommend you buy extra to even give away.


Want to see the spooky faces my lil’ friend and I created and how much she enjoyed decorating the Mini Babybel cheese?  Take a look at the video below:

What would you make out of your Mini Babybel®?

I hope you make better Halloween snack options for children this year because I have presented you with an excellent idea on how you can make a difference in a child’s health.


Thank you Mini Babybel ® for sponsoring this post and allowing me to bring out my inner child to play.


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