There’s a never-ending story to my fitness journey because there’s neither a beginning nor an end since I am working on improving myself daily. Though it is a lifestyle that I’ve adopted since 2014 and it has given me so many rewards that I would never go back to my old ways. My healthy lifestyle has helped me become a better man in so many different aspects, but there’s one exercise program in particular that has allowed me to make a serious shift into a better and more fulfilling life. The exercise program is called Shift Shop and you can access that through me. Send me a message on FB to find out more!

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On such a special and memorable moment of my life where I’ve made a 360 degree shift with my fitness I knew I had to also get ready with new equipment to track my fitness progress. Therefore, I decided to partner with my friends from EatSmart Products to be able to track my weight along the challenge and measurements with their EatSmart Body Tape Measure.


The Precision Digital Bathroom Scale that I received from my friends over at EatSmart Products could not have come in a better time because my wife and I were long overdue for a new digital scale since our old one was failing on us all the time with an “Error Message”.


What I love the most about the Precision Digital Bathroom scale is that in seconds after you step on it (there’s no more need for tapping to turn on scale like my old one) you’ll have an accurate readout to the nearest .2 pounds on the EatSmart’s oversized 3.5” Accubright LCD display. The LCD display contains a cool-blue backlight, allowing for easy viewing in the most low-light areas of a bathroom or home.


Shift Shop is a fitness program that you can do via a streaming service from anywhere when you sign-up as challenger with me. It’s a workout program with different exercise routines, calendar and food lists to create a menu that will have a person well on their way to their next fitness goal. I would describe it as high-intensity training program with cardio and weights. There are exercise routines that range from 25 minutes to 50 minutes.


We sometimes forget to take “before” photos because we may be ashamed of our bodies, but they are so important. And it’s also vital that people do a weigh-in before starting a challenge or committing to a program. Measurements are always great too because these are amazing indicators as to how far a person has come in their fitness journey when they finish a program.

The Precision Digital Bathroom Scale arrived days before my wife and I began our second round of the challenge so we have a great idea as to where we began in lbs. and measurements in the second round. The challenge lasts 4 weeks.


The Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is auto calibrated with 4 high-precision sensors, which will always display consistent and accurate measurements. It will give a measurement of up to 400 lbs. or 180 kgs. every time.

I was part of an official “test group” along with my wife where we had the opportunity to use and go through an entire round of the program before it was unveiled to the public and I want to say that my results were amazing. I was able to lose close to 16 lbs. and lost so many inches of my body. I am bummed I did not have a measuring tape before starting the first round so that I could have compared.

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In this second round I was able to measure myself and had a weight-in which read 175 lbs. Note that with round 1 I was able to slim down to 169 lbs., but with three weeks of travel between round 1 and 2 my weight suffered a bit.

I am in this fitness journey for the long haul and I am not looking to lose any more weight and instead build a lot more muscle and definition in my abs.

If living a healthy lifestyle is not something you are currently working towards then simply having this digital scale in your house is important to monitor your weight because there’s no need to wait until your annual doctor check-up to find out if your within your weight range.

The work continues, but I am glad that I was able to work with my friends from EatSmart products because they provide tools for people to live healthier and happier lives such as the Precision Digital Bathroom Scale and Body Tape Measure.

A fun fact about the scale is that it’s the best selling on Amazon for 8 years running. You can purchase your own scale on Amazon too or on the EatSmart’s website. When you purchase the scale you’ll also receive an EatSmart Body Tape Measure and AAA batteries for the scale.



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