For some odd reason this last Daylight Savings Day had me feeling all kinds of positive this past weekend! And I am sure the captivating scent for him Bleu Noir had something to do with this.

I know some people are not fond of this time change and the fact that we lost an hour of sleep, but that doesn’t bother me much when I know I can do so much more with my evenings as it gets darker later, by mid-summer we are talking around 9 p.m.

My Sundays are busy with running errands, doing house chores, working out and attending mass to re-fuel my spirits for the week ahead. This past Sunday it wasn’t an exception and I wanted to get it all done.

The weather in Los Angeles has been spectacularly beautiful and sunny so while doing all of my activities I knew I wanted a relaxed and casual Sunday look to feel the most comfortable possible. I am a shorts lover! Ever since I was young I always enjoyed wearing them.

The weather called for some white w/ grey horizontal line shorts and a tank top to match of course. The shorts are super comfortable, which I bought at TJ Maxx and the tank I had recently purchased at my favorite store à ZARA at a very affordable price. The tank fit loosely and comfortably.


The hems are rising this spring and this style of shorts was about 2 inches above my knee. Yup, showing some extra leg because I know girls dig that! Or not? Even if your shorts are longer or right at the knee this season I recommend that you roll up the cuff once or twice depending on your style and however you feel most comfortable.

To help me keep better track of time since it had moved forward one hour that day I opted to wear my sporty Tommy Hilfiger watch and a silver bracelet on my other wrist, which I had purchased at ALDO during my college years. I was out driving and getting in-and-out the car all day so a pair of shades were a must!

Lastly and most importantly I paired this outfit with one of my favorite colognes at the moment, which is for him Bleu Noir from Narciso Rodriguez.


In 2015 Rodriguez launched this new version of the fragrance, which he had already made it available back in 2007. The cologne is for the mysterious, modern and elegant man. The fragrance is clean and sharp, with depth and sensuality, as well as the original fougere and musky character. The spicy accord consists of nutmeg and cardamom. The signature musky heart of this composition remains the same, complemented by a woody accord of blue cedar and black ebony.

The scent is rich yet subtle and it will make heads turn when out in public, I am certain of that!

When will you purchase yours?


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