Ever since I was a young kid I enjoyed wearing watches and men’s wristbands/bracelets. I still have them saved. Nowadays it’s less likely that I will wear a leather or cloth wristband because of my line of work and being in an office typing all day, but on casual Fridays or weekends I will wear a steel one.

When I learned about Cecilia’s Steel Jewelry line I immediately thought about how much my fiancée would enjoy wearing her unique jewelry, but then I was stoked to learn that she also carried men’s accessories.

Cecilia Taibo Rahban is commonly known for her creations in the visual arts field, but has brought her artistic side to create Cecilia’s Steel and provide jewelry design for women and men. She’s an entrepreneur located in Los Angeles, Calif. making her way to become known worldwide for her talent. Her designs have been featured at Art galleries such as M.A.D. Gallery Milano in Italy and other shops in California.


She has chosen stainless steel, chain maille in particular for her designs as that embodies elegance and boldness, the qualities that she wishes her users to wear. In addition, she wants strength to be a reference for her pieces.

FullSizeRender (3)

Taibo wanted to create a symbol of the resilience everyone has and for her pieces to be a reminder to always nourish that side of our human creation.


“Wearing her jewelry is meant to connect people to their inner strength while bringing some fun into the days,” said Taibo.

You can check out some of her work, especially for women in the link below:

She recently launched the Dapper Steel line in response to requests from gentlemen to have their own designs.  The great thing about this line is that it is stainless steel and that they are very sophisticated for the modern gentleman so wearing them to the office or out to dinner with your significant other is a must! The line counts with an array of designs for bracelets and a unisex necktie.

I have worn the Dapper Steel Bracelet in several occasions and it really does stand out as a symbol of strength and somewhat of a reminder to be bold in different areas of our lives. I have enjoyed pairing her bracelet with some of my outfits of the day for the office as shown in this post.

To learn more about Taibo’s story and to purchase some of her jewelry I recommend you visit her site and follow her on social media to connect.


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