Although we are one solid month into the New Year let’s not forget those exciting fitness goals you set up for yourself when that clock marked 1/1/2018.

I want to share one piece of advice that will make you successful at achieving your fitness goals this year – upgrade your wardrobe.

As a fitness blogger and personal trainer I always tell my clients to treat themselves to new clothes for all the hard work they put into their fitness regimen. There’s some kind of invigorating adrenaline rush when you workout in brand new gear.

New workout clothes make a difference when it comes to training. It’s proven that your workout gear can help or break your goals. Although people will not always agree that your wardrobe does have an impact on your mood I am here to refute that mentality. Of course wearing clothes that are functional is important, but you also want to rock gear that gives you confidence boosters when you are pressing that last repetition, which you know you can achieve.

If you feel confident about the way you look in your clothes, you will work out harder and feel more motivated.

Since I love the way new workout clothes make me feel I decided to partner up with my friends from JCPenney to obtain the new gear like what you see me sporting. The store has all the essentials workout clothes. The Michael Strahan collection is extremely comfortable and functional.

Without a doubt I get pumped to go into my home gym when I have a brand new workout outfit. All I want to do is get sweaty and pump some iron in them. The Michael Strahan jogger pants and muscle tee are extremely comfortable and non-obtrusive.

Having these two pieces in my wardrobe will definitely help me stay on track and have me meeting my “New Year, New You” goals. I know it will do the same for you too.

Let me get real with ya’ll. If you feel you are not crushing those 2018 fitness goals already it may be because you’re feeling whack in your old gym clothes and you may want to give up completely, but I’ve given you the solution for that. Go visit your nearest JCPenney or shop online for the same gear I’m wearing.


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