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It was not until my early 20’s that I began suffering from allergies. When I was younger I recall I had absolutely no problems with allergies or at least I would not notice them. On the other hand, my mom has always suffered from allergies and sometimes I blame her for being the reason as to why I’ve developed them. But she knows I love to joke with her.

Ever since I became more health conscious, doing more outdoor activities and adopting running since it is such an important aspect of my daily life allergies have kicked-in full gear, especially in the spring. I love the outdoors and this time of the year when everything is blooming and looking beautiful in our surroundings is not the best time for me because I suffer from outdoor seasonal allergies.

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To be quite honest I never believed in such thing, but I’ve developed such allergies over the years that I know it is true. The reason why I suffer from seasonal allergies is because my body does not respond well to pollen from some plants.  At times my allergies can be difficult to manage because if we go outside pollen is everywhere and difficult to avoid, but I’m thankful that there’s a remedy for my bad days.

Years ago I found out all about Claritin® to relieve my allergy symptoms which helps me to continue with my normal tasks and busy lifestyle. My sneezing, runny nose and itchy, watery eyes are relieved every time I use Claritin®. I need these symptoms kept at bay especially during my meetings with clients.

The best part about Claritin® is that it’s the #1 doctor recommended non-drowsy oral allergy brand and that comes in very handy when I have a never-ending list of to-do items. Recently non-drowsy relief from Claritin® has been a big help.

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If you still haven’t been able to see my social media activity or on here let me tell you that I am an active person – I cannot sit still and being outside is in my genes. Recently I’ve traveled more than usual too and I’ve been exposed to a lot of different pollination seasons of trees and grasses, and weather conditions. For instance I was in New York one week, then in Miami and now back in Los Angeles, CA where everywhere I go I continue with my fitness journey. Part of my healthy lifestyle involves me running 5-10 miles per week outdoors and I would not be able to perform this activity without Claritin ® because it relieves my allergy symptoms.

There’s no better feeling out there than moving forward with your daily life with less interruptions and Claritin® is my life saver. In the past I would see having allergy symptoms as being weak and would let myself be discouraged from being my fearless self, but not any longer because I do have the control of how I decide to let myself feel with the help of Claritin®.

My days are much better because even when I want to enjoy blue skies, which is every day I feel that I am not compromising my health by not running due to my allergy symptoms.


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