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At Nike’s Innovation 2016 event in New York City, Mark Parker, President & CEO, NIKE, Inc., detailed the company’s new “Era of Personalized Performance” and one of the products that speaks to Nike’s next stage of innovation is the Nike+ App.

nike 1

Starting in June, the new Nike+ app becomes athletes’ all-access pass to Nike’s most coveted products and events via one seamless sign-on. The “plus” now equates to “personal,” and the app connects members simply and swiftly to the Nike+ Run Club, Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ SNKRS apps. It also offers members a personal store stocked with performance product recommendations and reserved invitations to their favorite sneakers. Combining these offerings, the app serves every step of an athletic life — from competition to training to sport-style — propelling members towards their potential.



nike 2

Easy access to the world of Nike begins in the customized “Feed” tab, which includes a continuously updated selection of stories — training tips from coaches and trainers, inspiration from Nike athletes and information about the latest Nike releases — tailored to each member’s unique interests and ambitions.


nike 3

The “My Store” tab showcases clothing and footwear personalized to members’ sport and lifestyle preferences. It prioritizes their favorite products, gives expert recommendations and offers customization options through NIKEiD.


nike 4

The “Services” tab connects members directly to Nike+ experts, who are available to answer questions about all Nike+ services or book a 1:1 reservation in select Nike stores. Members can also connect simply and swiftly to the Nike+ Run Club, Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ SNKRS.


Nike 5

The “Pass” tab stores a personal QR (Quick Response) code, which can be added to Apple Wallet as well as used at any Nike retail store or event for personal recommendations and easy access.


nike 6

The “Inbox” tab is where members gain extraordinary access to Nike’s newest releases and experiences.

The new Nike+ app launches in June 2016. To become a Nike+ member go to

Text and Photo Credit: Nike News

Here’s something you might love: You don’t have to just “like” Facebook posts anymore.

By popular demand, Facebook is going beyond the ubiquitous thumbs-up button with a new shorthand to express your thoughts and feelings.


Acknowledging that “like” isn’t the right sentiment for every occasion, the giant social network is offering new options. Reactions, five emoting emojis, are rolling out to Facebook’s more than 1.5 billion users around the globe starting Wednesday.

With a click of a button, you can choose from new emotions when commenting on a status update. Hold the “like” button on mobile or hover over the like button on desktop and five animated emoji pop up. Tap on love, haha, wow, sad or angry to express your reaction. Posts in News Feed will now show a tally of the reactions — how many loves, how many wows — a post gets.

Make no mistake: Reactions are not designed to capture the full range of human emotions. No meh or trash, Facebook wants to give people a fast and simple way to express thoughts or feelings in a positive, supportive way, not to troll friends.

Engagement runs high on Facebook and Facebook wants to keep it that way. Nearly 1.6 billion people visited the social network at least once a month in the fourth quarter, up from 1.55 billion people in the third quarter, and 1.04 billion visit Facebook every day.

Facebook says it conducted research for more than a year, tapping focus groups and surveys and poring over short one- to three-word comments, emoji or in virtual stickers to determine the emotions people most commonly want to express.

The winners were the five emoji that translated to cultures around the globe. One emoji, yay, was rejected for not being universal enough.


“We have been very intentional about really understanding what people are trying to communicate on Facebook right now and how can we make that easier,” said Tom Alison, engineering director of News Feed.

For years, Facebook resisted giving users an alternative to the “like” button, namely a “dislike” button. But the lobbying only intensified as more people used Facebook on mobile devices and clamored for quicker and easier ways to comment.

Gartner Research analyst Brian Blau says the demand for a “dislike button” reflected frustration with not having more choices beyond like.

“What these emoji do is give greater granularity in expressing what you are thinking and feeling about something that was posted on Facebook,” Blau said.

Will Facebook eventually give users more emotional bandwidth?

“We would consider it if it feels like that’s going to be something that fulfills a need,” Alison said. “We’ve wanted to make sure the product is lightweight, simple and understandable. The more reactions we add, the more complicated it gets.”

Facebook announced in October that it would begin testing Reactions in Ireland and Spain. The test expanded to other countries such as Chile, the Philippines, Portugaland Colombia.

Facebook says it made adjustments to the feature based on feedback and will continue to refine the product as it rolls out more widely.

“This is not the end. Whenever we launch something globally, we learn a lot and we improve the product. We listen to the feedback from everyone using it,” Alison said.

Emoji are increasingly prevalent in digital culture. Already Facebook users around the globe routinely interact via emoji on Facebook and in other social and messaging apps, particularly in Asia where the expressive icons are a core part of the daily experience on Line and WeChat.

The Reactions emoji could benefit Facebook, giving the data-driven company even greater insight into what interests users, which in turn could help inform what status updates and advertisements they see. Eventually content producers and publishers will get more granular detail on how people are responding emotionally to posts.

Credit: Jessica Guynn, USA TODAY

Hay hábitos que todos los fines de año nos proponemos cambiar, ya sea dejar un hábito malo o comenzar uno bueno. Por ejemplo, nos proponemos mejorar nuestras dietas y tener una rutina de ejercicio para mejorar nuestra salud, no siempre mantenemos las metas pero nos moriremos en el intento.

Pero gracias a la tecnología, hay un hábito que resulta ser de mucho beneficio y muy fácil de seguir – enviar mensajes de correo electrónico. Una reciente encuesta reveló que mantenerse en contacto con su médico de manera digital puede mejorar su salud.


De acuerdo con un estudio de Kaiser Permanente publicado en la revista American Journal of Managed Care, una tercera parte de los pacientes que padecen de condiciones crónicas tales como diabetes y asma entre otros, expresaron una mejora en el estados general de salud con simplemente comunicándose con sus médicos a través de intercambios de correo electrónicos.

La encuesta también encontró que:

  • Prácticamente todos los pacientes con condiciones crónicas dijeron que corresponder por correo electrónico con su proveedor de salud mejoró (32 por ciento).
  • Más de la mitad de los participantes (56 por ciento) habían enviado un correo electrónico a su proveedor durante el año anterior, y 46 por ciento recurrió al correo electrónico como el primer método de contacto para discutir una o más inquietudes de salud.
  • Entre los pacientes quienes se comunicaron con su proveedor de salud por correo electrónico, 42 por ciento dijo que esto redujo la comunicación por teléfono, y un 36 por ciento de las visitas en persona.

Credito de Texto: Kaiser Permanente y The Axis Agency

You don’t need to visit a galaxy far, far away to get your hands on the latest Droid. Beginning Dec. 11, Star Wars fans can purchase a limited edition DROID Turbo 2 by Motorola, featuring the first shatterproof smartphone display and designs inspired by one of five different characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Available from Verizon, the Star Wars editions of the DROID Turbo 2 have all the features available from the DROID Turbo 2 including up to 48 hours of battery use from a single charge, advanced Turbo charging capabilities and a 21-megapixel rapid-focus camera.

Use the Moto Maker custom configuration tool — in-store or online — to create your DROID Turbo 2 using custom color palates and backing materials based on characters from Star War: The Force Awakens, including: Poe Dameron, Rey, BB-8, a First Order Stormtrooper and Kylo Ren. To customize your phone even further, special edition Star Wars: The Force Awakens Wallpaper will be released for the DROID Turbo 2 by Motorola. Get yours by downloading the “Star Wars Wallpapers for Droid Turbo 2” app from the Google Play store.

DROID Turbo 2 owners are eligible for a one-time full redesign within two years of purchase when they step up to the 64 GB model. Simply choose your new design in Moto Maker and return your old phone when the new one arrives. Design refresh is available for $96 or $4 per month for customers purchasing the smartphone on a device payment plan. Leather material is an additional $24, and every design refresh includes an upgrade to the 64 GB.


The DROID Turbo 2 Star Wars edition smartphones are available for $26 per month for 24 months ($624 retail price), or $30 per month for 24 months with a design refresh ($720 retail price).

Trade-in offers & 2GB of free data for life

Stop by your local Verizon Wireless store to build your Star Wars-themed DROID Turbo 2 using Moto Maker today and trade in your existing smartphone for up to $300 in savings. Online trade-ins are subject to additional processing time.

New and existing Verizon Wireless customers also can receive 2 GB of data for free every month for every phone they add or upgrade on XL or larger Verizon Plans this holiday season. Available for a limited time, the free 2 GB of monthly data is shareable and can be combined with other offers.


Visit DROID Turbo 2 — Designed by You for more information about the Star Wars editions of the DROID Turbo 2 by Motorola.

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Hay que ser honestos: ¡los romances a distancia no son fáciles para tu corazón ni para tu bolsillo! Mantener viva la llama del amor cuando tu media naranja vive a más de 3 mil kilómetros de ti en México puede ser un desafío emocional y financiero. A continuación, te ofrecemos unos consejos para que esos lazos románticos a larga distancia sean menos complicados, y evitar que vacíen tu cuenta bancaria.


1. Simplemente comparte

Crea un álbum de fotos virtual en donde ambos puedan retarse a compartir fotos al instante de cómo se ven y lo que cada uno hace durante el día. Acuérdate de dejar comentarios en los posts de

redes sociales de tu pareja, retuitear sus mensajes, compartir el playlist de la semana o enviarse “el selfie del día”. Esto ayudará a que se mantengan en contacto e interesados en la vida de cada uno

sin tener que lamentarse sobre cuánto se echan de menos todo el tiempo.

Young woman taking a selfie on the street with a cell phone and showing the picture to the camera on the display

2. Haz citas virales semanales

Piensa más allá de tan solo cenar con tu pareja por video-chat, ¡pon a prueba tu creatividad! Comienza la cita virtual antes de cenar; compartan trucos de cocina mientras preparan la misma

comida, o vean la misma película mientras abrazan a su almohada favorita. ¿Quién dijo que hace falta estar en persona para darle un toque de romance a tu relación?

Tip 2

3. Charla hasta el amanecer

Habla por horas y horas, sin preocuparte por quién cuelga primero. Disfruta el momento y olvídate de los cargos de larga distancia y roaming. Con el nuevo plan Extended Nation de SIMPLE

Mobile, tendrán a su disposición llamadas y mensajes de texto ilimitados, y los primeros 4GB de datos a velocidades de hasta 4G LTE**, y después a velocidades de 2G en México y los Estados Unidos por $40/30 días (oferta por tiempo limitado, válida hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2015). Vale la pena, ¿no? Y hasta sentirán que están en la misma habitación, compartiendo imágenes y videos.

Smiling beautiful woman lying on the bed and talking on the phone

4. Planifica una aventura juntos

Haz que el próximo sitio de encuentro sea un lugar al cual no hayan ido antes. Hablen de los sitios que desean visitar, de lo que harán una vez lleguen allí, y dónde irán primero. Hagan planes, fijen

una fecha y comiencen una cuenta regresiva para que ambos esperen con ansia ese momento.

Tip 4

5. Ten detalles más “tradicionales”

Ofrécele un toque “antiguo” a tu romance, ya sea con una tarjeta postal o una carta de amor donde con tu propia letra expresas cuánto quieres y extrañas a tu pareja. Envíala por correo postal, y

asegúrate de darle un toque personal rociándola con tu perfume para estimular los sentidos de la persona que amas.

Tip 5

Aunque estas recomendaciones no garantizan el éxito de tu relación a larga distancia, te permitirán demostrar tu cariño, ahorrando más dinero al mismo tiempo. Para más detalles sobre el nuevo plan Extended Nation de SIMPLE Mobile, visita el sitio web


Para más información sobre planes internacionales ilimitados, comenzando con precios de 2GB para 7 días por $20, puedes visitar o síguenos en Facebook y Twitter.

Credito de texto y fotografia: The Axis Agency

Facebook has all the feels — except for “dislike” — and it’s finally letting them out.

Tomorrow, the social media giant will begin testing “Reactions,” a set of emoji-style buttons that people can use to show how they feel about their friends’ status updates. Here’s to fewer moments of awkwardly scrolling past posts you don’t exactly like.


On top of the long lonely “like” option, users will also see a very Facebook-y thumbs-up button, a heart button and five round emo faces. The emoji’s emotional range is a bit limited, conveying only the feelings “sad” and “angry,” along with “haha,” “yay” and “wow,” whatever those really mean. How will your friends know if you’re throwing Reactions around sarcastically, we wonder?

The emojis will be available on all News Feed and Pages posts, and on Facebook web and mobile clients.

So, yes, “Like” is finally getting some expressive company, mainly because users demanded more response choices and Facebook listened. That’s how the social giant spins it at least. “People come to Facebook to share all kinds of things —  whether that’s updates that are happy, sad, funny or thought-provoking,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “And we’ve heard you’d like more ways to celebrate, commiserate or laugh together. That’s why we are testing Reactions, an extension of the Like button, to give you more ways to share your reaction to a Facebook post in a quick and easy way.”

We like the sound of all of the above, too, but we’re not getting too excited just yet. Why? Because only Facebookers in Spain and Ireland will be the first to test out Reactions. We reached out to Facebook to find out when the new buttons will arrive stateside, but have yet to receive a response.

If you were crossing your fingers for a cranky “dislike” button, it’s the sad face for you. Don’t expect one in this next Facebook update, or possibly ever, despite Mark Zuckerberg saying last month that his company was “working on it and shipping it.” Doodling will have to do for now.

Meanwhile, business that market on Facebook might not say “yay” to Reactions, as they can’t be disabled, positive and negative ones, “loves,” “wows” and “angry” and “sad” emoji included. They’ll appear on whatever people post, individuals or marketers, for everyone to see. How do you “like” that?

Text and Photo Credit: Kim Lachance Shandrow, Entrepreneur

Last Thursday Tesla revealed it’s Model X during a private discussion by its CEO Elon Musk to a select group of journalists in the Silicon Valley.

Tesla’s Model X vows to be the greenest way to tote seven passengers over hill and dale. There are two models for now: the P90D Signature and the sportier P90D Founder. A 259-hp electric motor powers the front wheels; a 503-hp rear-mounted motor powers the rear for all-wheel drive. The P90D has a 250-mile range and can hit 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, with a top speed of 155 mph. The Model X inherits the high-tech cabin from the Model S and, amazingly, the “falcon wing” doors from the concept.


The 2016 Tesla Model X is a midsize crossover that utilizes many of the same components as Tesla’s successful Model S sedan but packages it in a more family-friendly body style.


Enough range for daily use; promises top safety scores; six- and seven-passenger configurations; unique rear door should ease getting in and out of the second and third row of seats; capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds.


Unknown long-term reliability; vertical-opening rear doors compromise cargo utility; out of the price range of most crossover buyers.

The price tag is $143,000.

Text and Photo Credit: Car and Driver and

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #activeprotection #CollectiveBias

I know this may sound crazy, but it’s true that in the past I’ve never been able to find the perfect phone case for my iPhone. I’ve bought different styles, colors and textures, but I am never 100% satisfied—I just don’t think what’s out there is manly enough nor goes with my active lifestyle that I have. But search no more since I came across the VOLO Smartphone Sanitizing Cases because not only are they what I was looking for, but they also eliminate the growth of germs for maximum protection and have a super slim design that fits everywhere. Very nice!


In the past I had a lime green and black phone case on my iPhone and almost every time I took a photo the pictures came out with a green-like filter. I would need to take off the phone case in order to eliminate the green filter on my photos and it was such a hassle. But now thanks to these amazing Volo Smartphone Sanitizing Cases I don’t need to worry about that problem because they offer a glare free flash bevel for perfect photos without flash interference. I am always taking shots so another reason why this case is perfect!

I am an active individual that works full-time, enjoys working-out in the evenings and travels on the weekends as much as possible. In the mornings when I leave for work I have my phone with me to be punctual and I carry it next to my keys, computer bag and lunch pail so you can imagine all the germs traveling around, but good thing that this case hinders the growth of microbes.


At home we have a key tray and everyone places their keys and sometimes phones after work so once again it really helps that these cases are sanitized to help keep your phone clean.

FullSizeRender (1)

When I end up staying in Los Angeles I make sure to use my weekends to run errands and visit places that I haven’t visited in the past. I love being a tourist in my own city. Like many of you one of my favorite stores is Target and that is where a lot of my shopping takes place. I always place my phone, keys and wallet in the front of the cart. I know it’s not the safest place because I’ve had my phone fall off from there, but with the Volo cases I don’t need to worry about the phone shattering because it has reinforced corners with extra material that gives it that extra protection from drops.

I love working out, running and hiking. I work out at least 6 days a week and I use my phone as a timer and to play my favorite music.


Before going on a hike it’s important to stretch all your muscles and I also like to make sure that the correct playlist will go on when I am enjoying nature. I also love the easy access to ports such as for my headphones and charger plug-in. I’ve had other cases in the past where the ports are covered or not easy to find!


Another thing that the Volo cases feature is the reduced slip micro-feet, which prevent slipping and elevates case to protect from spills. I placed my phone next to a “raspado” or in english a “freeze or slushie” and the water that creates on the outside of the cup almost touched my phone, but I didn’t need to worry about it getting wet because of the protective case.

The Volo cases website is very user friendly and you will have no problem navigating it. Go online now, choose your phone type and then choose your favorite color and place your order. That simple!


My favorite colors for my iPhone 5s that I bought were the blue, grey and black. I love having several colors on deck to choose from.

What color germ-free volo case will you be buying? I’d love to hear which one is your favorite!

The photo-sharing network is quietly rolling out a higher image resolution for its photos.

Prepare your food, landscape and selfie photos, Instagrammers.

Photograph by Thomas Coex — AFP/Getty Images

The photo-sharing platform has long compressed images in its 640×640 pixel resolution so they are easy to load, but it will soon bump up photo resolution, improving image quality across the platform.

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is getting ready to start displaying photos in 1080×1080 pixel resolution, according to The Verge. While Instagram hasn’t begun yet to display photos in that format, it has started to store them in that size, the source code of its browser-based version has revealed.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that it’s indeed working to roll out the bigger format to its iOS and Android app. It’s unclear when all users will start to see their photos in the new resolution.

The new size brings a number clear advantages. At 1080 pixels, users can see more detail — which likely won’t come at the cost of slower load times or data usage. Cropping an image that’s already 1920 x 1080 resolution also makes it easier to post, since some of the length is already cut off.

When Instagram launched in the fall of 2010, mobile photography was in a much different place. Photos needed to be smaller so they could load more quickly, as most phones used a slower 3G connection to the internet. A photo’s details would be lost, but smartphone screens were smaller and less pixel-dense, so it was harder to tell what you were missing.

But now, most mobile devices have screens that span 6 inches and resolutions that surpass full-size televisions so the upgrade was begging to take place. Beautiful photos are being handicapped by the 640 x 640 resolution, so the move is a big step in the right direction for many of Instagram’s 300 million users.

The higher-res shots look more crisp, but there isn’t exactly a world of difference between the two sizes.

Les ha pasado que a veces uno quiere hacer algo bueno por el mundo pero no saben ni por dónde empezar con aportar su granito de arena y hacer de este mundo algo mejor, pues dejen de pensar en que pueden hacer porque les tengo la solución perfecta. Les recomiendo comprar el reloj 1:Face.

Recientemente fui introducido a la compañía de relojes 1:Face donde la meta primordial es relacionar a la gente que está dispuesta ayudar con los que necesitan ayuda. Así de simple es la situación porque tú compras un reloj que apoya la causa que tú deseas y cada color apoya una causa diferente. Además  están muy futurísticos y son muy fáciles de usar.


Si estas en busca del mejor regalo para ti o alguien y que además ese regalo tenga un significado importante les recomiendo regalar el reloj 1:Face. Existen diferentes causas que pueden apoyar y están detalladas en el sitio web de los relojes como por ejemplo el reloj rojo ayuda a darles tratamiento a ocho personas que están contagiadas con el virus VIH.  El color blanco ayuda a combatir el hambre y al comprar uno le estarás dando de comer a 10 personas.

Existen otras 6 causas que puedes apoyar y te invito a que aprendas mucho más en la página web del reloj 1:Face. También para asegurarte de que tu dinero se está utilizando como debería ser en la página web encontraras estadísticas actualizadas del número total de vidas impactadas hasta el día de hoy que son mas de 986,000.

Los relojes cuestan $40 USD y el que viene con una pantalla “touchscreen” cuesta $99. Si compras el reloj con la funcionalidad “touchscreen” estará apoyando todas las causas que apoya la compañía.

Los relojes cuentan con un diseño muy simple y se ven elegantes. Tienen una cara grande con un acabado de espejo que no muestra la hora a menos que se presione un botón. Cuando se presiona el botón, la hora aparece en luces LED blancas.

La duración de la batería dependerá del uso de cada individuo, pero los creadores aseguran que si revisan la hora seis veces al día, la batería debe durar dos años. También los relojes incluyen una garantía de un año, así que si se rompe de alguna manera la pantalla la compañía está comprometida a reemplazarlo.


Hasta el momento tengo el reloj rojo pero estoy decidido en seguir comprando más y apoyar otras causas para seguir apoyando la visión de este gran proyecto porque definitivamente van de acuerdo con el mensaje de #avivirla.

Espero que los haya motivado a que compren el reloj 1:Face porque estarás cambiando vidas con el tiempo y una cara a la vez.  ¡Y si te animas comparte una foto de tu reloj conmigo!

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