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How many times do we under estimate our own body weight??! There’s an infinite amount of exercises you can do without weights and still get results. Try these #tricepdips for your #triceps from the comfort of your front yard, a park or sidewalk. There’s a lot of variations for these, but the knees-bent dip is the most basic version of this exercise for all my starters. I recommend you do 30, 20 and 10 reps in combination with other outdoor exercises that I’ll be showing all of you throughout my #avivirlafit #videos!

¿Cuántas veces subestimamos nuestro propio peso corporal??! Hay una cantidad infinita de ejercicios que pueden hacer sin pesas y aún así obtener resultados. Prueba estas “tricepdips” para sus triceps desde la comodidad de tu patio en casa, un parque o en la banqueta. Hay una gran cantidad de variaciones de estos, pero la de las rodillas dobladas es la versión más básica de este ejercicio para todos mis principiantes. Te recomiendo que hagas 30, 20 y 10 repeticiones en combinación con otros ejercicios al aire libre que les voy a estar mostrando a todos ustedes a lo largo de mis videos de AVivirLAFit!

Throughout its history, Copa America has served up high doses of drama, with each competition fueling the mythology of the world’s oldest international soccer championship – be it final matches featuring four periods of extra-time or a hat-trick of penalty-kick misses.


This year’s special-edition contest promises to uphold the theatrical tradition, with the tournament (kicking off this June in the United States) augmenting its standard 12-team line up to 16. Comprising North and South American Football federations, plus a host of invited teams, the cup’s player roster includes Neymar Jr., Giovanni Dos Santos, Alexis Sanchez, Edison Cavani, Clint Dempsey and more.

“We’re excited to create the official ball of the Copa America Centenario and to be able to bring Nike innovation to what promises to be an incredible spectacle,” said Andrea Perez, General Manager of Nike Soccer North America.

At the center the entire spectacle sits the tournament’s official match ball: the Nike Ordem Ciento. Exclusively created to honor the competition’s legacy, the ball blends leading technologies with a bold, graphic aesthetic.

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The Nike Ordem Ciento will be available on March 1 on Copa America Centenario play kicks off on June 3 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Do 30, 20, 10 wide-grip pushups in the morning and before going to bed or at both times and you’ll thank me later. The target area for these is your #chest. Start from a normal pushup position, but spread your hands wider than shoulder length. This will force your chest to pick up the brunt of the work from your triceps and shoulders. Don’t compromise form.

Haz 30, 20 y 10 flexiones de lagartijas de agarre ancho en la mañana y antes de irse a la cama o en ambos momentos y me lo agradecerás más tarde. El área que se trabaja en este ejercicio es el pecho. Empieza desde una posición normal de plancha, que se extiendan las manos más anchas que los hombros. Esto obligará a tu pecho recoger la mayor parte del trabajo en los tríceps y hombros. No comprometas tu forma.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS on a MONDAY! These are so good for you! Try them today and set up your own routine.

Ejercicio montañista o “alpinista” en este lunes. Estos son buenisimos para ti! Has estos hoy con tu propia rutina!

When I found out about Green Blender it was the perfect timing because my fiancé and I were in the middle of packing boxes, cleaning our old house and moving into our brand new home and our time was dedicated to putting stuff away and loading it into a big truck for the BIG move. The time we spent in the kitchen during those two weeks was shortened due to the fact that we were moving and that was very unusual for a #fitcouple because that’s our favorite place at home. (wink)

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But, when I found out about Green Blender and how they deliver superfood smoothie recipes and ingredients to your doorstep I thought it was the smartest idea. They really got us through the week when we wouldn’t have time to make breakfast and these energizing and full of vitamins smoothies made the cut.


Green Blender is a food delivery service that will deliver organic food (vegetables, fruits, liquids and superfoods) to your home every week. One shipment will last you 5 days, containing 5 different smoothie recipes.

One smoothie makes 2 smoothies so you can share with your spouse, roommate or stash it away for lunch or dinner! Believe me that second serving a day will NOT go to waste.


Green Blender aims to solve one problem people face on a daily basis: eating healthy is good for you, but eating healthy is also difficult with the busy lives we have.

My fiancé and I have at least one smoothie/juice per day (for the past year we have been about that lifestyle) so trying Green Blender was natural. It was great to learn about all the different pairings that can be made with all the goodies that we’re sent. In your box, you’ll get original smoothie recipes and pre-portioned ingredients.

For instance I never thought about putting tofu in my smoothies and there was one smoothie in particular that used that as an ingredient and guess what? That was my favorite one of the week! You can find that recipe on their website because they share all of their amazing recipes there.


The smoothies in my box included:

  1. Pecan Oatmeal Cookie
  2. Orange Beet Protein
  3. Poblano Pepper Pick-Me-Up
  4. Sweet Almond Pie
  5. Cranberry Kumquat Tart

In addition to all the perfectly portioned ngredients Green Blender will also send you colorful straws for each smoothie, information about their company and a sheet w/ the recipes that shows a legend with the benefits of each ingredient.

For any of you who are travelers or always on the road this would also be the perfect box to order because you’d be receiving it in the mail before starting your busy week and knowing that you’d be eating the healthiest food possible because Green Blender focuses on sourcing the highest quality of ingredients, and they work with organic farms, urban and local farms, green markets, and vendors who value sustainable practices whenever possible.


Thank you Green Blender for getting us through some rough times and keeping our nutritious lifestyle on point. We could not have done our move without your delicious and premium drinks and cheers to these smoothies that satisfy!

If you want to give Green Blender a try, you can use the code GUSTAVO and get 20% off your first box.

Disclosure: I received a box from Green Blender in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own. 

Our body needs variation and confusion in order to create results. Staying stagnant or doing the same exercise produces 0 results. Incorporate these Push-ups and Spiderman leg-to-elbow in your next routine. The obliques like the attention. Drawing your knee to your elbow works your oblique muscles and your entire core like crazy. Visible results in a fraction of the time (15 min per day / 3 days a week).

Tu cuerpo necesita la variación y la confusión con el fin de crear resultados. El permanecer estancado o hacer el mismo ejercicio produce 0 cambios. Incorpora estas lagartijas y ejercicio del hombre araña con la pierna hacia el codo en tu siguiente rutina. A los oblicuos les gusta la atención. Llevar la rodilla hasta el codo trabaja los músculos oblicuos y todo el cuerpo central. Veras resultados visibles en una fracción de este tiempo: (15 min por día / 3 días a la semana)

Start your day w/ some Millitary Pushups and you won’t regret the pain because you’ll see results. Don’t underestimate the power of your own body weight. With this military pushup much more pressure is exerted on your tríceps than the standard pushup. Keeping the body core steady and rigid is extremely important in order to receive full benefits of the exercise. They will provide cardiovascular benefits as well as enhancement of triceps, abdomen, back and leg muscles. Start w/ 15 pushups take a 10 second break. Then do 12 pushups followed by a 10 second break and do a third round of 10 pushups. And repeat for a killer workout routine. You’ll be burning.

Comience el día con lagartijas militares y no te arrepentirás del dolor porque verás los resultados. No subestimes el poder de tu propio peso corporal. Con este ejercicio mucha más presión se ejerce en tus tríceps que las lagartijas regulares. Mantener el núcleo del cuerpo estable y rígido es extremadamente importante para poder recibir beneficios del ejercicio. Estas lagartijas al estilo militar te proporcionarán beneficios cardiovasculares, así como el buen crecimiento de tríceps, abdomen, espalda y músculos de las piernas. Inicia con 15 lagartijas toma un descanso de 10 segundos. Luego haz 12 mas seguidas de una segunda pausa de 10 segundos y termina con la tercer ronda de 10 lagartijas. Y si te sientes como una bestia repeti esta rutina de ejercicios una vez mas. Estaras sudando!!

Yes it’s the weekend, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be skipping working out and forget how hard you worked during the week. Try these Regular Planks. Get down in regular plank position and right back up and do 10 repetitions on each position. And then take 10 second breaks. Do this 5 times and you’ll sure be squeezing every muscle in your body and that is a regular plank. Tell me below how you felt the burn on this exercise?

Es el fin de semana pero eso no quiere decir que vas a dejar de hacer ejercicio. Has estas Planchas Regulares. Ponte en posicion regular de una plancha despues apoyate en tus brazos – sube y baja. Has 10 repeticiones en cada posicion. Descansa 10 segundos. Has este ejercicio 5 veces y veras como trabajas difetentes musculos de tu cuerpo. Dejame saber como sentiste esta rutina y si sudaste?!

I have a collaborator on this blog post, Ignacio Rodriguez, a “compadre” of mine who happens to be from the same little town in Mexico as myself called Jerez in Zacatecas and he’s given us some helpful tips if you are planning your next trip to be at Zion National Park located in Utah. Ignacio is also the Co-Founder of Dos Gallos Collection and I had him featured on my blog in the past.


After seeing his amazing photography I have added it to my bucket list of destinations to visit. Thanks Ignacio for sharing your experience! Hope you all enjoy as much as I did reading and browsing the colorful photos.

Ignacio: You want to start preparing for your trip to Zion by having the proper equipment. You will want to have proper hiking shoes, comfortable clothes for the weather and time of year, water bottles, backpack to carry snacks and food, a walking stick, camera and an open mind ready to be amazed.

I recommend at least two days to appropriately experience the main hikes. But even then you will still barely scratch the surface of Zion. A friend just recently went for a day and is already planning his next trip there to do it right.


One thing I highly recommend doing is booking your hotel and your trip with a minimum 1-2 months in advance. Over 7 million people visit the park annually so a lot of the hotels will sell out months in advance. There are also permits needed to get to certain areas of the park and those sell out fast and months in advance as well.

Getting there

To get to Zion National Park I rented a car which cost me about $18 a day. I like to rent when doing these long road trips so that I don’t worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere in case my car breaks down. If you go with multiple people then you have the option of getting a bigger vehicle.

During the busy season which is from March-September there is a shuttle system that transports people from different parts of the park to other areas. It is very easy to use. You can park at the visitor center and ask the park rangers for flash floods warning levels at the narrows and different trails that you can hike that day depending on the weather and your physical fitness level.


Sleeping there
You can camp at Zion National Park, but I have not done that yet. My first time I went, it was during the summer of 2015. Since I booked my trip late the closest hotel I could find was in St George, Utah. Which is about a 35-45 minute drive from Zion National Park. There is a town called Hurricane which is closer. And Springdale, Utah which is the best place to stay when going to Zion National Park as it is just next to the gates to the park. I stayed at a place called Terrace Brook Lodge in the town of Springdale during my recent visit. This place cost me $50 a day. It is not the nicest, but you will spend most of the day at the park so it was no big deal to me. They do have a continental breakfast as well.


We ate at Wildcat Willis in Springdale and the food there is amazing! I had the “chile verde” omelet and it was delicious with the right amount of spicy kick to it. For dinner I had the country fried steak which was filling and tasty. The next day I had some amazing rack of ribs.

Snacks for hikes
I make it a point to bring more food than I need because you never know if you will spend more time hiking than expected. I like to bring fresh fruit like apples and oranges as well as protein bars, trail mix, and even pop tarts because of the high amounts of sugar in them. They will give you that quick boost of energy needed. You will be burning a lot of calories and be far away from any places that sell food for a long time. I also bring 2 or more 16 oz. water bottles with me on any hike.


You will also be without cell phone signal for most of the time in the park so putting it on airplane mode is the best thing to do to conserve power.

Angels Landing
Angels landing is one of the most popular hikes at Zion National Park. It is about a 3 hour hike and you go up some steep inclines and will quickly find out if you are afraid of heights. You want to be safe and if you do find out you are afraid of heights then it is best that you stop where you feel comfortable. Halfway through this hike you arrive at a location where there are chains embedded into the mountain so that you can grab onto and not fall down the steep cliffs. But if you are brave enough to venture to the very end of this trail the views are mind blowing.


The Narrows
The Narrows Arrows hike is also a very popular hike at Zion National Park. It is about a 4-6 hour hike. You hike up a river with huge canyon walls on both sides. It is a picturesque hike the whole way as you go in and out of shady areas where sometimes the sun only hits when it is directly above. This hike can get exciting as sometimes you will be waist deep in water to keep going up. It can actually be a one way 10 hour hike, but if you are being time conscious then 2 hours up the river will be enough. As you will be coming back for another two hours.


Canyon Overlook Trail
This is the shortest hike I’ve done at Zion National Park and the final view once you reach its end will be just as rewarding as Angels Landing and the Narrows. It is fairly easy, but can be a bit challenging at parts during the winter if there is ice. It is about a one hour hike in total.


Zion National Park will make you want to keep exploring other national parks in Utah such as Bryce and Arches National Park. But one of the reasons I also love Zion is because it is relatively super close to us who live in LA. If you have it on your bucket list, check it off NOW. You will wish you would have done it earlier.

Text and All Photo Credit: Ignacio Rodriguez (DO NOT reuse or re-purpose without his consent).

Tonifica tus brazos y piernas con este ejercicio matador: Flexiones de Bíceps Abalanzados! Esto puede ser una gran solución para cuando no tienes suficiente tiempo porque estarás trabajando tus brazos, piernas y gluteos en un solo ejercicio! Empieza con 10-12 repeticiones seguidas de 30 segundos de descanso, despues 8 repetiociones seguidas de 30 segundos de descanso y finaliza con 6 repeticiones. Mi recomendacion es que utilices la misma pesa pero si necesitas bajar la pesa hazlo.

Tone your arms and legs with one killer exercise! Lunge Bicep Curls can be a great solution when you’re crunched for time as they allow you to work your arms, legs and glutes with a single exercise! It’s like killing 3 birds with one stone. Aim for 10-12 reps, take a 30 second break, then do 8 reps followed by 30 seconds of resting and finish strong with 6 reps! I recommend you utilize the same weight, but if you need to lower the weight then do so. I won’t judge!

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