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For some odd reason this last Daylight Savings Day had me feeling all kinds of positive this past weekend! And I am sure the captivating scent for him Bleu Noir had something to do with this.

I know some people are not fond of this time change and the fact that we lost an hour of sleep, but that doesn’t bother me much when I know I can do so much more with my evenings as it gets darker later, by mid-summer we are talking around 9 p.m.

My Sundays are busy with running errands, doing house chores, working out and attending mass to re-fuel my spirits for the week ahead. This past Sunday it wasn’t an exception and I wanted to get it all done.

The weather in Los Angeles has been spectacularly beautiful and sunny so while doing all of my activities I knew I wanted a relaxed and casual Sunday look to feel the most comfortable possible. I am a shorts lover! Ever since I was young I always enjoyed wearing them.

The weather called for some white w/ grey horizontal line shorts and a tank top to match of course. The shorts are super comfortable, which I bought at TJ Maxx and the tank I had recently purchased at my favorite store à ZARA at a very affordable price. The tank fit loosely and comfortably.


The hems are rising this spring and this style of shorts was about 2 inches above my knee. Yup, showing some extra leg because I know girls dig that! Or not? Even if your shorts are longer or right at the knee this season I recommend that you roll up the cuff once or twice depending on your style and however you feel most comfortable.

To help me keep better track of time since it had moved forward one hour that day I opted to wear my sporty Tommy Hilfiger watch and a silver bracelet on my other wrist, which I had purchased at ALDO during my college years. I was out driving and getting in-and-out the car all day so a pair of shades were a must!

Lastly and most importantly I paired this outfit with one of my favorite colognes at the moment, which is for him Bleu Noir from Narciso Rodriguez.


In 2015 Rodriguez launched this new version of the fragrance, which he had already made it available back in 2007. The cologne is for the mysterious, modern and elegant man. The fragrance is clean and sharp, with depth and sensuality, as well as the original fougere and musky character. The spicy accord consists of nutmeg and cardamom. The signature musky heart of this composition remains the same, complemented by a woody accord of blue cedar and black ebony.

The scent is rich yet subtle and it will make heads turn when out in public, I am certain of that!

When will you purchase yours?

The Nike #LunarEpic shoes make my ankle feel as if they are being hugged while running. Oh, what a great feeling!

It was a little overdue when Nike introduced the most innovative running shoe called the Lunar Epic, but they did it on March 3 after a lot of strategic planning because they knew when the perfect timing was. Nike always knows what it’s doing and how to stay ahead of their sport. And by the way they do it very well.

I had a test run in these Lunar Epic shoes during a synchronized global launch event on Thursday night and I can honestly say that they are like nothing you’ve seen before in running shoes. Hands down! The shoe introduces precision technologies that delivers an extremely tuned and balanced ride.


Credit: Nike

Nike unveiled its newest shoe, a one-piece runner with an ankle collar that stretches well past the ankle to the outsole and it resembles a topographical map of hills, the Lunar Epic breaks into never seen before grounds.


The test run I participated in was held at Nike Santa Monica (Lunar Epic LaunchPad) and it was there where I experienced the future of running—where after that day running will never feel the same with the Lunar Epic running shoes. I received a behind-the-scenes look at Nike’s latest running innovation, logged my first Lunar Epic miles along the Santa Monica oceanfront and pier, heard an in-depth discussion from Nike reps and received a special gift at the end.


In a word I would summarize the entire evening in one word: EPIC.

As soon as I arrived to the event I was greeted like everyone else by the Nike pacers and was given a bracelet for the group that I would be running with, which was determined by our average mile running time. I am not the fastest runner, nor am I the slowest so I choose to run with the green group – mid range! I made the right choice.


Then we were escorted upstairs to where we had our test shoes patiently waiting for us to be worn. I sat down and stepping into the Lunar Epic was easy and intuitive, almost like pulling a thick stretchy sock onto your foot. The hold on the foot is smooth – so smooth that I felt as if my ankle was soothingly being hugged and caressed. There was no binding, pressure or tight grabbing on the foot – it was just perfect.


Credit: Nike

I got to walk around with them and it seriously felt as if I was barefoot. I did not feel the shoes and maybe because they were so comfortable and light too.


Credit: Nike

We then heard from Nike Coach on the shoe’s technology, DNA, performance, strategy and preparation for launching the shoe.


After that we were set to go on our 5k run in the dark and lovely oceanfront view of Santa Monica. We tested the shoe on sand, concrete, brutal stairs and even on the pier and it always felt as if we were running barefoot. It’s the feel that the Lunar Epic shoes will give you.

To mention a little more about how the shoe fits is that the laces tied into embedded “flywire” cables around the midfoot. The shoes also worked fine if I tied the laces loosely and simply slip the shoe on and off without tying, which is how I wore them on the run.


Throughout my run I noticed that the overall ride is highly cushioned and comfortable, the hallmarks of “Run Easy” shoes make themselves very apparent. Since the 5k trail was specifically chosen so that we would test the shoe in difference surfaces I was able to tell that it provided a holistic experience. The holistic experience impressed me very much and it was honestly very hard to give the shoes back. Very sad!


After our run we made our way back to Nike Santa Monica for some group pictures, water, snacks, talk about our experience and explore the shoe’s features some more.


Credit: Nike

With so many Lunar Epic shoes on display I decided to get creative with my photography skills and snap some cool shots… I think! Lol


On our return back to Nike I also learned that the sole is a soft “Lunarlon” foam that is surrounded by a firmer, resilient layer that serves double duty with more stability on the base and the outsole.


As we were getting ready to leave a surprise waited for us at the entrance and guess what they were?


We were given some brand new Lunar Epic shoes for us to enjoy our next running adventure in Los Angeles. WOW, this was very unexpected and unbelievable. I was sad when I handed in the shoes I tested, but I never imagined we would be given a brand new pair of these cushioned and epic shoes.



The Lunar Epic shoes are now available at retail stores and Nike online. If you are a runner these are a must-have in your collection. Don’t miss out on the light, comfortable and perfect pieces of art.

You can find them in four main colorways: University Red, University Blue and Voltage Green, Hyper Orange, and Yellow Strike.


Will you be purchasing a pair for yourself or why not buy a pair for that special someone?


Absolutely nothing worth having in life comes easy! Incorporate these into your next #workout routine to work on those #triceps. Here’s the #TricepsKickback:
🔵 Rest your hand on your knee and grab a dumbbell with your other hand, palm facing your body, upper arm parallel to your body.
🔵 Push the dumbbell back by extending your elbow and allow it to slowly return after a short pause.
🔵 Keep your upper arm still throughout.
Do 20, 15 and 12 reps. Start with the heaviest weight possible and decrease the weight with each set. Then switch to the other side!

Absolutamente nada que valga la pena llega facilmente a nuestras vidas! Incorpora estos movimientos en tu rutina para trabajar en esos triceps. Aquí estan estas Extensiónes Posteriores para Triceps.
🔵 Ponga su mano en la rodilla y agarre una mancuerna y con la otra mano, la palma hacia su cuerpo y el brazo superior paralelo a su cuerpo.
🔵 Empuje la mancuerna hacia atrás mediante la ampliación de su codo y deje que vuelva lentamente después de una breve pausa.
🔵 Mantenga la parte superior del brazo sin moverse.
Haga 20 , 15 y 12 repeticiones. Comience con el peso más pesado posible y disminuya el peso de cada set. Luego cambiese al otro lado!

Here’s a #SeatedTricepsExtension exercise you should master into your routine today. Just get it done and here are the instructions:
⏺ Sit down and hold one dumbbell with both hands behind your head, elbows at 90 degree angles, upper arms straight up.
⏺ Raise the dumbbell with both hands until your arms are close to being fully extended and slowly lower it back after a short pause.
⏺ Keep your upper arms still throughout.

Improvise if you don’t have the adequate equipment and concentrate on your form and don’t make excuses!!! Do 20, break, 15, break and 12, done!

Aquí unas flexiones de tricpes sentado que deben dominar en su rutina hoy. Instrucciones:
⏺ Siéntese y sostenga una mancuerna con ambas manos detrás de la cabeza, los codos en ángulos de 90 grados, y los brazos hacia arriba.
⏺ Levante la mancuerna con ambas manos hasta que los brazos esten cerca de ser completamente extendidos y baje lentamente de nuevo después de una breve pausa.
⏺ Mantenga sus brazos todavía en todas partes.

Improvise si no tiene el equipo adecuado, concentrese en su forma y a no poner excusas! Hacer 20, pausa, 15, pausa y 12!

Friends of AVivirLA I wanted to share with all of you my experience driving the Hyundai Sonata Sport 2016 in a light grey exterior color. It was a spacious sedan and perfect for our mini get-away to San Diego to arrive in style to the #NewElantra 2017 Auto Launch, which was held in Imperial Beach.


My fiancée and I drove it for an entire week before and after the event and it was like always a great experience where we test drove it to and from work, during our trip and even to drop off family members to the airport. The trunk of the car was huge because we were able to fit 4 large suitcases.

The spacious seating is perfect for long distances because your passengers will have plenty of leg room and there will be no complaining. It will offer a smooth ride complemented by comfortable seats.


The easy-to-use controls and touchscreen were perfect for pairing my phone apps to the dash and being able to control music from the touchscreen and easier to use screen while driving.

Since we participated in the #NewElantra auto launch event the time we had with the Sonata Sport was shortened and the fact that it rained on Sunday when we had planned to do activities with the car was not fun. We were very limited to the places we could visit around San Diego, but we still made the best of and tried to not frown.

We visited Coronado Island and walked around the Coronado Hotel, which is a landmark in San Diego. We then drove to San Diego mission, walked around the beautiful grounds and stayed for a beautiful mass. We had lunch on Sunday in Old Towne San Diego and the Hyundai Sonata got us there. We had some delicious and authentic Mexican food. It started pouring as soon as we were done eating so we decided to drive back home (sad times), but we made it home safe and sound.


Throughout the weekend the rearview camera and automatic headlights were very helpful while pulling in and out of parking lots. The automatic braking system also debuts on the Limited 2.0T Sonata Sport model.

The mileage in the car was very economic because with all of our traveling we never had to re-fuel during our activities. It’s definitely a gas saver and I love that!


This model starts at $21,750, but I won’t share too many more details because I would like for you to go check it out at your closest dealership and let me know your thoughts? I want you to discover some of the other cool new features on your own.


After working in an office environment for many years it is bound to happen that you’ll be seeing a colleague or business partner with your same dress shirt at some point in your career, but when you come across S!R by Eddie Edwards it is least likely that you’ll encounter that problem because these shirts are for men who take their style seriously. Their customer is a man that has a playful sense of what’s wearable and possesses confidence in his own choices.

Nowadays the “office casual” look is getting refined and updated by millennials, and we guys are stepping up our personal style. And as these trends have been renovating, dress shirts have become the foundation for a great sense of style.


I recently started wearing S!R shirts and I honestly love how they fit because their design is very unique and one of its own. I enjoyed seeing the creativity in the cuffs and collar. This is something that has become more common and hip in our millennial generation. In addition, the variety of colors to choose from is amazing.

As you all know nowadays no guy wants to look identical to his coworkers or friends because that was very 1950’s. It’s a great thing that there are more shirt styles and details for guys to take advantage of and look original. More and more we’re seeing some unexpected fun being added to shirts and that’s exactly what S!R by Eddie Edwards encompasses.


“Own a wardrobe that is as original as you,” says Eddie Edwards, the Founder, Designer and Owner.

Edwards crafted the collection after his summer road trip through the French, Italian and Austrian Alps; subtle greys and blues in the sky, crispness of brown rocks, and sparkling glaciers combined to set off rare tones of bright colors in the fields full of wild flowers. He was inspired.

S!R by Eddie Edwards was recently featured on the cover of New York Fashion Magazine highlighting the ANOLIE collection.


For my #OOTD I opted for this light purple dress shirt and combined it with some navy blue slim pants and skin color shoes that I decided to wear to work. I was given compliments by the attention to detail of the shirts and how fitted it was. I’ve been constant with my workouts so it was nice to see some definition through the shirt on my chest and upper back. Lol


S!R shirts does not follow the latest trends and are made for the fashion-forward males that can make a bold statement with remarkably unique and iconic styles.

You can now order the 2015 Fall/Winter collection that is available through the website: The 2016 Spring/Summer collection availability will be announced soon.

1. Jogging helps prevent #hypertension and #heartdisease. 2. Jogging helps prevent some cancers. 3. Jogging improves mental fitness. 4. Jogging combats stress. 5. Jogging helps you #loseweight and reduces #bodyfat levels. And if those 5 reasons are not convincing enough to go #jogging then go to enjoy the beautiful weather we have here in Cali! Do 30-45 minutes of walking, jogging or sprinting a day at least 4 days of week and you’ll see how healthy and good you start feeling.

1. El trotar ayuda a prevenir enfermedades del corazon. 2. El trotar ayuda a prevenir algunos tipos de cáncer. 3. El totar mejora la actitud mental. 4. El trotar combate el estrés. 5. El trotar ayuda a perder pezo y reduce los niveles de grasa corporal. Y si estas 5 razones no son lo suficientemente convincentes para ir a trotar entonces por lo menos haslo para disfrutar del buen tiempo que tenemos aquí en California! Has de 30-45 caminando, trotando o corriendo al día por lo menos (4 días de la semana) y veras qué tan saludable te hara sentir.

Here’s something you might love: You don’t have to just “like” Facebook posts anymore.

By popular demand, Facebook is going beyond the ubiquitous thumbs-up button with a new shorthand to express your thoughts and feelings.


Acknowledging that “like” isn’t the right sentiment for every occasion, the giant social network is offering new options. Reactions, five emoting emojis, are rolling out to Facebook’s more than 1.5 billion users around the globe starting Wednesday.

With a click of a button, you can choose from new emotions when commenting on a status update. Hold the “like” button on mobile or hover over the like button on desktop and five animated emoji pop up. Tap on love, haha, wow, sad or angry to express your reaction. Posts in News Feed will now show a tally of the reactions — how many loves, how many wows — a post gets.

Make no mistake: Reactions are not designed to capture the full range of human emotions. No meh or trash, Facebook wants to give people a fast and simple way to express thoughts or feelings in a positive, supportive way, not to troll friends.

Engagement runs high on Facebook and Facebook wants to keep it that way. Nearly 1.6 billion people visited the social network at least once a month in the fourth quarter, up from 1.55 billion people in the third quarter, and 1.04 billion visit Facebook every day.

Facebook says it conducted research for more than a year, tapping focus groups and surveys and poring over short one- to three-word comments, emoji or in virtual stickers to determine the emotions people most commonly want to express.

The winners were the five emoji that translated to cultures around the globe. One emoji, yay, was rejected for not being universal enough.


“We have been very intentional about really understanding what people are trying to communicate on Facebook right now and how can we make that easier,” said Tom Alison, engineering director of News Feed.

For years, Facebook resisted giving users an alternative to the “like” button, namely a “dislike” button. But the lobbying only intensified as more people used Facebook on mobile devices and clamored for quicker and easier ways to comment.

Gartner Research analyst Brian Blau says the demand for a “dislike button” reflected frustration with not having more choices beyond like.

“What these emoji do is give greater granularity in expressing what you are thinking and feeling about something that was posted on Facebook,” Blau said.

Will Facebook eventually give users more emotional bandwidth?

“We would consider it if it feels like that’s going to be something that fulfills a need,” Alison said. “We’ve wanted to make sure the product is lightweight, simple and understandable. The more reactions we add, the more complicated it gets.”

Facebook announced in October that it would begin testing Reactions in Ireland and Spain. The test expanded to other countries such as Chile, the Philippines, Portugaland Colombia.

Facebook says it made adjustments to the feature based on feedback and will continue to refine the product as it rolls out more widely.

“This is not the end. Whenever we launch something globally, we learn a lot and we improve the product. We listen to the feedback from everyone using it,” Alison said.

Emoji are increasingly prevalent in digital culture. Already Facebook users around the globe routinely interact via emoji on Facebook and in other social and messaging apps, particularly in Asia where the expressive icons are a core part of the daily experience on Line and WeChat.

The Reactions emoji could benefit Facebook, giving the data-driven company even greater insight into what interests users, which in turn could help inform what status updates and advertisements they see. Eventually content producers and publishers will get more granular detail on how people are responding emotionally to posts.

Credit: Jessica Guynn, USA TODAY

Although I would like to have had that man-to-man conversation with the father of my girlfriend before embarking on this big step of our lives, it was impossible.

Now I want to ask you: Is asking the father of your girlfriend for her hand in marriage an old tradition or is it still valued by Millennials today? I am not sure of your answer, but I am looking forward to your responses. In fact, I believe that your comments will depend on how you have been raised and the importance that your own parents have placed in this conventional yet beautiful tradition.


If you decide to not ask her father for her hand in marriage it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. In my case, I decided that out of courtesy and respect I wanted to keep her family and mine involved in my decision. Family will always want the best for you and once you share such a big step in your life with them, their blessing will mean the world to you. In addition, taking this fearful step (for some) of including her parents in the process will set the tone for the relationship you will have with your in-laws for the rest of your lives.


If you think about it, you are going to ask a girl to become your wife, to start a brand new journey together and to become a part of each other’s families forever. Asking for her father’s permission might be a no brainer.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have the choice of asking my girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage. You see, the father of this beautiful and smart woman that is now my fiancée passed away almost 10 years ago. What was I to do then? I did the next best thing. I had a beautiful conversation with her mother! I am pretty sure I scored lots of points there! She expressed her full support and wished us the best in this new chapter.

My fiancée has a big portrait of her father and her at her house. I once had a moment of silence next to that photograph and asked her dad for his blessing from up above. I believe he approves and would be happy for how extremely joyful our lives have become since we met each other.


My parents knew all along that I was planning this big step in my life. They even knew when I would propose! I am very close to my parents and I’ve always included them in any of my big decisions. A marriage proposal was no exception. Having their approval meant the world to me. Above all I think it’s a cultural tradition to want to include your own parents if you still have them around.

While I will not be going into detail of how stressful the “picking a ring” process was, I can tell you that it was hectic. There is a lot of planning involved, especially as it relates to the cost. You will end up spending at least up to three months of your salary on this asset. It is a big investment, and I recommend you do your research.


So now that I have done the asking, and the ring is on my fiancée’s finger, I ask you guys, how will you propose? Will you still follow tradition and ask the father first? Please share. Ladies, do you have an opinion? Comparte por favor, share!

In the meantime, our wedding will be in the summer of 2017 so the planning for the BIG day has begun!

Saludos Mileniales,


P.s. Don’t forget to visit Mari’s site and follow her on all her social media.

Do 30, 20, 10 wide-grip pushups in the morning and before going to bed or at both times and you’ll thank me later. The target area for these is your #chest. Start from a normal pushup position, but spread your hands wider than shoulder length. This will force your chest to pick up the brunt of the work from your triceps and shoulders. Don’t compromise form.

Haz 30, 20 y 10 flexiones de lagartijas de agarre ancho en la mañana y antes de irse a la cama o en ambos momentos y me lo agradecerás más tarde. El área que se trabaja en este ejercicio es el pecho. Empieza desde una posición normal de plancha, que se extiendan las manos más anchas que los hombros. Esto obligará a tu pecho recoger la mayor parte del trabajo en los tríceps y hombros. No comprometas tu forma.

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