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Yup, you’ll look at these pics and think it’s hilarious because of my glasses (I was often called four eyes as a kid), my chubby cheeks that I sported, my crooked/stained teeth and GOD knows for how many other reasons. Now I can look back and see those moments of my life as “had to live” stepping stones to get me where I am today, but let me tell you that the road I traveled was not the most enjoyable one. This is not a victim post nor do I want anyone to feel sorry for me, but I share it because I know there’s a young crowd following me and one person or another may see this post as a light to all that they may be going through. I pray for you! Let me tell you: LIFE gets better. Sometimes you kind of need to go through hell to value the golden days.
I came to the U.S. when I was four years old, and although I looked “white” or part of the majority back then, my strong Mexican accent threw people off guard and even so when they heard my name being called during roll call by teachers. I recall being in middle school and getting bullied for being Mexican, but then again bullied by peers of my own race for looking “too white”. Goes to show how messed up our society is. I would argue that I was a victim of racism, clearly. And what is a kid supposed to do at that age? Get confused I would imagine.
I started wearing glasses at a very young age and I was called names for that, something you all probably have gone through if your vision was not 20/20. To top it off I was a geek, I was not the smartest geek, but I was a library kid and was made fun of for that. It was in middle school where I put on some extra pounds. And go figure I was bullied for that too. In middle school I was transferred to a new school because my family had moved to another city and that’s exactly when the lower photo was taken. I was a pretty miserable kid (you can tell by the pic) growing up because I didn’t have many close friends, honestly I always felt like I didn’t fit in with others.

4th Grade, 8th Grade and 28 years old!

High school came around and while I was so involved with my education and furthering myself I still didn’t manage to get out of my comfort zone many times and was caught up in a world of constant bullying, name-calling and made fun of. Yes, I have always been an introvert, I think. I really never spoke up or told family and friends about that stage of my life, but it was for the reasons mentioned above and added to that the fact that I didn’t play sports, was an immigrant, came from a low-income family and my opportunities to succeed in life were very slim that I was intimidated by others.
It was the end of junior year and throughout senior where I was bullied the most and I would have to admit that those were the most miserable days of my life. Sometimes I dreaded going to high school because I knew how unhappy I was there. Not exactly sure what caused people to call me senseless things, make assumptions and simply make my life pretty depressing. (Though some friends did make high school worthwhile and fun!) I wish I knew back then that only I had control of my emotions and that others opinions wouldn’t define me. I wish I knew back then what I know now and I wish I could tell that young kid that I’d be in a better place in the future and that things would work out for the best.
College arrived before I knew it and I feel like my life turned 360 degrees for the BEST. I met some of the most amazing human beings I have ever encountered and which I still keep in touch with and I made some exciting memories.
Not being the most fit person, wearing glasses, not being social, not playing sports, being a geek, poor, a 4.0 student, senseless and hurtful comments that have absolutely no value in bringing up all contributed to how miserable I felt and the lack of self-esteem I had growing up.
As an adult I was involved in romantic relationships where I felt I was not appreciated or loved for the person that I am. I let them make me feel small. Worst decision ever! And of course that contributed to the negative spiral I saw myself in. But, it was 2 years ago that I committed to re-building myself into a stronger man (spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally) even more than before and decided to live a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t until a year ago that I took things to a whole different level and I blocked the miserable, challenging and rough past I had because of others. Yes, I was a victim of verbal bullying. I am not saying I went through anything catastrophic, but often times words can hurt a lot because they stick with you forever until you are ready to fully let go. And I have!!! I didn’t only forget, but I forgave those that made it miserable and wish them well. God wants us to do that.
Now I feel like my life is not where I would wish for it to be, but I know I am on the right track and I feel extremely happy in my own physique. Something I never imagined I would achieve!
Why did I write this post? I want other kids (especially boys soon to be men) to know that their social status, appearance, having friends or not, being a geek or whatever other reason has nothing to do with who you truly are as an individual and that there’s a lot of value you can provide to our messed up world. Unfortunately, there’s so much hate and insecurity in others that they want to impose some of that in positive people’s lives.
I want to remind you to love yourself, gain self-confidence one day at a time and you are a powerful being able to accomplish all things. Keep going “HACIA ADELANTE” and I hope that no day goes by when you have felt lonely in this world because you are not! Please speak up and reach out to others. That’s the biggest mistake I made, but God always protected me.
Embrace your identity and being different. That’s great that you are because we need more people that are authentic individuals like you. Keep that chin up high.
I never imagined the big difference and impact that carrying a healthier lifestyle would have in my life and how important fitness would be for me today. Honestly I feel as if I was given another chance to fully live and completely let go of the negativity. Working out has saved my life and it’s become a healthy addiction!

Start your day w/ some Millitary Pushups and you won’t regret the pain because you’ll see results. Don’t underestimate the power of your own body weight. With this military pushup much more pressure is exerted on your tríceps than the standard pushup. Keeping the body core steady and rigid is extremely important in order to receive full benefits of the exercise. They will provide cardiovascular benefits as well as enhancement of triceps, abdomen, back and leg muscles. Start w/ 15 pushups take a 10 second break. Then do 12 pushups followed by a 10 second break and do a third round of 10 pushups. And repeat for a killer workout routine. You’ll be burning.

Comience el día con lagartijas militares y no te arrepentirás del dolor porque verás los resultados. No subestimes el poder de tu propio peso corporal. Con este ejercicio mucha más presión se ejerce en tus tríceps que las lagartijas regulares. Mantener el núcleo del cuerpo estable y rígido es extremadamente importante para poder recibir beneficios del ejercicio. Estas lagartijas al estilo militar te proporcionarán beneficios cardiovasculares, así como el buen crecimiento de tríceps, abdomen, espalda y músculos de las piernas. Inicia con 15 lagartijas toma un descanso de 10 segundos. Luego haz 12 mas seguidas de una segunda pausa de 10 segundos y termina con la tercer ronda de 10 lagartijas. Y si te sientes como una bestia repeti esta rutina de ejercicios una vez mas. Estaras sudando!!

Hay hábitos que todos los fines de año nos proponemos cambiar, ya sea dejar un hábito malo o comenzar uno bueno. Por ejemplo, nos proponemos mejorar nuestras dietas y tener una rutina de ejercicio para mejorar nuestra salud, no siempre mantenemos las metas pero nos moriremos en el intento.

Pero gracias a la tecnología, hay un hábito que resulta ser de mucho beneficio y muy fácil de seguir – enviar mensajes de correo electrónico. Una reciente encuesta reveló que mantenerse en contacto con su médico de manera digital puede mejorar su salud.


De acuerdo con un estudio de Kaiser Permanente publicado en la revista American Journal of Managed Care, una tercera parte de los pacientes que padecen de condiciones crónicas tales como diabetes y asma entre otros, expresaron una mejora en el estados general de salud con simplemente comunicándose con sus médicos a través de intercambios de correo electrónicos.

La encuesta también encontró que:

  • Prácticamente todos los pacientes con condiciones crónicas dijeron que corresponder por correo electrónico con su proveedor de salud mejoró (32 por ciento).
  • Más de la mitad de los participantes (56 por ciento) habían enviado un correo electrónico a su proveedor durante el año anterior, y 46 por ciento recurrió al correo electrónico como el primer método de contacto para discutir una o más inquietudes de salud.
  • Entre los pacientes quienes se comunicaron con su proveedor de salud por correo electrónico, 42 por ciento dijo que esto redujo la comunicación por teléfono, y un 36 por ciento de las visitas en persona.

Credito de Texto: Kaiser Permanente y The Axis Agency

Yes it’s the weekend, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be skipping working out and forget how hard you worked during the week. Try these Regular Planks. Get down in regular plank position and right back up and do 10 repetitions on each position. And then take 10 second breaks. Do this 5 times and you’ll sure be squeezing every muscle in your body and that is a regular plank. Tell me below how you felt the burn on this exercise?

Es el fin de semana pero eso no quiere decir que vas a dejar de hacer ejercicio. Has estas Planchas Regulares. Ponte en posicion regular de una plancha despues apoyate en tus brazos – sube y baja. Has 10 repeticiones en cada posicion. Descansa 10 segundos. Has este ejercicio 5 veces y veras como trabajas difetentes musculos de tu cuerpo. Dejame saber como sentiste esta rutina y si sudaste?!

I have a collaborator on this blog post, Ignacio Rodriguez, a “compadre” of mine who happens to be from the same little town in Mexico as myself called Jerez in Zacatecas and he’s given us some helpful tips if you are planning your next trip to be at Zion National Park located in Utah. Ignacio is also the Co-Founder of Dos Gallos Collection and I had him featured on my blog in the past.


After seeing his amazing photography I have added it to my bucket list of destinations to visit. Thanks Ignacio for sharing your experience! Hope you all enjoy as much as I did reading and browsing the colorful photos.

Ignacio: You want to start preparing for your trip to Zion by having the proper equipment. You will want to have proper hiking shoes, comfortable clothes for the weather and time of year, water bottles, backpack to carry snacks and food, a walking stick, camera and an open mind ready to be amazed.

I recommend at least two days to appropriately experience the main hikes. But even then you will still barely scratch the surface of Zion. A friend just recently went for a day and is already planning his next trip there to do it right.


One thing I highly recommend doing is booking your hotel and your trip with a minimum 1-2 months in advance. Over 7 million people visit the park annually so a lot of the hotels will sell out months in advance. There are also permits needed to get to certain areas of the park and those sell out fast and months in advance as well.

Getting there

To get to Zion National Park I rented a car which cost me about $18 a day. I like to rent when doing these long road trips so that I don’t worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere in case my car breaks down. If you go with multiple people then you have the option of getting a bigger vehicle.

During the busy season which is from March-September there is a shuttle system that transports people from different parts of the park to other areas. It is very easy to use. You can park at the visitor center and ask the park rangers for flash floods warning levels at the narrows and different trails that you can hike that day depending on the weather and your physical fitness level.


Sleeping there
You can camp at Zion National Park, but I have not done that yet. My first time I went, it was during the summer of 2015. Since I booked my trip late the closest hotel I could find was in St George, Utah. Which is about a 35-45 minute drive from Zion National Park. There is a town called Hurricane which is closer. And Springdale, Utah which is the best place to stay when going to Zion National Park as it is just next to the gates to the park. I stayed at a place called Terrace Brook Lodge in the town of Springdale during my recent visit. This place cost me $50 a day. It is not the nicest, but you will spend most of the day at the park so it was no big deal to me. They do have a continental breakfast as well.


We ate at Wildcat Willis in Springdale and the food there is amazing! I had the “chile verde” omelet and it was delicious with the right amount of spicy kick to it. For dinner I had the country fried steak which was filling and tasty. The next day I had some amazing rack of ribs.

Snacks for hikes
I make it a point to bring more food than I need because you never know if you will spend more time hiking than expected. I like to bring fresh fruit like apples and oranges as well as protein bars, trail mix, and even pop tarts because of the high amounts of sugar in them. They will give you that quick boost of energy needed. You will be burning a lot of calories and be far away from any places that sell food for a long time. I also bring 2 or more 16 oz. water bottles with me on any hike.


You will also be without cell phone signal for most of the time in the park so putting it on airplane mode is the best thing to do to conserve power.

Angels Landing
Angels landing is one of the most popular hikes at Zion National Park. It is about a 3 hour hike and you go up some steep inclines and will quickly find out if you are afraid of heights. You want to be safe and if you do find out you are afraid of heights then it is best that you stop where you feel comfortable. Halfway through this hike you arrive at a location where there are chains embedded into the mountain so that you can grab onto and not fall down the steep cliffs. But if you are brave enough to venture to the very end of this trail the views are mind blowing.


The Narrows
The Narrows Arrows hike is also a very popular hike at Zion National Park. It is about a 4-6 hour hike. You hike up a river with huge canyon walls on both sides. It is a picturesque hike the whole way as you go in and out of shady areas where sometimes the sun only hits when it is directly above. This hike can get exciting as sometimes you will be waist deep in water to keep going up. It can actually be a one way 10 hour hike, but if you are being time conscious then 2 hours up the river will be enough. As you will be coming back for another two hours.


Canyon Overlook Trail
This is the shortest hike I’ve done at Zion National Park and the final view once you reach its end will be just as rewarding as Angels Landing and the Narrows. It is fairly easy, but can be a bit challenging at parts during the winter if there is ice. It is about a one hour hike in total.


Zion National Park will make you want to keep exploring other national parks in Utah such as Bryce and Arches National Park. But one of the reasons I also love Zion is because it is relatively super close to us who live in LA. If you have it on your bucket list, check it off NOW. You will wish you would have done it earlier.

Text and All Photo Credit: Ignacio Rodriguez (DO NOT reuse or re-purpose without his consent).

Tonifica tus brazos y piernas con este ejercicio matador: Flexiones de Bíceps Abalanzados! Esto puede ser una gran solución para cuando no tienes suficiente tiempo porque estarás trabajando tus brazos, piernas y gluteos en un solo ejercicio! Empieza con 10-12 repeticiones seguidas de 30 segundos de descanso, despues 8 repetiociones seguidas de 30 segundos de descanso y finaliza con 6 repeticiones. Mi recomendacion es que utilices la misma pesa pero si necesitas bajar la pesa hazlo.

Tone your arms and legs with one killer exercise! Lunge Bicep Curls can be a great solution when you’re crunched for time as they allow you to work your arms, legs and glutes with a single exercise! It’s like killing 3 birds with one stone. Aim for 10-12 reps, take a 30 second break, then do 8 reps followed by 30 seconds of resting and finish strong with 6 reps! I recommend you utilize the same weight, but if you need to lower the weight then do so. I won’t judge!

Nota: este es un artículo auspiciado por Coca-Cola pero todas las opiniones y consejos reflejan mis propias opiniones.

La educación superior siempre ha sido un tema muy importante en mi vida y uno que nunca descarte a pesar de pasar por unas circunstancias difíciles en este país de grandes oportunidades. Siempre obtuve el apoyo emocional e incondicional de mi familia y aunque monetariamente no pudieron aportar mucho les estoy agradecido por no dejar que tirara la toalla en diferentes ocasiones.

El camino que tome para obtener una Maestría en Periodismo no fue nada fácil porque me encontré con obstáculos financieros, personas que no creían en mí y muchas puertas que se me cerraron. Pero cuando se quiere algo en la vida nada es imposible porque son más fuertes las ganas lo que nos lleva a obtener lo que nos proponemos.

Entiendo del estrés económico por el cual muchas de nuestras familias latinas viven cuando tienen que pagar los gastos de sus hijos/as para la universidad y ahora imagínense la carga que conlleva para un estudiante de limitados recursos y de padres migrantes. Las estadísticas muestran que es mucho más difícil para un estudiante de primera generación forjar su educación superior. Los recursos son mucho más limitados.

Muchas veces no veía la luz y me preguntaba: “¿Lo que estoy haciendo vale la pena y esto me garantiza un mejor futuro?

Mi respuesta inmediata siempre fue: “SI, lo es”.

Honestamente digo que fui “bendecido” con muchas becas que pagaron por todos mis estudios en la universidad y cuando ingrese a estudiar mi Maestría. Nada hubiese sido posible sin la ayuda económica y la confianza de corporaciones, organizaciones y personas que “SI” creyeron en mí.


Realice mucha investigación de becas disponibles para estudiantes en la misma situación que yo. Mi trabajo de “part-time” fue aplicar a un sinfín de becas y algunas veces fui negado y otras veces mi regalo fue un cheque que pago por mis estudios.

Creo que muchas veces nos encerramos en un mundo de inseguridades, nos hacemos pequeños y no valoramos nuestro potencial y es allí donde fallamos siempre.

Sin embargo, me da mucho gusto ver que una vez más, Coca-Cola se une al Fondo de Becas Hispano (Hispanic Scholarship Fund) para ayudar a las familias hispanas a alcanzar sus sueños y aspiraciones de educación superior, como parte del Programa Nacional de Becas #ForTheDream.

Soy uno de los miles de ejemplos de como yo logre mis sueños y el sueño de que mis padres me vieran con un título universitario gracias a corporaciones como Coca-Cola. El mejor regalo para ellos fue verme caminar la tarima el día de mis graduaciones y ver todo lo que había logrado con esfuerzo, trabajo y dedicación. Esos días nunca los olvidare porque fueron algunos de los más felices momentos de mi vida.


Coca-Cola esta donando $150.000 al Fondo de Becas Hispano para ser entregados a través de becas a estudiantes que califican. Las aplicaciones están siendo aceptadas hasta el 30 de marzo de 2016.

El programa #ForTheDream de Coca-Cola empodera a las familias hispanas a prepararse, planear y pagar por la universidad de sus adolescentes, e inspira a los estudiantes hispanos a perseguir sus sueños de educación superior y convertirse en futuros líderes.

Padres de familia si tienen un hijo/a en el último o penúltimo año de la secundaria o “high school”, no es demasiado tarde para que pueda asistir a la universidad.

Lo que yo sugiero es que nunca se queden callados y si no saben algo hagan preguntas ya sea a un asesor o “guidance counselor” para que les diga sus opciones. Un asesor puede ser el de la misma high school a la cual sus hijo/a van o hay personas que se dedican a esto tiempo completo.


También hay ayuda financiera y préstamos para los que se puede aplicar si la familia califica para ello. Muchas veces se toma en consideración el ingreso de la familia entre otros factores.


A pesar de que la matriculación de estudiantes hispanos se ha incrementado considerablemente en las últimas dos décadas, esta población se encuentra rezagada frente a otros grupos en cuando a diplomas obtenidos. Esta situación puede deberse a la presión que tienen algos estudiantes latinos de proveer ayuda financiera a sus familias antes de graduarse. Como parte de su compromiso con la comunidad Hispana, el Programa Nacional de Becas de Coca-Cola y HSF #ForTheDream aspira a fortalecer a las familias hispanas para que puedan poner a sus adolescentes en la vía rápida hacia la universidad.


Coca-Cola entiende la importancia que las familias hispanas ponen en la educación, y quiere ayudarlas a prepararse, planificar y pagar la universidad, mientras que impulsa a los estudiantes latinos a alcanzar sus metas de educación superior.

Únete a la conversación y entérate de las novedades en las redes sociales con el hashtag #ForTheDream y sigue a la compañía que nos trae esta fabulosa oportunidad @CocaCola


Para más información, por favor visite:


Recuerden que aunque un título universitario no garantiza el éxito profesional si es la puerta para obtener un mejor futuro. Es importante entender que deberíamos en nuestras comunidades latinas empezar a ahorrar para el futuro de los hijos desde que nacen y tal vez no gastar en lujos, cosas materiales o hasta en fiestas como por ejemplo quinceañeras que definitivamente no les dará la vida que siempre soñaron.

¿Qué tan importante es la educación superior en tu familia? ¿Cómo estas preparando a tus hijo/as a que tengan un futuro brillante y lleno de educación?

¡Mucha Suerte!

Una banda de resistencia pesa solo unas pocas onzas. Pero a diferencia de pesas, se crea una tension constante a lo largo de un movimiento que recluta mas fibras musculares y acelera el crecimiento. Algunas de estas rutinas seran facil en sus articulaciones pero implacable en tus musculos. Haz los ejercicios en circuito. Realize cada movimiento durante 30 segundos y luego descanse 15 segundos antes de pasar al siguiente ejercicio. Una vez que completes 10 ejercicios diferentes y si te sientes como una bestia has un nuevo circuito con pesas de 15 libras.


A resistance band weights only a few ounces. But, unlike weights it creates constant tension throughout a movement, gathering more muscle fibers and accelerating growth. Some of these routines will be easy on your joints, but merciless on your muscles. Do the exercises as a circuit. Perform each movement for 30 seconds, and then rest 15 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. You can choose up 10 different exercises and if you are feeling beasty you can repeat a second round circuit with 15 lb. weights!


¿Buscando tu próximo reto de ejercicios? Trata de añadir estos súper saltos con pesas a tu rutina. ¡Haz de 12-15 repeticiones, suelta las pesas si es necesario pero mantente firme y termina como un campeon!

Looking for a challenge? Try adding Super Burpees to your next workout. Aim for 12-15 reps, drop the weights if necessary, but make sure to finish strong!

Since its kickoff, the 2015-16 NFL season has exhibited a particular shine. On the field, 50-yard markers were gilded. On the sidelines, coaches and players paraded the Nike Football Champ Drive Collection, adorned with gold-trimmed logos. These gleaming details hinted at the Super Bowl’s golden anniversary, which officially occurs February 7 in San Francisco, where Nike will unveil two celebratory collections: the Super Bowl 50 Nike Gold Collection (Nike Football and Nike Training) and the Super Bowl 50 Nike Speed Destroyed Collection (Nike Sportswear).



The Super Bowl 50 Nike Gold Collection includes men’s and women’s on-field, sideline and training apparel and footwear.



The men’s performance footwear offering is led by the SB50 Nike Vapor Untouchable 2, which is the most adaptive and lightest Nike Football cleat to date (9.5 oz). The plate features a new stud configuration that trades traditional conical studs for new four-sided studs. Individual Nike-sponsored athletes from both Super Bowl teams are expected to wear the Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 cleat in their team color.

Other men’s footwear within the collection includes the SB50 Nike Field General 2 and the SB50 Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4.

Nike athletes will also wear the Nike Vapor Jet 4.0 glove on the field, built with a full-length Magnigrip palm to maximize the catching surface and knit in the knuckles to provide more breathability. The glove with the Super Bowl 50 logo will only be worn on field. There will be two colorways available for purchase: black/gold and white/gold.


Other men’s apparel featured within the collection are the SB50 Nike Fly Rush Alpha Jacket, SB50 Nike Tech Fleece AeroLoft Jacket, SB50 Nike Hypercool Fitted Short Sleeve Top and the SB50 Nike Coaches Polo — which features Dri-FIT fabric combined with Nike ColorDry technology, providing true, deep color while eliminating the use of water and chemicals from the dyeing process.



Women’s apparel within the collection includes the SB50 Nike Generic Half Zip Top, SB50 Nike Generic Rally Funnel Hoody and SB50 Nike Generic Fan Top.





The Super Bowl 50 Nike Speed Destroyed Collection references Nike’s continuous support of athletes  —  past, present and future – who shatter records.

Both the men’s and women’s product feature a SB50 Nike Speed Destroyer jacket. The jackets feature premium leather sleeves combined with 50 embroidered stars listed across the back, with 2016 celebrated in gold thread. Also included is the SB50 Nike Tech Fleece Jersey for men and a SB50 Nike Graphic ¾ Top for women.


Men’s footwear within the Super Bowl 50 Nike Speed Destroyed Collection features the SB50 Nike Air Trainer 1 and the SB50 Nike Ultra XT, both of which have a gold-tone nugget dubrae and an NFL Super Bowl 50 logo on the sock liner.

The SB50 Nike Air Max 1 Ultra PRM and the SB50 Nike Air Huarache Run PRM headline the women’s footwear.

The Super Bowl 50 Nike Speed Destroyed Collection (Nike Sportswear) will be available January 19 at, and select retailers. Offerings from the Super Bowl 50 Nike Gold Collection (Nike Football and Nike Training) will become available as follows:
•  SB50 Vapor Untouchable 2, SB50 Nike Field General 2, SB50 Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4, SB50 Nike Fly Rush Alpha Jacket and Nike Vapor Jet 4.0 (in black/gold and white/gold) are available January 19.
•  SB50 Nike Tech Fleece AeroLoft Jacket, SB50 Nike Coaches Polo, SB50 Nike Opening Night Tee and SB50 Nike Hypercool Fitted Short Sleeve Top will be available beginning January 24 with specific Super Bowl team badges.

Credit: To view more details on this post please visit Nike News. 

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