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Feeling great about life and yourself is something we all ultimately aspire to achieve.  In the upcoming film, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Paramount Pictures, Tina Fey is an unhappy journalist sent to Afghanistan to cover the war. Through her journey she does a complete 180 degree change with her life for the better by changing her outlook on life and assimilating to a whole new world. To celebrate this film I have created a quick list of ways to achieve happiness, health and self-love.

  1. Exercise – With as little as 30 minutes a day, you can be on your way to a healthier and happier you! Studies show that exercise not only do you better, but your mind is clearer which enables you to accomplish  more.
  2. Find a partner and exercise together – Grabbing your bud and hitting the gym is not only fun to catch up, but it also keeps you committed to a routine.
  3. Exercise helps you feel better about yourself! Once you get into a routine, you will begin to see a change in your appearance.
  4. Have you ever felt stressed or anxious? If so, next time it happens just take a deep breath and close your eyes! Visualize everything working out. Not only will this calm you down, but you’ll feel extremely positive.
  5. Smile! The power of a smile is infinite. You’ll feel better and your smile will help others feel better too.
  6. Take time every day to write 5 things you are thankful for! Gratitude opens the door to more blessings and improves your physical and psychological health.
  7. Take a look in the mirror every morning and give yourself a positive pep talk with a few positive mantras. Anything from, “I am great” to “Today will be amazing” works! Figure out which mantras work best for you and stick to it.
  8. Meditation is key! I’m sure you’ve heard about meditation in the past few years, right? Well it works! Take a few minutes each morning to zone out and relax. There are several mediation apps and books available to help you get started.
  9. Do not compare yourself to others! We are all different and that’s what makes you unique. That is your very own super power! Embrace you!
  10. Challenge yourself to a new workout routine! Nowadays there’s a variety of fun and exciting exercise routines. From Body Beast, Insanity, Zumba to running clubs. Find what works best for you and give it a go.

Make sure to catch Tina Fey’s transformation in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on March 4!

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Throughout its history, Copa America has served up high doses of drama, with each competition fueling the mythology of the world’s oldest international soccer championship – be it final matches featuring four periods of extra-time or a hat-trick of penalty-kick misses.


This year’s special-edition contest promises to uphold the theatrical tradition, with the tournament (kicking off this June in the United States) augmenting its standard 12-team line up to 16. Comprising North and South American Football federations, plus a host of invited teams, the cup’s player roster includes Neymar Jr., Giovanni Dos Santos, Alexis Sanchez, Edison Cavani, Clint Dempsey and more.

“We’re excited to create the official ball of the Copa America Centenario and to be able to bring Nike innovation to what promises to be an incredible spectacle,” said Andrea Perez, General Manager of Nike Soccer North America.

At the center the entire spectacle sits the tournament’s official match ball: the Nike Ordem Ciento. Exclusively created to honor the competition’s legacy, the ball blends leading technologies with a bold, graphic aesthetic.

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The Nike Ordem Ciento will be available on March 1 on Copa America Centenario play kicks off on June 3 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Although I would like to have had that man-to-man conversation with the father of my girlfriend before embarking on this big step of our lives, it was impossible.

Now I want to ask you: Is asking the father of your girlfriend for her hand in marriage an old tradition or is it still valued by Millennials today? I am not sure of your answer, but I am looking forward to your responses. In fact, I believe that your comments will depend on how you have been raised and the importance that your own parents have placed in this conventional yet beautiful tradition.


If you decide to not ask her father for her hand in marriage it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. In my case, I decided that out of courtesy and respect I wanted to keep her family and mine involved in my decision. Family will always want the best for you and once you share such a big step in your life with them, their blessing will mean the world to you. In addition, taking this fearful step (for some) of including her parents in the process will set the tone for the relationship you will have with your in-laws for the rest of your lives.


If you think about it, you are going to ask a girl to become your wife, to start a brand new journey together and to become a part of each other’s families forever. Asking for her father’s permission might be a no brainer.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have the choice of asking my girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage. You see, the father of this beautiful and smart woman that is now my fiancée passed away almost 10 years ago. What was I to do then? I did the next best thing. I had a beautiful conversation with her mother! I am pretty sure I scored lots of points there! She expressed her full support and wished us the best in this new chapter.

My fiancée has a big portrait of her father and her at her house. I once had a moment of silence next to that photograph and asked her dad for his blessing from up above. I believe he approves and would be happy for how extremely joyful our lives have become since we met each other.


My parents knew all along that I was planning this big step in my life. They even knew when I would propose! I am very close to my parents and I’ve always included them in any of my big decisions. A marriage proposal was no exception. Having their approval meant the world to me. Above all I think it’s a cultural tradition to want to include your own parents if you still have them around.

While I will not be going into detail of how stressful the “picking a ring” process was, I can tell you that it was hectic. There is a lot of planning involved, especially as it relates to the cost. You will end up spending at least up to three months of your salary on this asset. It is a big investment, and I recommend you do your research.


So now that I have done the asking, and the ring is on my fiancée’s finger, I ask you guys, how will you propose? Will you still follow tradition and ask the father first? Please share. Ladies, do you have an opinion? Comparte por favor, share!

In the meantime, our wedding will be in the summer of 2017 so the planning for the BIG day has begun!

Saludos Mileniales,


P.s. Don’t forget to visit Mari’s site and follow her on all her social media.

Creo que todos en algún momento hemos sido victimas de entrar en la rutina y lo monótono que puede ser una relación amorosa. No es que sea difícil ser espontaneo o hacer cosas diferentes pero simplemente la rutina del trabajo y cosas por hacer en casa nos dejan rendidos o a veces con muy poco tiempo y energía para ser creativos para realizar nuevas experiencias.

Credito: Video Cine Distribucion

Credito: Video Cine Distribucion

Pero caer en la misma rutina a veces nos puede costar hasta el hermoso matrimonio que se ha construido y muchas veces es lo causante a que existan tantos divorcios, en mi humilde opinión, porque se va perdiendo la gran chispa del amor.


Con un atractivo toque de humor y una película que es para toda la familia, Busco Novio para mi Mujer (2016) aborda esta situación y como puede llegar hasta sus últimas consecuencias. ¡No te la pierdas en solo 2 días, el 19 de febrero!


El pasado sábado tuve la oportunidad de ver esta película en un screening adelantado donde los protagonistas Dana (Sandra Echeverría) y Paco (Arath de la Torre) se desempeñan muy bien y sacaron la historia al 100.

Credito: Video Cine Distribucion

Credito: Video Cine Distribucion

Gracias a Latinas Bloggers Connect (LBC) pude disfrutar de mi sábado y reír como nunca antes. Al final de la película Sandra Echeverría nos deleitó con su presencia y nos habló detalles de la película y cosas que pasaron “behind the scenes” que no había contado. (Risas)

Disfrute mucho de la charla de Sandra y creo que muchos de los otros bloggers que participaron estan de acuerdo conmigo.

En Busco Novio para mi Mujer, Sandra Echeverría incursiona como productora cinematográfica después de haber participado en algunos doblajes (El Libro de la Vida (2014) y El Profeta (2016)) y haber compartido el set con Salma Hayek en la película Salvajes (2012) de Oliver Stone. Por su parte, Arath de la Torre vuelve como protagonista a la pantalla grande después de 15 años (Inspiración, 2001), compartiendo créditos con Mónica Huarte (Cansada de Besar Sapos, 2006), Mauricio Isaac (XY, 2009, 2012) y Yago Muñoz (Miss XV, 2012).


De la mano de Pantelion Films, la casa productora detrás de la película mexicana más taquillera de la historia, No se Aceptan Devoluciones (2013), de Eugenio Derbez, llega Busco Novio para mi Mujer. Bajo la dirección de Enrique Begné, Sandra Echeverría y Arath de la Torre protagonizan esta adaptación de la cinta argentina Un Novio para mi Mujer (2008), de Juan Taratuto, la cual tuvo tanto éxito que inspiró otros dos refritos en Italia y Corea del Sur.

El poder de la voz latina es inmensa entonces todos vamos a verla el 19 de febrero en una sala de cine cerca de tu casa. Si te gustaría ver más películas en español en las salas de teatro aquí en Estados Unidos te recomiendo apoyar esta cinta cual saldrá en más de 350 cines para que tengamos acceso a más películas en español.

Ya sea que vayas solo o acompañado, esta cinta te hará pasar un muy buen rato y, en una de esas, te hará pensar dos veces antes de dejar ir lo que has ganado con tanto esfuerzo y dedicacion.

Que te diviertas.

Did you know that February is National Chocolate Lovers’ Month?

Choco-Cinnamon Popsicle Hot Chocolate

Choco-Cinnamon Popsicle Hot Chocolate

I am here to confirm with you that it is. In addition, if you still haven’t received your chocolate fix for the season I will also share with you some original hot chocolate recipes from my friend, Amara Barroeta, from Amara Chocolate & Coffee that she created after teaming up with the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), creator of the iconic got milk? campaign.

Would you be surprised if I told you that my fiancé and I celebrated Valentine’s Day at Barroeta’s Pasadena-based Amara Chocolate & Coffee shop?


I hope you are not surprised because we are not fans of going on a fancy date that day because you end up spending twice or triple the amount of money on a dinner than any other day and you end up eating what is cooked for the masses so our outing thanks to Got Milk? and Amara Chocolate & Coffee was perfect.

While we were there we saw visitors from all ages from newborns to elderly couples enjoying their cups of coffee on that sunny morning. It’s a quaint place, but feels as if you were at home. The owner was there and she greeted everyone as if they were part of her familia.

With the warm weather fast approaching on us her in So. Cal. it would be uncomfortable to sip on some hot chocolate so you have the option of making your beverage cold and that’s exactly what we did. We had the Choco-Merida “cold” (dark Chocolate and milk).

“While developing these hot chocolates, I took inspiration from chocolate’s beginnings and revisited some of the original ingredients. I’m really excited about the results, especially because each drink is so different, yet all have the perfect silky texture and flavor you can only get by using milk,” adds Barroeta. Amara’s experience and travel has awarded her the ability to combine flavors from all over the world and bring them together in each one of her delectable creations.

Creamy Peanut Butter-Coconut Dream

Creamy Peanut Butter-Coconut Dream

Now more than ever, chocolatiers are giving us a lot to look forward to with the craft chocolate trends that is taking the chocolate world by storm. To develop original and exciting hot chocolate recipes that are guaranteed to capture your eyes and hearts this month Barroeta’s delicious, milk-based recipes range from a Mexican Choco-Latte with dry chile pasilla to a Popcorn Crowned Orange Hot Chocolate with orange peel and caramel popcorn. These recipes are inspired by chocolate’s history and the craft chocolate trend.

This warming, filling and satisfying drink has never gone out of style, and milk has always been the go-to base for the perfect cup. Milk has the ability to tone down spices, balance sweetness and harmoniously bring together ingredients to achieve extraordinary flavors. A quality hot chocolate requires pure and natural ingredients – from the cacao bean to the base. “I always use milk for my hot chocolates because it gives them the richness and creaminess I’m looking for,” said Barroeta.


She continues to practice her craft daily, making everything from delicate handmade pastries to truffles, fondues and sipping chocolates – all made with imported Venezuelan chocolate.

While we visited this cozy chocolate and coffee café situated on busy Raymond Avenue in Pasadena we couldn’t pass the opportunity to indulge in the delicious “La de Pabellon Arepa.” This type of food is a white corn flatbread, born in Venezuela. To top it off we also pleased our palate with freshly-made churros and dipped them in three different sauces; freshly-made guava marmalade, chocolate and “dulce de leche” and if that wasn’t enough the churros were topped with Vanilla and Pistachio ice cream! YUMMY!

Watch Barroeta at work here:

Guests that visited Amara Chocolate & Coffee on Valentine’s Day were able to select from delectable options: Aztec-Latte (chile pasilla, dark chocolate, expresso and milk), Choco-Merida (dark Chocolate and milk) or Venezuelan (rich, sipping hot chocolate).

Mexican Choco-Latte

Mexican Choco-Latte


With an eclectic background as a chemical engineer, a former Miss Venezuela contestant and now an expert chocolatier, Amara Barroeta is a talented entrepreneur who is quickly making a name for herself in the world of chocolate. She first discovered her passion for chocolate working with Pastry Chef Pascal Chérancé, in Caracas, Venezuela, known by many as the “mecca of chocolate”. After traveling the world and being inspired by different cultures, Amara began to create her own recipes which culminated in making her dream of opening her own chocolate shop a reality in 2012 with “Amara Chocolate & Coffee.”

Her chocolate career hit a high note in 2015, when Amara attended the International Chocolate Awards in Germany and came back a winner. Her famous chocolate was awarded the bronze prize in the category of Drinks and Dark Chocolate.

The California Milk Processor Board was established in 1993 to make milk more competitive and increase milk consumption in California. Awareness of got milk? is over 90% nationally and it is considered one of the most important and successful campaigns in history. Got milk? is a federally registered trademark that has been licensed by the national dairy boards since 1995. The CMPB’s Spanish-language campaign began in 1994 using the tagline “Familia, Amor y Leche” (Family, Love and Milk). The toma leche (Drink Milk) campaign replaced it in 2006, in order to better align the English and Spanish language work. The CMPB is funded by all California milk processors and administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Popcorn Crowned Orange Hot Chocolate

For all of Amara’s hot chocolate recipes, created exclusively for got milk?
Visit: and follow got milk?

Via social media:

Facebook / Twitter @gotmilk and Instagram @officialgotmilk.
Don’t forget to use the #ChocolateLovesMilk

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Do 30, 20, 10 wide-grip pushups in the morning and before going to bed or at both times and you’ll thank me later. The target area for these is your #chest. Start from a normal pushup position, but spread your hands wider than shoulder length. This will force your chest to pick up the brunt of the work from your triceps and shoulders. Don’t compromise form.

Haz 30, 20 y 10 flexiones de lagartijas de agarre ancho en la mañana y antes de irse a la cama o en ambos momentos y me lo agradecerás más tarde. El área que se trabaja en este ejercicio es el pecho. Empieza desde una posición normal de plancha, que se extiendan las manos más anchas que los hombros. Esto obligará a tu pecho recoger la mayor parte del trabajo en los tríceps y hombros. No comprometas tu forma.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS on a MONDAY! These are so good for you! Try them today and set up your own routine.

Ejercicio montañista o “alpinista” en este lunes. Estos son buenisimos para ti! Has estos hoy con tu propia rutina!

When I found out about Green Blender it was the perfect timing because my fiancé and I were in the middle of packing boxes, cleaning our old house and moving into our brand new home and our time was dedicated to putting stuff away and loading it into a big truck for the BIG move. The time we spent in the kitchen during those two weeks was shortened due to the fact that we were moving and that was very unusual for a #fitcouple because that’s our favorite place at home. (wink)

FullSizeRender (1)

But, when I found out about Green Blender and how they deliver superfood smoothie recipes and ingredients to your doorstep I thought it was the smartest idea. They really got us through the week when we wouldn’t have time to make breakfast and these energizing and full of vitamins smoothies made the cut.


Green Blender is a food delivery service that will deliver organic food (vegetables, fruits, liquids and superfoods) to your home every week. One shipment will last you 5 days, containing 5 different smoothie recipes.

One smoothie makes 2 smoothies so you can share with your spouse, roommate or stash it away for lunch or dinner! Believe me that second serving a day will NOT go to waste.


Green Blender aims to solve one problem people face on a daily basis: eating healthy is good for you, but eating healthy is also difficult with the busy lives we have.

My fiancé and I have at least one smoothie/juice per day (for the past year we have been about that lifestyle) so trying Green Blender was natural. It was great to learn about all the different pairings that can be made with all the goodies that we’re sent. In your box, you’ll get original smoothie recipes and pre-portioned ingredients.

For instance I never thought about putting tofu in my smoothies and there was one smoothie in particular that used that as an ingredient and guess what? That was my favorite one of the week! You can find that recipe on their website because they share all of their amazing recipes there.


The smoothies in my box included:

  1. Pecan Oatmeal Cookie
  2. Orange Beet Protein
  3. Poblano Pepper Pick-Me-Up
  4. Sweet Almond Pie
  5. Cranberry Kumquat Tart

In addition to all the perfectly portioned ngredients Green Blender will also send you colorful straws for each smoothie, information about their company and a sheet w/ the recipes that shows a legend with the benefits of each ingredient.

For any of you who are travelers or always on the road this would also be the perfect box to order because you’d be receiving it in the mail before starting your busy week and knowing that you’d be eating the healthiest food possible because Green Blender focuses on sourcing the highest quality of ingredients, and they work with organic farms, urban and local farms, green markets, and vendors who value sustainable practices whenever possible.


Thank you Green Blender for getting us through some rough times and keeping our nutritious lifestyle on point. We could not have done our move without your delicious and premium drinks and cheers to these smoothies that satisfy!

If you want to give Green Blender a try, you can use the code GUSTAVO and get 20% off your first box.

Disclosure: I received a box from Green Blender in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own. 

Our body needs variation and confusion in order to create results. Staying stagnant or doing the same exercise produces 0 results. Incorporate these Push-ups and Spiderman leg-to-elbow in your next routine. The obliques like the attention. Drawing your knee to your elbow works your oblique muscles and your entire core like crazy. Visible results in a fraction of the time (15 min per day / 3 days a week).

Tu cuerpo necesita la variación y la confusión con el fin de crear resultados. El permanecer estancado o hacer el mismo ejercicio produce 0 cambios. Incorpora estas lagartijas y ejercicio del hombre araña con la pierna hacia el codo en tu siguiente rutina. A los oblicuos les gusta la atención. Llevar la rodilla hasta el codo trabaja los músculos oblicuos y todo el cuerpo central. Veras resultados visibles en una fracción de este tiempo: (15 min por día / 3 días a la semana)

Yup, you’ll look at these pics and think it’s hilarious because of my glasses (I was often called four eyes as a kid), my chubby cheeks that I sported, my crooked/stained teeth and GOD knows for how many other reasons. Now I can look back and see those moments of my life as “had to live” stepping stones to get me where I am today, but let me tell you that the road I traveled was not the most enjoyable one. This is not a victim post nor do I want anyone to feel sorry for me, but I share it because I know there’s a young crowd following me and one person or another may see this post as a light to all that they may be going through. I pray for you! Let me tell you: LIFE gets better. Sometimes you kind of need to go through hell to value the golden days.
I came to the U.S. when I was four years old, and although I looked “white” or part of the majority back then, my strong Mexican accent threw people off guard and even so when they heard my name being called during roll call by teachers. I recall being in middle school and getting bullied for being Mexican, but then again bullied by peers of my own race for looking “too white”. Goes to show how messed up our society is. I would argue that I was a victim of racism, clearly. And what is a kid supposed to do at that age? Get confused I would imagine.
I started wearing glasses at a very young age and I was called names for that, something you all probably have gone through if your vision was not 20/20. To top it off I was a geek, I was not the smartest geek, but I was a library kid and was made fun of for that. It was in middle school where I put on some extra pounds. And go figure I was bullied for that too. In middle school I was transferred to a new school because my family had moved to another city and that’s exactly when the lower photo was taken. I was a pretty miserable kid (you can tell by the pic) growing up because I didn’t have many close friends, honestly I always felt like I didn’t fit in with others.

4th Grade, 8th Grade and 28 years old!

High school came around and while I was so involved with my education and furthering myself I still didn’t manage to get out of my comfort zone many times and was caught up in a world of constant bullying, name-calling and made fun of. Yes, I have always been an introvert, I think. I really never spoke up or told family and friends about that stage of my life, but it was for the reasons mentioned above and added to that the fact that I didn’t play sports, was an immigrant, came from a low-income family and my opportunities to succeed in life were very slim that I was intimidated by others.
It was the end of junior year and throughout senior where I was bullied the most and I would have to admit that those were the most miserable days of my life. Sometimes I dreaded going to high school because I knew how unhappy I was there. Not exactly sure what caused people to call me senseless things, make assumptions and simply make my life pretty depressing. (Though some friends did make high school worthwhile and fun!) I wish I knew back then that only I had control of my emotions and that others opinions wouldn’t define me. I wish I knew back then what I know now and I wish I could tell that young kid that I’d be in a better place in the future and that things would work out for the best.
College arrived before I knew it and I feel like my life turned 360 degrees for the BEST. I met some of the most amazing human beings I have ever encountered and which I still keep in touch with and I made some exciting memories.
Not being the most fit person, wearing glasses, not being social, not playing sports, being a geek, poor, a 4.0 student, senseless and hurtful comments that have absolutely no value in bringing up all contributed to how miserable I felt and the lack of self-esteem I had growing up.
As an adult I was involved in romantic relationships where I felt I was not appreciated or loved for the person that I am. I let them make me feel small. Worst decision ever! And of course that contributed to the negative spiral I saw myself in. But, it was 2 years ago that I committed to re-building myself into a stronger man (spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally) even more than before and decided to live a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t until a year ago that I took things to a whole different level and I blocked the miserable, challenging and rough past I had because of others. Yes, I was a victim of verbal bullying. I am not saying I went through anything catastrophic, but often times words can hurt a lot because they stick with you forever until you are ready to fully let go. And I have!!! I didn’t only forget, but I forgave those that made it miserable and wish them well. God wants us to do that.
Now I feel like my life is not where I would wish for it to be, but I know I am on the right track and I feel extremely happy in my own physique. Something I never imagined I would achieve!
Why did I write this post? I want other kids (especially boys soon to be men) to know that their social status, appearance, having friends or not, being a geek or whatever other reason has nothing to do with who you truly are as an individual and that there’s a lot of value you can provide to our messed up world. Unfortunately, there’s so much hate and insecurity in others that they want to impose some of that in positive people’s lives.
I want to remind you to love yourself, gain self-confidence one day at a time and you are a powerful being able to accomplish all things. Keep going “HACIA ADELANTE” and I hope that no day goes by when you have felt lonely in this world because you are not! Please speak up and reach out to others. That’s the biggest mistake I made, but God always protected me.
Embrace your identity and being different. That’s great that you are because we need more people that are authentic individuals like you. Keep that chin up high.
I never imagined the big difference and impact that carrying a healthier lifestyle would have in my life and how important fitness would be for me today. Honestly I feel as if I was given another chance to fully live and completely let go of the negativity. Working out has saved my life and it’s become a healthy addiction!

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