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Friends of AVivirLA I wanted to share with all of you my experience driving the Hyundai Sonata Sport 2016 in a light grey exterior color. It was a spacious sedan and perfect for our mini get-away to San Diego to arrive in style to the #NewElantra 2017 Auto Launch, which was held in Imperial Beach.


My fiancée and I drove it for an entire week before and after the event and it was like always a great experience where we test drove it to and from work, during our trip and even to drop off family members to the airport. The trunk of the car was huge because we were able to fit 4 large suitcases.

The spacious seating is perfect for long distances because your passengers will have plenty of leg room and there will be no complaining. It will offer a smooth ride complemented by comfortable seats.


The easy-to-use controls and touchscreen were perfect for pairing my phone apps to the dash and being able to control music from the touchscreen and easier to use screen while driving.

Since we participated in the #NewElantra auto launch event the time we had with the Sonata Sport was shortened and the fact that it rained on Sunday when we had planned to do activities with the car was not fun. We were very limited to the places we could visit around San Diego, but we still made the best of and tried to not frown.

We visited Coronado Island and walked around the Coronado Hotel, which is a landmark in San Diego. We then drove to San Diego mission, walked around the beautiful grounds and stayed for a beautiful mass. We had lunch on Sunday in Old Towne San Diego and the Hyundai Sonata got us there. We had some delicious and authentic Mexican food. It started pouring as soon as we were done eating so we decided to drive back home (sad times), but we made it home safe and sound.


Throughout the weekend the rearview camera and automatic headlights were very helpful while pulling in and out of parking lots. The automatic braking system also debuts on the Limited 2.0T Sonata Sport model.

The mileage in the car was very economic because with all of our traveling we never had to re-fuel during our activities. It’s definitely a gas saver and I love that!


This model starts at $21,750, but I won’t share too many more details because I would like for you to go check it out at your closest dealership and let me know your thoughts? I want you to discover some of the other cool new features on your own.


I had the honor of participating in the Hyundai Elantra 2017 launch event at Imperial Beach, California in January and what an amazing experience. It was my first of I am sure many auto launch events that I’ll participate in (fingers crossed). All opinions below are my own and are based off of my personal experience throughout the weekend.

On Friday evening immediately after LA traffic faded my fiancé and I drove to Imperial Beach and checked-in to the beautiful Pier South Resort that is less than 5 miles from the Mexico-U.S. border. The moment I walked into the resort I felt tranquility and peace since you can hear the waves because the backyard to the hotel has the most astonishing view to the ocean.


We checked into our room and the Hyundai team had left us some cool tech. gadgets such as a selfie stick and a phone camera lens, which helps capture more in a frame. I loved it! Also the door to the rooms had the #NewElantra etched on the glass and even on the elevators. In the lobby of the hotel the Hyundai team had a well thought-out welcome reception with food trucks (very San Diego style), drinks, music and all invited fellow bloggers to interact and share the night with.

I was starving when we arrived after a stressful drive and I opted for having the oven baked pizza and the below plate with delicious food from a local catering company called MIHO. The photo says it all:

That evening we are able to connect with Brandon Ramirez from the Hyundai team and learn more about the great experience they had planned for us over the next couple of days! He was great to talk to and actually didn’t give us many details, but told us we were in for an unforgettable and great treat.


The Hyundai team had planned for us a s’mores and campfire setting in the back patio of the resort. We were given some blankets that we got to keep as a keepsake.

MY17 Hyundai Elantra

Credit: Hyundai

At the end of the night we made it back to our room and called it a night because we knew we had a long/fun day waiting for us to enjoy the #NewElentra on Saturday so we wanted to be well rested.


The next morning we received a comprehensive general overview from Jim Trainor from Hyundai (picture above) of the market and how the Elantra is positioned compared with other brands. It was very educational so that we knew what we would be driving that afternoon.


After the presentations we were divided into four groups so that we would get the hands-on experience of learning different features of the #NewElantra. Some of the highlights included learning about Apple Play (mirrors some of your cellphone apps. on the auto screen – AMAZING), Clarifi technology system, the seats with organic foam and special structure to optimize the noise reduction, which was a big highlight because I got to experience that during our test drive and its new design features:

  • The new front design has bolder lines and headlights
  • The 16” alloy wheels
  • Door handle is lit
  • The key advantage detects the keys for opening trunk
  • Spacious interior, which is the same as the interior of the Cadillac CTS
  • 33 miles / gallon
  • Motor has good torque

After all the mini demonstrations we were set free to test drive with our partners and my fiancé and I went together in an elegant white Limited Elantra that we chose for the earlier part of our day. Everything went smoothly until we went into a 5 minute panic attack after we missed the exit we should have taken and before we knew it we were feet away from the last U.S. road (we didn’t have our passports). Within minutes we could have been in Tijuana, Mexico. WOW, that was a scare. We turned into that last exit and managed to get back on the designated route that would take us to our first pit stop. Phew!


During that drive we saw that the cabin is more spacious than the previous year’s, and that new safety technologies include autonomous emergency braking, high-beam assist, blind-spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert.

In addition, improvements also included a new Integrated Memory Seat that remembers a driver’s preferred seating position. The leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob add a luxurious feel typically reserved for top of the line vehicles.

Hyundai Elantra

Credit: Hyundai

After our first pit stop with snacks and drinks we traveled to Mount Woodson Country Club where lunch waited for us at this beautiful venue. My fiancé and I are starting to look-up wedding venues and this place has made it onto our list of possible places to host our wedding.


We were able to talk to fellow bloggers and influencers over lunch and as soon as were done we went off to the second part of our drive where we had the opportunity to drive to an iconic place of San Diego. This time we drove in a bright red Elantra.

My fiancé had never been to La Jolla Cove so I decided to take her there so that she would be introduced to this beautiful place. We walked around for a bit and snapped some pics. She loved it and wants to go back! Before we knew it we were driving back to the resort because we had to be back in time for a dinner reception at 6 p.m.


The #NewElantra ride was smooth, the Apple Play made it possible for us to get to our destinations after we figured out how to use it and even send text messages from there. We enjoyed test driving this sedan and loved that we could compare its different features to that of the Hyundai Sonata since we were granted one of those models to arrive in style to the event from our friends at DriveShop. It’s hard to say which car was my favorite because they are both unique in their own way, but I may need to opt for the #NewElantra because of its newer capabilities and upgrades.

MY17 Hyundai Elantra

Credit: Hyundai

This event was truly remarkable and I want to thank everyone involved in making this an unforgettable experience for all of us bloggers and influencers. I can tell that the Hyundai team went above and beyond in their planning and execution.

Price starts at $17,150 for the #NewElantra 2017 and you can find more information on how to get yours here:

Do you see yourself driving an Elantra 2017? Is it in your plans to buy one of these for the next year?  I want to hear from you and please let me know if I can be helpful to you based on my driving experience. Would love to answer your questions.

MY17 Hyundai Elantra

Credit: Hyundai

Lexus hopes to pump a little high-powered adrenaline and glamour into its lineup with the LC 500, which was recently unveiled at the North American International Auto Show. The sport coupe, with four seats, is expected to be priced at around $100,000. It is powered by a 5.0-liter, V-8 engine borrowed from the high-performance GS F sedan and RC F coupe that generates 467 hp and 389 pounds-feet of torque.


It was meticulously crafted with a variety of materials that enhance structural rigidity-including high-strength steel, lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum-the LC also embraces the art of performance with an all-new 10 speed Sport Direct-Shift transmission and a new advanced multilink suspension with razor’s-edge precision.


Every aspect of the LC is crafted to forge an unprecedented connection between the driver and the drive. The LC features a low center of gravity engineered to enhance driving dynamics, along with low-set, deeply contoured seats and an ergonomically advanced steering wheel with magnesium paddle shifters.


This car is sure to evoke an emotional new driving experience and introduce the next expression of Lexus performance.


Text Credit: Lexus

Lexus is on a roll. LF-LC, LF-CC, LFA, IS and RC are all pretty stunning.

Next up on the roster of updates, and adopting the L-Finesse design language is the LS flagship sedan, is the LF-FC (“Lexus Future Fuel Cell”) – a concept car (for now) that challenges the Merc S-Class and BMW 7-Series.

If you’re bored of the German default you should really try out something from Japan. And seeing the LF-FC unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, it’s easy to see the appeal.


WHAT IT IS: A two-plus-two sports coupe concept from Toyota’s California design studio that could be Lexus’s answer to the Aston Martin DB9 if, of course, it reaches production. More expensive and more driver-oriented than the defunct SC430 convertible, this “poor man’s LFA” (it’ll cost about half as much) will squeeze at least 500 horsepower from its hybrid powertrain.

WHY IT MATTERS: With the LFA out of the picture, the LF-LC would become the brand’s standard-bearer—and a more visible one at that.


PLATFORM: Unknown. A new front-engine, rear-drive architecture or a heavily revised Lexus GS platform are logical possibilities.

POWERTRAIN: A gasoline-electric hybrid with a V-8 engine and at least 500 horsepower.

COMPETITION: Aston Martin DB9, Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari California, Mercedes-Benz S-class coupe, Porsche 911 Turbo, Rolls-Royce Wraith.

WHAT MIGHT GO WRONG: Unveiled as a concept at last year’s Detroit show, the LF-LC moved toward production after enthusiastic receptions at dealer meetings. That green light can swiftly turn red, though, for a host of political and economic reasons.


ESTIMATED ARRIVAL AND PRICE: At the earliest, in 2016 as a 2017 model with a price just below $200,000.

Credit: Car and Driver and Pocket-lint

Last Thursday Tesla revealed it’s Model X during a private discussion by its CEO Elon Musk to a select group of journalists in the Silicon Valley.

Tesla’s Model X vows to be the greenest way to tote seven passengers over hill and dale. There are two models for now: the P90D Signature and the sportier P90D Founder. A 259-hp electric motor powers the front wheels; a 503-hp rear-mounted motor powers the rear for all-wheel drive. The P90D has a 250-mile range and can hit 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, with a top speed of 155 mph. The Model X inherits the high-tech cabin from the Model S and, amazingly, the “falcon wing” doors from the concept.


The 2016 Tesla Model X is a midsize crossover that utilizes many of the same components as Tesla’s successful Model S sedan but packages it in a more family-friendly body style.


Enough range for daily use; promises top safety scores; six- and seven-passenger configurations; unique rear door should ease getting in and out of the second and third row of seats; capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds.


Unknown long-term reliability; vertical-opening rear doors compromise cargo utility; out of the price range of most crossover buyers.

The price tag is $143,000.

Text and Photo Credit: Car and Driver and

This post was written in collaboration with Carmen Melgoza from #LatinoFitClub

The Kia Sorento 2016 boasts itself with a lot of style and luxury. I recently had the opportunity to drive it for a week in different environments and I already feel like doing an upgrade on my own car. I loved how it drove in the highway, streets, beach, city and freeways. I currently drive a 2013 Kia Soul and I loved all the great amenities and upgrades the Sorento has compared to my car. Don’t be surprised if I do an upgrade!


During our most recent road trip to California’s Central Coast- Carmel by the Sea my girl and I had the amazing opportunity of driving this upscale SUV. Many would say it resembles a minivan, but I would strongly disagree because I feel that Kia has done a very good job in making the notable difference. They have worked hard to revamp their car lineup and have luxury meet affordability. The body is elegant and its balanced proportions inside and out give it a premium look and feel.


We felt like we drove on the freeway with a lot of style and never felt like we were driving a minivan like some others describe the SUV. I have nothing against minivans, but I feel that they are for a family and my girl and I are still young with no kids so we would not drive a minivan at the moment.


Everyone that has visited Carmel knows that it’s a fancy and romantic town by the sea with beautiful million dollar homes and luxury brand cars driving around the downtown area, but we felt no less with our very own white elegant Kia Sorento 2016 that we had the pleasure of driving for a whole week.


We had the opportunity of driving a 2016 Sorento that came with all the upgrades and without a doubt there are several amenities that grabbed my attention right off the bat. I loved the panoramic sun roof w/ power sunshade, standard 12V power outlet, the camera feature inside the car, the functionality of opening your car with the touch of your thumb just as long as the key was nearby and the button option to close the trunk door.


During a road trip there are times when your hands are full of stuff and the Sorento’s upgrades always made it easy to get in-and-out of the car. We traveled four days and being comfortable in the car was always a priority—we certainly feel we received that with the Kia Sorento.


Thanks to the vehicle we were able to visit Point Lobos State Natural Reserve where we hiked for half a day, had a delicious picnic with good friends and enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery. We fell in love with this place. With a $10.00 parking fee we were able to enjoy this crown jewel and also known as the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world.


And to talk about comfortability and space — the Sorento has both. The three rows of seats can sit up to 8 passengers and if you do not need all the seats you can make great use of the large back space, which made it perfect for our road trip. I had never seen a trunk space this large and I am thinking it’s a must have vehicle for long trips or moving furniture/items.


After our hike in Point Lobos we drove off to the downtown area in Carmel where we enjoyed strolling through some of the shops, fine dining, galleries and beach.


As I mentioned earlier the sun roof extended all the way to the last row of seats and all passengers get the benefit of some natural sunlight. I loved this feature!

We all have seen the vehicle reverse camera in cars, but I was surprised to see the front, side and top camera in the Sorento. When driving in narrow streets and finding parking in busy areas these camera features came in very handy, especially in downtown Carmel and Monterey.


We continued our trip by visiting Monterey and we devoured some of their delicious clam chowder and the cold weather was perfect for this! The views from the restaurant were great too.


We continued our trip in the Kia Sorento by paying a visit to Mission San Carlos Borroméo del Río Carmelo, which by the way is extremely beautiful and holds so much history about California. My girl and I have a life goal of visiting all the California missions and so far we’ve been to 4 of them together. That countdown continues. Lol


The mileage on the Kia Sorento was great. We filled up two tanks during our trip and that second tank got us back home to Los Angeles. The Sorento gets you about 22 miles per gallon combined, which is very good for a car this size.


My girl was part of this amazing experience and she wanted to add the following:

“La Kia Sorento hizo el viaje mucho más cómodo, un carro súper futurístico y puedo decir que lo que más disfrute fue el “quema cocos” y claro el sistema de seguridad que esta SUV ofrece como  la cámara tanto frontal (así es, esta tiene una cámara por delante y no solo por detrás como algunos otros vehículos) y cámara lateral, en fin son varios los detalles que me gustaron de esta SUV. Así que si en un futuro cercano esta en mis planes cambiar de un carro a una SUV ya tengo esta opción”, dijo Carmen.

Our mini road trip would not have been possible without #DriveKia and Kia. We continue to be very appreciative of the support and trust that was given to us when fully experiencing their elegant SUV. Thanks to our friends at Drive Shop for making this experience a reality. If we’d have to rate our experience and vehicle we’d happily give it a 10+ because we rode in comfort, elegance while never jeopardizing affordability.


El joven piloto Alejandro Fernández se ha abierto espacio en las pistas del rally mundial y en esta ocasion competirá contra leyendas como Travis Pastrana en el Puerto de Los Angeles este 12 y 13 de septiembre. El colombiano podra impresionar con varias de sus maniobras durante el Global Rally Cross y podra demostrar que puede llegar a ser uno de los grandes. A tan solo 19 años de edad ya demuestra su gran capacidad.

Credito: Alejandro Fernandez FB Page

Credito: Alejandro Fernandez FB Page

Para todos los aficionados de las carreras les recomiendo participar este fin de semana en el Red Bull Rally Cross que se llevara a cabo en 3011 Miner St., San Pedro, CA. Los boletos sencillos de un dia son de $35.00 y $60.00 por los dos dias. Los boletos estan disponibles aqui.

Para mas informacion sobre Alejandro puedes visitar el siguiente link:

Creado para producir algunas de las carreras más rápidas y más emocionante en el automovilismo, Red Bull Global Rallycross enfrenta coches pequeños con mejoradas características de ingeniería y de seguridad, los coches producen 600 caballos de fuerza y ​​puede acelerar de 0-60 millas por hora en menos de dos segundos, y también puede soportar saltos de 70 pies y otro tipo de contacto del vehículo. Para obtener más información, visite

Ambos dias (12 y 13 de septiembre) las puertas abren a las 10 am.

Alli nos vemos amigos de #AVivirLA!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc., and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CambioConfiable #CollectiveBias

It’s the norm that people start driving when they are young and in high school, but that was not the case for me. I grew up using public transportation and asking for rides from my family and friends up until I was 24 years old. For reasons out of my control I was not able to get a driver’s license until my mid-twenties so you can all imagine how much I value driving and having a car nowadays. It’s something that I do not take for granted and I feel grateful daily when I sit in my car before I start my day.


I went off to college and Graduate school using public transportation in the cities that I lived in. I became a connoisseur of reading bus schedules, train and metro maps. It takes a lot to really comprehend those documents. Lol Although at times it was frustrating and hectic to ride in public transportation because it was not the best service in some cities and inconvenient I feel that I was able to explore a city more for all the times I got lost. I’ve lived in San Jose, CA, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, CA and I am pretty well versed in each cities’ geography and finding myself around those big cities.

You can all imagine a 24-year-old receiving his driver’s license as soon as graduating with a Master’s degree, I felt like a 16-year-old passing the driving exam and then being handed his first car keys by his parents. Only in this case I worked hard for my first car keys. Although the road I’ve traveled hasn’t always been the one I had planned, I’ve taken many detours and at times dead-ends, but my perseverance has always lived in me and I can honestly say that a lot I’ve done has been through hard work, dedication and thanks to my faithful supporters.

Immediately after graduating with my Master’s degree I was blessed enough to start my first official job opportunity, saved money for a down payment and I purchased my very first brand new car at 25 years old. I bought a black 2013 Kia Soul, which I named “Alma Negra”. Why? It’s a Soul and in Spanish that translate to Alma and it’s black and that in Spanish translate to Negra.

Although I didn’t start driving until later in life my father and older siblings never missed an opportunity to show me how to drive, (they were my instructors). I come from a humble Latino family so there was no extra cash to hire an official instructor to show me “how to drive.” Not only did they show me how to drive, but also taught me some of the simplest car hacks that every person should know how to do in one of their most important assets in life – their vehicle. Plus car maintenance can be expensive so its best if you know how to replace the oil, replace wind-shield wipers and perform a thorough car wash to have your car shining like new always.


Imagine life without your car? Yeah, it would be pretty miserable I am sure since we depend on it so much. I don’t believe that driving a car is a privilege nor a luxury where only some can reap the benefits and instead I strongly believe that it’s a necessity that everyone should be able to have access to.

Think about it — you use your car to transport you from point A to point B, C, D and so forth daily such as work, errands, doctor visits, emergencies, school, food and groceries. And other times it can take you on an adventure to visit a friend, family or fun road trips, which I am the biggest fan of.

How about all the fun dates you’ve been on and your car has been your biggest ally in this because you had to pick up the girl you were trying to impress and a woman can tell a lot by how a man takes care of his car. Right ladies? So to save you some time and that special girl from running away from you follow my simple car hacks so that you have a healthy car.


When changing your own oil there are several things you should know about the car such as year, model, make, and engine displacement size and oil type. You’ll find all of this information in your vehicle’s user manual. Once you’ve figured all this out I recommend you use Quaker State Oil for your car and although they have different varieties such as advanced durability motor oil (green bottle), ultimate durability-full synthetic motor oil (red bottle) and defy-high mileage motor oil (gold bottle) you will know which one to use by completing your research that I mentioned earlier.

Visit your nearest Walmart to purchase the oil products your car needs for its next oil change and get ready to get down and dirty. You’ll find the oil products in the Auto section of the store. Don’t be scared of the process because in the end you’ll be saving yourself money, it will give you confidence in knowing how to change your cars’ oil and durability because you’ll know you’ve chosen the best product.


Here are the simple steps to take to change your car oil:

  1. Start by warming up your engine for 2-3 minutes so the gook gets churned up and can flow out of the engine easily. Don’t let the engine turn hot, only warm or else you won’t be able to work on it.
  2. Drain the Oil into a container. The drain plug is located at the bottom of the engine. You’ll have to crawl or need to use a jack.
  3. Remove and replace the oil filter. Empty the oil from the filter into a container.
  4. Wipe around the area where the oil was drained.
  5. Refill your oil with a funnel.
  6. Screw the new filter into the engine where the old one was.
  7. Run the engine for 30 to 60 seconds and shut off the engine and wait 5 to 10 minutes for the oil to settle.
  8. Check oil level and once it’s at appropriate level take the car for a test drive.
  9. Once you return and the level is still at “FULL” at the dipstick you’re all set. You’ve completed your successful oil change and you know for a fact that it’s going to be reliable until the next oil change because you did it with your own hands. It’s very IMPORTANT that you dispose of the oil in an approved facility. IMG_5611

You should always feel pride when driving your car and there are some simple car hacks that can make you feel empowered by knowing that your car is at its best when you’re behind the wheel. For instance my car is almost 3 years old and to me it still looks pretty new and I want it to stay like that because I plan on keeping it for many years to come. When I become a father, one day, I want to ride my kids in it. I have taken such great care of it with Quaker State Oil products and implementing the simple verbal maintenance check-list I always received from my father.


I want to help you maintain your car reliability and durability so follow these simple tricks and I am sure you’ll be enjoying your ride for years.


  1. Read the vehicles owner’s manual thoroughly so that you understand the cars different functions and warnings your car gives you.
  2. Vacuum and clean everything periodically and even if that means scrubbing. This tips always reminds me of my older brother because he has always stressed this on me since he’s a perfectionist and always has his car extra-clean.
  3. Fix and clean the cockpit area and dashboard since that is the area where you usually spend the majority of time and the area that you end up touching the most.
  4. Clean the headlights. Make the dull and yellowed lights clear with toothpaste. Yes, you read that right it works and my dad taught me that lesson.
  5. Always have an air-freshener in your car to invite good scent. Nothing beats a clean and smell-good car.
  6. Tidy up the trunk so that you can keep items organized, easy to find and so that things are not traveling all over the place when you’re driving.
  7. Restore the interior with olive oil. Yes, mom taught me this lesson. All you need to do is dab olive oil on a rag and rub in circular motion.
  8. Wash car frequently to help the paint last longer and minimize the time it spends parked under the sun.
  9. And always keep an eye on your wheels and tires because everything your car does it does it through the tires. IMG_5612

I want to hear about your Walmart experience when purchasing the Quaker State Oil Products or when you visit their Auto Center for your oil change. Share with me in the comments section how you take care of your vehicle so that I can implement some of your car hacks on my “Alma Negra”?

#AVivirLA will be traveling in a brand new 2016 Kia Sorrento to California’s Central Coast the weekend of August 20th. We are really looking forward to visiting the beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea village, hiking, dining and connecting with great friends there! Follow our journey on all of AVivirLA’s social media outlets to see more of the amazing views that await us. Thank you Kia for the #DriveKia opportunity and for your trust!




2016 Kia Sorento AWD (Euro-spec)

2016 Kia Sorento

Esta nota fue escrita en colaboracion con Carmen Melgoza de #LatinoFitClub

Amigos de AVivirLA en esta ocasión regreso con una nota para contarles mi experiencia manejando el 2015 Mazda 3 en enero 2015. ¡WOW que carro tan padre! Tuve el placer de manejar este carro por toda una semana completa y la verdad que ahora lo extraño. Este es un carro súper futurístico y muy avanzado en tecnología y fue la opción perfecta para el viaje a Napa, California.


Mi novia y yo aprovechamos el carro muy bien y realizamos un viaje de Los Ángeles a Napa lo cual son aproximadamente 7 horas. La oportunidad de manejar este carro fue toda una súper experiencia agradable. Nuestra primera parada fue en Bakersfield y de ahí seguimos el camino a Modesto y el siguiente destino fue Mountain View y después Napa.


Fue increíble como con tanta parada y manejada la gasolina nos rindió muchísimo. Para empezar el carro es súper económico en gasolina. Si no calcule mal, el total de tanques llenos de gasolina que gastamos durante la semana que lo tuvimos fue aproximadamente 2 y que incluyera un viaje de ida y vuelta a Napa y manejarlo en la ciudad, sin duda alguna no fue nada mal.


El carro que me toco manejar estaba completamente equipado, pero las características estándar incluyen un equipo de sonido con cuatro altavoces, USB y entradas auxiliares y botón de arranque con tan solo tener un chip cerca. Con el Mazda 3 era de solamente oprimir un botón y el carro encendía.


Entre las características opcionales incluyen Bluetooth, control de crucero, navegación, doble zona de control de clima automático, esto fue la gloria  ya que mi novia es más friolenta y yo más caluroso así que fue padre para que cada quien tuviera el control de la temperatura. También incluye nueve altavoces de un sistema de sonido Bose, quemacocos y monitoreo de punto ciego. Esto se me hizo súper increíble y muy seguro ya que los sensores se encienden y te dan una alerta en los espejos cuando un carro está muy cerca o está en tu punto ciego. ¡MUY BIEN!


Otra característica muy padre es el control de crucero adaptativo y una cámara de la vista trasera. Los revisores están de acuerdo en que las características y controles del interior del Mazda 3 están bien diseñados y simples, y que el sistema de información y entretenimiento opcional es fácil de usar.


Definitivamente fue una gran oportunidad tener la oportunidad de manejar el Mazda 3 porque es muy diferente escuchar de otras personas el sentir de un carro a que uno mismo lo experimente. Vaya sorpresa me lleve con lo equipado que esta el carro y confieso que fue uno de mis carros favoritos cuando quería comprar carro nuevo hace dos años y ahora me arrepiento bastante de no haberlo comprado. Pero por ahora me conforme con manejarlo por una semana.


Se dice que no se puede calificar un carro por completo si no se maneja en diferentes aéreas y afortunadamente lo manejamos en la autopista, freeways, carreteras muy y menos transitadas, y en la terracería. También en ciudades grandes, pequeñas y pueblos donde radican pocas personas. Esta experiencia nos permitió calificar muy bien el sentir del carro — cual es muy fácil de manejar, sin escuchar el sonido exterior, y es muy cómodo que al igual suave.


Aún sigo sorprendido con el gran ahorro en gasolina, ya que el Mazda3 viene con un motor de 4 cilindros pues nos fue súper bien y definitivamente nos quedamos dentro de nuestro presupuesto para este viaje. Si tuviera que calificar este carro del 1-10 le daría un 10 en excelencia y me arrepiento bastante de no haberlo comprado cuando lo tuve contemplado. ¡Sera para la próxima!


Definitivamente, el carro tiene un look súper deportivo y muy moderno, es compacto pero súper cómodo y la cajuela cuenta con bastante espacio.

En este viaje disfrutamos mucho de Napa, el compartir unos ricos momentos con amigos, que por cierto también les gustó mucho el carro  y que decir de todo lo que disfrutamos manejar el carro.


En Napa disfrutamos de diferentes viñedos, wine cellars e hicimos una gran picnic con amigos de la universidad. Napa es hermoso y si algún día tienen la oportunidad de visitar asegúrense de tener un conductor asignado porque hay vino a morir. Jaja

En el pasado he visitado Napa y sus viñedos más comerciales y en esta ocasión nos fuimos a unos menos populares y más pequeños en la famosa Silverado Trail. Tuvimos el placer de probar el famoso vino de Regusci Winery y el sparkling wine de Mumm Napa.


Nos encantó escuchar las historias detrás de cada viñedo, como hacen el vino, y todo lo que realiza cada lugar para tener un vino autentico e único. En Mumm Napa tuvimos la oportunidad de hacer un tour por sus instalaciones desde la fermentación del vino, proceso de embotellamiento, cellar y su tienda.


Nuestro viaje fue inolvidable y no hubiese sido posible sin el Mazda 3, los bellos paisajes de Napa y su rico vino. A mi novia y a mí nos encanta el vino entonces trajimos a casa varias botellas para tener vino el resto del año y recordar el viaje juntos a través de unas copas de vino.

Y recuerden que si están buscando una opción para un carro económico, deportivo y súper futurístico, sin duda este carro puede ser tu mejor opción.


Editado julio 2015: Necesito agregar que para mi novia esta fue su mejor opción ya que buscaba un nuevo carro meses después de esta experiencia y se compró el Mazda 5 que es un poco más grande que el Mazda 3 y con más actualizaciones.


Para más detalles visita Mazda 3 y checa todo lo que te ofrece este carro. ¡Gracias a nuestros amigos de Drive Shop por la maravillosa experiencia!

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