If there’s one characteristic that has stood out to me the most when I initially was invited by
Blink Fitness to check out their brand new location in California was the fact of how much they
stress out that working out should be about feeling good and not so much about looking good.

Blink Fitness finally opened their 60 th location in the West Coast – to be specific in Gardena, CA
(metropolitan Los Angeles area). It’s located at the Gardena Plaza and has been opened for
almost 2 months. Since they’ve established a strong recognition in the East Coast it was only
natural that they made their way to another fun coast.

I had the opportunity to visit Blink Fitness and I immediately became a member because I
enjoyed their state-of- the-art facility. It’s got all the amazing amenities that we all need when
embarking on our individual fitness journeys. I would describe it as a luxurious gym offering an
experience at an affordable price.

The Gardena location establishment opening will be followed by two additional gyms in the city
of Huntington Park and Anaheim in late 2018. These will be great places for Angelinos to have
because for those who felt intimidated by campaigns that focus solely on working out, getting
ripped, chiseled and shredded Blink Fitness’s mindset is about Mood Above Muscle, which
changes the conception around fitness.

Blink Fitness’s messaging makes working out and living a healthy lifestyle fun and exhilarating.
Not only do they walk the talk when it comes to this lifestyle, but they implement it at their
gym with how positive their personnel are and how many uplifting phrases and quotes of
affirmation they have inside the gym. I applaud Blink Fitness’s realistic goals by celebrating the
bodies of every person and making them see how important it is to feel good under their own

When working out at the Gardena Blink Fitness you can expect to see mood up-lifters from
everyone that participates, colorful design, elevated customer service, spotlessly clean facility,
energizing music and confidence boosting training programs. The best part about receiving all
the mentioned above care in a nicely packed bundle is that you’ll only pay low-cost
memberships, starting at just $15 per month. It’s a great deal for the grand experience that
you’ll receive.

The equipment is some of the best that is out there in the fitness industry and they have
everything you need for working out every different muscle in your body. There’s a large training room for those who enjoy yoga or more soothing exercises. The entire facility is around
18,000 sq. ft.

According to one of the associates at the Gardena location Blink Fitness has bold goals of
reaching 300 gyms in the next 5 years through corporate-owned expansion as well as franchise

I really enjoyed working out at the Gardena Blink Fitness location because I felt I could go at my
own pace with my workouts and I did not need to prove anybody how much I could lift. I knew
that at the end of the day I only had to prove the person I was yesterday how much stronger I
had become. My spirits were lifted thanks to this great training and I will be returning for more
confidence-booster sessions.

If you would like to learn more about Blink Fitness check them out here:
https://www.blinkfitness.com/ and don’t forget to sign up so that you can also begin your
fitness transformation.


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