There’s absolutely nothing that my wife and I want more from our home than having it be a place that makes us and our guests feel secure, happy and at peace at all times. We want our home to be able to provide security even when were traveling since we are always on the go. As full-time lifestyle entrepreneurs and bloggers we are constantly on the road on our own or as a couple and while away together we would always wonder how things back home were doing. Now the worry has ended while were away thanks to using smart home technology such as Ooma Home Security.

My wife and I purchased our newly constructed home less than 2 years ago (feels like yesterday) through a lot of hard work and a tedious escrow process so now we simply want to enjoy our home and every valuable item that is in it. We always want to have peace of mind of our belongings being safe and the Ooma Home Security provides that and so much more.


Nowadays even if anyone lives in a safe and quiet neighborhood that doesn’t mean your home will be safe because anyone is prone to getting their home broken into and vandalized, but when you have an Ooma Home Security solution in place the worry is not heightened and of course you feel more protected.


It is true that we all enjoy smart technology and we always want to feel connected to things and in this case my wife and I will no longer feel detachment from our home when we are away. The greatest thing about Ooma Home Security is, aside from it being very easy to install, it also detects and monitors movement and when it does it will immediately send a notification to your phone via the Ooma mobile app when there’s a perceived threat. We all want this kind of advanced technology in our lives right? This makes our life 10x easier. When there’s a threat in our home Ooma Home Security can even send the police to us should we need additional support!


So it does not matter if you are vacationing or sleeping in the comfort of your own home the Ooma Home Security will give you protection 24/7 and when police are prompted to give us assistance the system automatically shares our home address with emergency responders.


With Ooma Home Security our lives are made easier and less hectic. Using this technology is not complicated and it is for everyone. The Ooma Home Security starter pack is a great way to get started as it includes the Ooma Telo base station, motion detector (which can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall), and two door or a window sensors.

You’ll want to know that in addition to making homes more secure, Ooma is an award-winning home/phone service for today’s contemporary houses. Ooma will use Internet service to provide crystal clear and high quality nationwide calling for free and all you’ll end up paying for are the monthly applicable taxes and fees.


Now, many of you may be hesitant to get started on yet another technological gadget for your home because of the installation process, but let me tell you that it is unbelievably simple to install (not complicated at all). You’ll have it up and running within minutes. Plus, it doesn’t require hard-wiring or electrical knowledge at all. Wireless installation of the sensors can be installed with double-sided tape or screws.


In the near future Ooma will be introducing integrated video camera and additional sensors. Plus, I also wanted to add that there’s an additional water sensor that is also available from Ooma.

Jump on this great opportunity and learn how Ooma Home Security can help you keep your home secure at all times. Don’t miss out!


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