Lately the temperature has gotten hotter in Los Angeles, Calif. and as the days begin to get longer too thanks to daylight savings that only means that we can enjoy more time with friends and family members outdoors. My fiancee and I just returned from Punta Cana, DR and we were having major withdrawals until we decided to have a gathering after our daily responsibilities to reminisce on our vacation.


We also recently re-furnished our patio/balcony area so we thought this would be the perfect day to bring out some Seagram’s Gin and celebrate. We figured we begin enjoying our balcony so that we could figure out what else we need in this corner of our home for when we begin having friends over on weekends. We already know this will become a favorite hangout spot to spend quality time.

Seagram’s Gin has the power of bringing people together for a good time where you can talk and enjoy each other’s company for a long time. We began creating simple cocktails as we both do not like elaborate drinks. When I say simple I really mean it – homemade tonic water plus gin and ice cubes. You can decide if you want to add berries, lemon grass, lime, seeds or spices to your drink to impress your friends, but I only added natural lime juice, distilled water and the great taste to of Seagram’s Gin to my cocktail.


We have a bar at our home with various bottles, spirits and brews, which of course includes Seagrams’s Gin. It’s a true quality standard with award-winning credibility. It offers gin drinkers a great taste at a great value. It uses the finest botanicals and select neutral grains. Seagram’s Gin uses a time-tested cold-distillation process to consistently deliver the smooth and mellow taste we were experiencing just a few days ago on our balcony.

We thought about our vacation and the amazing time we had sipping on some cocktails on the beach waters of Punta Cana, but let me tell you that this experience we created at home did not fall short to that because we had a great drink in hand, are surrounded by palm trees and that same hot weather.

At the end of the day drinking is social, but the best of times are made right at home. As the younger crowd like myself begin to trade in the loud scene for easy going at home hangouts, Seagram’s Gin is a familiar name that everyone knows and trusts to share. It’s a respectable quality gin to raise the bar of any home and the go-to for quality time spent with those people you want to connect with the most.


A quick fact about the award-winning taste is that it counts with almost 80 years of creation (since 1939) and it is still proudly distilled in its hometown of Lawrenceburg, IN. It remains a well-known household name and has earned its position as America’s #1 gin.

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As you can tell by our simple drink creations Seagram’s Gin is easy to enjoy because it is very mixable, but if you would like to have more substance in your drink you can choose from 7 different flavors – there will be something for every guest during your upcoming gathering.


Don’t forget to visit Seagram’s Gin to find out about other cocktail ideas with gin and where to buy your own bottle. After you review the cocktails ideas don’t forget to let me know which one you are planning to make when you invite your friends over to enjoy some Seagram’s Gin with you?



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