Want to drive your girlfriend crazy (in a good way) or want that girl you are trying to impress to fall for you faster well then I’ve got the perfect solution for you: wear Adrenaline cologne by the Latin-Pop star Enrique Iglesias. I’ve heard from many women in the past that there’s nothing more captivating in a man than his scent and I promise you #AdrenalinebyEnrique will put you in the safe zone.


At least it works for me when I decide to wear it on special dates or right after a shower and before calling it a night. Yes, I love going to bed smelling clean and confident and Adrenaline makes me feel that way.

The first time I wore it to bed I could distinguish its bold, powerful, and cool personality. It certainly raised the pulse and attracted the heart more than I could imagine. Those are always some fun times! (covers face)


The top notes in Adrenaline include mandarin, lemon and violet. The hot spicy heart consists of black pepper from Madagascar, saffron and pomarosa. The base features fried tonka bean, cedar and leather. Yes, you can really smell the leather—almost like the scent of a new car with leather seats.

#AdrenalinebyEnrique Iglesias represents his search for more – for more excitement, more pleasure, and more freedom. Enrique is driven by what makes his heart beat stronger; his fragrance captures that motivating sense of exhilaration.


Adrenaline is for those men who are constantly seeking for the rush that will make them feel truly alive and masculine. Will you join in the adrenaline rush and purchase the cologne?

Would you agree that a woman falls faster for the men who wear a strong and captivating scent?


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