I know what it is like to set “living fit” New Year’s Resolutions and not sticking to them because I have been in that same boat numerous times in the past. Last year and this year that was not the case though because I’ve been on a healthy fitness journey for almost 2 years. And so I figured that this time I could offer some motivation that has helped me stick to my regimen.

When I was approached by my friend’s from Grocery Outlet to talk about this specific topic I did not think about it twice for two reasons 1) I love the store and I sometimes purchase my groceries there and 2) living a healthy lifestyle is one of my biggest passions so why not offer some tips on what has worked for me.

Don’t we all want to be better human beings and we promise ourselves and others that we will commit to being a better version of ourselves in the New Year, but March rolls around and many times we have failed miserably. What happens after that? A lot of guilt and disappointment kicks in because we were not able to stick to our word. That type of attitude is horrible, but I want to offer some tips to help you if living healthy was one of your New Year’s resolutions.

Don’t Make Healthy Resolutions at All, Set Short Term Goals Instead

We get so carried with the resolutions hype that we immediately are programmed to do what others are doing. Don’t fall into that trap. Instead make short term goals that will stick to your lifestyle. For instance one of them could be changing your grocery shopping destination to Grocery Outlet where you are bound to find healthy and organic products no matter what. Why? Because you’ll find NOSH products. NOSH stands for Natural, Organic, Specialty, Health. I was at Grocery Outlet this weekend and affordability is definitely at the top of their priorities.

Plus when you set short term goals and you achieve them the feeling of accomplishment is like no other! It feels amazing.

Make a Grocery List and plan your Meals

Yes, meal prepping and writing your grocery list go hand-in-hand. When you plan your week ahead you are setting yourself up for success. So before visiting your nearest Grocery Outlet be sure to create a grocery list of the items you need to create your healthy meals so that you purchase exactly what you need for yourself and family. You will also end up saving a lot of money when you have a grocery list. In addition, when you arrive home from buying your groceries at Grocery Outlet make a habit to meal prep for the week or at least the following 3-4 days. This will cut away in any temptation of bad food that you could find at work.

During my most recent visit to Grocery Outlet I was able to see that they have a vast amount of options for produce and meats. Their organic products are extensive too. One of the items on my meal prep menu this week was quinoa and you bet we found that at Grocery Outlet during our visit.

We were also able to find healthy snacks that account for our carbohydrates daily consumption too.

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Use a Journal or Develop a Buddy System

Getting off the healthy wagon is so easy, but not when you have a buddy. Even better is when you live with that buddy because you are able to support each other day in and day out. In this case my fiancée and I are both in this healthy lifestyle together so it makes things so much easier. You also need to find yourself a support buddy to keep each other accountable and why no when you go grocery shopping together at Grocery Outlet.

I did want to emphasize that Grocery Outlet communicates the individual store daily deals via their email program. Based on the selected stores, every day they send subscribers a WOW alert, featuring products with 50% – 70% or more savings for that particular store. NOSH items and other great deals are featured daily. A lot of Grocery Outlet shoppers are reading the Wow alerts and going to the stores for a treasure hunt experience because you won’t believe what big name brands you can find for a bargain price.

I can honestly say I said the word “WOW” at least a few times during my most recent visit because of the great prices. At checkout we were pleased to know that we saved $32 and now that deserves a “WOW”! Everyone likes to save money on their groceries because that leaves us with some extra money to purchase other items.


I hope that the tips I’ve presented on sticking to your healthy lifestyle do support your New Year’s goals. And better yet understand that living a healthy lifestyle is not expensive nor will you go broke if you start shopping at Grocery Outlet and planning. You’ll find everything you need so that you have the healthiest year of your life.

Is living a healthier lifestyle one of your New Year’s resolutions? Let me know if my tips have helped you? Don’t forget to use the hashtags #NewYearNewNosh #NoshWithGroceryOutlet



    Your ideas are great. I first shopped at Grocery Outlet because of my need for a cart. I can’t walk much. Each time I go, I find more and more good things. The staff is very helpful. I went to Safeway and couldn’t find syrup for pancakes. I asked today at G.O. and two men workers went out of their way to find what I wanted.

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