This post is sponsored by Chime but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Hey everyone! It’s been a while that I came on here to share some great stuff for all of you to take advantage of and especially during this current climate and changes that we all face. 

During these challenging times I could not think of a better way of banking than by implementing Chime into my daily life. You’ll want to hear me out on this. I recently downloaded the app onto my phone so that I can use this online banking service that will allow me to manage my banking on-the-go. During these unprecedented times nobody wants to deal with minimum balance fees, monthly service fees, overdraft fees, and so much more. 

I got the card in the mail and I was so stoked to activate it because that meant I could start using it and experimenting with it. And so my journey using my Chime debit card began. I can easily do so many things using Chime such as online shopping, paying bills, and even sending money to family members. Sign-up and start enjoying.

This post is sponsored by Garmin Venu but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Nowadays we all want tech gadgets that make our life easier and nothing complicated. Such was the exact case when I came across Garmin Venu Watch because it adapts to every aspect of my lifestyle – whether that be in my fitness goals, work life and everyday goals as a first time dad.

I have recently been using it to monitor water intake which I sometimes need the most help with because I have found out I am not drinking enough water through out the day. And we must all track our water consumption for better performance.

I’ve also come to like the stopwatch feature for when I am doing high-intensity trainings and I want to track my repetitions. The stress monitor helps me stay sane and relax and especially during this hectic holiday season when we tend to feel rushed and tense.

Garmin has been making products that are engineered on the inside, for life on the outside, for almost 30 years. They recently released their newest GPS Smartwatch – the Garmin Venu – and I am experiencing because the world of health is at my fingertips.

Just like I am able to use my Garmin Venu when I go for a run I can also use on my low-key days when I do Yoga and recovery days of stretching.

Wearing a comfortable watch has always been very important for me and the Garmin Venu is one that I can wear 24/7 because it is not obstructive and I sometimes feel like I am not even wearing it. It has adapted so well throughout my day-to-day routine. I love that I am also able to monitor myt sleep because lately as a new dad I feel like I am not getting enough sleep as I used to. I will be monitoring my sleep a lot better with it now.

Whatever your lifestyle may be I know that Garmin Venu will adapt to your needs and cater to you because it’s so versatile. Talking about versatile I enjoy that it’s got an athletic look and feel to it, but also I can wear it when I take my son out in the neighborhood on a stroll or go out on date with my wife.

To learn more about the Garmin Venu Watch visit here for more details and consider purchasing it for yourself or as holiday gift!

This is post is sponsored by Sparkling ICE, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I want to share with you all a quick and easy recipe and how I love to pair it with my favorite sparkling drink during this fall season because they are easy to find in stores or even on Amazon. I love Sparkling ICE this time of year.

At home you will always find Sparking ICE and when we have visitors that is one of the drinks we offer because everyone knows we love them so much. Sparkling ICE if you still have not tried them they are delicious and they hold up their taste to real fruit flavor without the added sugar.

So Sparkling ICE are a staple drink in our household for our guests or even for family dinners when I need to cook up an easy recipe that does not take a long and tedious process.

A couple of nights ago I decided to have steamed vegetables with edamame and ground turkey for dinner. I could not think of anything better than Sparkling ICE Pink Grapefruit to pair it with my dinner.

When you have your family and friends come over to watch games Sparkling ICE needs to be invited too so that you can make some delicious drinks. With Sparkling ICE you can add sparkle to fizzy drinks and game day gatherings this fall.

To find out where you can purchase your own Sparkling ICE Pink Variety pack make sure to visit Sparkling ICE store locator here.

This post is sponsored by Mayonesa but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

When I think of Mexican Street Corn Salad or “esquites” in Spanish I cannot help, but to be transported to my unforgettable and fun childhood memories. Those times when the street vendor would drive by our small home and we would all rush out to buy one or better yet the times when my mom would decide to make these for us on hot summer days. Oh how I miss and loved those days!

So Mexican esquites are one of the most popular street foods in Mexico, but they have become extremely popular here in the US as well. They are inexpensive to make and taste amazing! They make for a great snack.

“Esquites” are a delicious Mexican street food that uses corn kernels as the main ingredient. It gets its flavor from the broth that it is prepared in as well as the accompaniments which consist of cotija cheese, cilantro, lime, and chile powder.

Nowadays you can find them at almost any Mexican place or they are present at gatherings with friends and at birthday parties. We recently had them served at my nieces’s graduation party, I arrived late and did not have any and I have been craving them ever since so I decided to make my own at home.

Also now that we are approaching Hispanic heritage month there’s no better time to celebrate Hispanic culture through dishes and ingredients so I’ve decided to bring all of you a delicious recipe that you can make at home of Mexican Street Corn Salad.

I have created my own McCormick Mexican Street Corn Salad that features McCormick Mayonesa (mayonnaise with lime!) that is available at Walmart. With McCormick Mayonesa’s distinct lime-flavor, it’s the perfect (and delicious!) ingredient to use when creating recipes that celebrate your Hispanic heritage!

You may want to check out the recipe for yourself and create at home too so check it out here.

I visited Walmart to purchase the most important ingredient McCormick Mayonesa (mayonnaise with lime!) which will make all the difference in the world with this recipe and quite honestly it wont taste the same without it.

At home I decided to make this recipe to have as a snack w/ my wife and we had such a great time talking about what this recipe meant for both of us. For her it reminded her of her small town in Mexico when after church her family would sit in a park and have this esquites snack. She told me all about that fond memory.

Now as a family we will sure make these for our son once he can eat them and enjoy them as we continue with these beautiful food traditions and of course including McCormick Mayonesa (mayonnaise with lime!).

Esquites are best eaten hot, but you can eat them cold as well. They can also be dry (removing the broth). It all depends on what you like. Regardless of how you eat them, I am sure that you will love them just as much as I do.

This post is sponsored by Helzberg Diamonds but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

From the get go I want to let all of you in on  an awesome contest I have partnered up with with my friends over at Herlzberg Diamonds for a chance to win an amazing gift card! When Barnett Helzberg Jr. proposed to Shirley Bush in 1967, the love he felt sparked a thought…everyone should feel like this. Everyone should feel loved.

This wholly romantic notion famously inspired the “I Am Loved” lapel button. Helzberg Jr.’s would say, “Buy her a diamond or give her a button, but in any case, tell her she’s loved.

So here’s the contest… share a photo with #IAmLovedContest and finish the sentence “I know I am loved because…” for a chance to win a $250 gift card to Helzberg Diamonds. See your submission and the official rules here

So what is LOVE to me? Love should not be complex nor difficult to understand nor to express. My wife and I recently celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary and we both identify whole-heartedly with the following statement: 

“4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

That pretty much sums up how my beautiful wife and I feel about love for each other. 

We have such a strong commitment to each other that out of our love for one another a beautiful young child was born. Everyday we also teach him that love is boundless and has no limits.

Our son Adriel Sebastian is 6 months now and he means the world to us and there’s no day that goes by without feeling incredibly blessed to be his parents. He’s been the light to our days and when times are turbulent w/ his loving touch he seems to make us forget our troubles.

I know I am loved by my wife because through her small acts of  kindness she shows me every single day. It’s always the small things that make me realize how much I am loved.

Don’t forget to participate in the Helzberg Diamonds CONTEST.

This post is sponsored by but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

With a 26-day newborn at home our outdoor time has been very reduced lately, but we are starting to change that thanks to the beautiful weather that we have been able to enjoy in California. The last few days have been perfect and that has allowed my little family and I to go for short walks in the park, run longer errands, have lunch as a family outdoors or simply enjoy our neighborhood.

Since we had some really great weather lately I can just imagine how beautiful it will be in the upcoming weeks as we approach April. For the change in weather and to welcome spring every lifestyle influencer needs to update their wardrobe and that is exactly what I did when I decided to treat myself to new clothes the other day while shopping online at Walmart.

With my wife and I being in transition from a small house to sending our larger home to get built a lot of attire has been put away in boxes and bags and furthermore I decided to treat myself with some cool and spring-like new clothes from Walmart because their George line really represents my authentic style and self. 

Walmart just launched their spring campaign — We Dress America — and no matter where you live, your style has a home at Walmart. We Dress America is a ground-breaking new fashion campaign that celebrates fashion for all. Walmart’s We Dress America stands for style that’s original, doesn’t discriminate, at prices that all of us can feel good about! We Dress America represents a diverse range of real people from across the country, expressing their personal style.

So I decided on purchasing these pieces for my outfits of the day because they were comfortable and really made me feel as if I was welcoming this new and positive change in weather.

Everything pictured above, minus my shoes and grey shorts, were from the George line at Walmart. I want to highlight that Walmart has an awesome policy of free 2-day shipping and returns for most purchases over $35! You can’t go wrong with that right?

My George Short Sleeve Henley paired with the George Men’s Flat Front Short made me feel as if I was in paradise and thought they could be a perfect outfit for my next summer trip on an island. The other Green Printed Stretch Woven Up was perfect for a Sunday BBQ with friends and family.

You really can’t get all this fashionable, trendy and in-style clothes anywhere else at its low price. By the way the George brand has become one of my favorites because I love their material and how comfortable everything fits.

So if you enjoyed my outfits as much as I did shop the items here:

George Men’s Short Sleeve Fashion Henley

George Men’s Flat Front Short

George Printed Stretch Woven Up

It’s that time of the year when everyone is shopping away and us Latinos are not the exception. As we all know were all about gatherings with family and friends too. We love organizing reunions during the holiday season to celebrate friendships and the quality times we can spend with families because we are extremely busy during the year.

If there’s something I’ve learned from my own family growing up is that “familia” is a priority plus in all gatherings food is a must. Right? That is why this holiday season I decided to team up with my friends from ALDI so that I could remind you why I love shopping with them at least once a week. You may ask; but why once a week? Because ALDI supermarkets offers the best quality foods at the lowest possible prices.

You will want to know that their exclusive brands are as good, or even better, than the best known brands in the market. Just like I saved up to 50% on my recent holiday shopping experience at their store you can too, but this is any day of the year — not only during the holiday season.

ALDI is opening a few more stores in Southern California to ensure more families have access to the best quality foods at the lowest possible prices therefore I recently visited one of their Bakersfield, CA stores because I could not wait to check out that location. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this location was very similar to all the others I’ve visited with the freshest vegetables, fruits and products.

For one of our upcoming gatherings with family and friends we decided to get our shopping done there so that we could save ourselves extra money for the “regalitos” this time of year. Because that additional $1 always goes the extra mile during the holidays.

ALDI does not even compare to other competitors because they work with farmers and local growers to ensure the vegetables arrive from the field to the store in the shortest time possible and then to our homes — within 2 days. This is a huge plus for my wife and I who are health nuts. When we shop at ALDI we seriously feel like we are at a Farmer’s Market with the freshest produce and lowest possible prices.

Shopping at ALDI ensures me that I will score great deals with the quality foods and products I buy. They go above and beyond in making sure that their exclusive ALDI brands contain NO artificial colors, or have no added monosodium glutamate or MSG.

During my recent grocery shopping experience I spent less than $25 (as you can see receipt included below) for a small gathering that we recently hosted for family at our home. This goes to show how you do not need to spend a lot of money to purchase quality products for a delicious meal. Our guests loved the gathering just as much as they loved the food from ALDI.

In addition, something else that I love about ALDI is that you do not need to come in prepared with coupons. Leave all that hassle behind because that is old school. Once you step in you are guaranteed incredibly low prices. That is why they are helping Latino families bring organic products to their dinner table in California because there’s no need for a Club membership, buying in bulk (which a lot of times goes bad) or with coupons.

If you haven’t gone to ALDI supermarkets yet, swing by one close to you today so that you create delicious meals in your home this holiday season. They are pretty much everywhere in Southern California or check them out here. It will surely become one of your favorite stores just like it’s been for my wife and I for the past years.

Let’s celebrate for big savings on our groceries so that we are left with extra money to invest in those that deserve it most this holiday season.

And while you are ALDI you can also score big deals on ALDI Home Finds that include holiday themed products whether that be for your home decor or to gift to family and friends.

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

For the first time this year my wife and I attended Hispanicize Los Angeles as Prudential ambassadors. We felt humbled and took on this opportunity with great responsibility because we understand the gap that there is when it comes to educating our audience on how to better approach their finances. I’ve said it before that it’s not only about the number of followers on social media that we have, but we really take our profession seriously as influencers.  

Hispanicize 2018 (#Hispz18) is the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and entrepreneurship. Hands down this is one of our favorite conferences because it is one of a kind where we get to strengthen relationships with existing friends, but also are introduced to new people that end up becoming like a big extended family. In addition we get to form new brand partnerships with those that align with our own mission.

Furthermore, we get to participate in sessions and hear from keynote speakers that allow us to drive our business forward. Such was the case with all of the sessions Prudential sponsored this year. I love educating myself on the topics of financial wellness so I was happy that I was able to learn information on how to better manage my budget, make money work for me even during my sleep and also how to better monetize with my brand.

Day 1 was a lot of fun as the evening kicked off with Prudential Influencers Welcome Reception as we gathered to learn about the most recent initiatives that Prudential has put into practice to foster and attain financial wellness. I enjoyed hearing other influencers testimonies as to how they incorporate being financially fit on their blogs, the food was great and the backpack we received is now one of my favorites that I use during all of my recent trips.

On day two when I attended Prudential’s “Achieveing a Life of Fire” panel and a lot of discussion points resonated with me and I immediately learned that there’s a lot of room for improvement with my own business and how I handle my finances. Although I feel I have done fairly well for myself and my wife who is also a full-time entrepreneur in the past year when we decided to retire from Corporate America there’s so much more we can improve on. Over the last year as self-made entrepreneurs we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but we wouldn’t change this lifestyle for anything — it is so rewarding.

From the panel we realized that we are working at a level where we can easily put ourselves through burnout and we need to be smarter with how and where we spend our time. If there’s one main point that stuck with us it was the fact that we need to get better at making money even when were sleeping to reach a higher level of financial wellness.

My wife and I took on this opportunity of being so close to Prudential’s financial experts to ask questions and even come up with a plan where we could start planning for our retirement early. Do you have a retirement plan? It’s crucial that you do.

During Hispanicize we sat down with one of Prudential’s advisors and he was extremely helpful to make us think outside of the box and gave us ideas to do different things to be more financially stable when it came to money. Why? Because money affects our stress level, mental state and physical health of course. Prudential advisors do take the time to provide the necessary financial education depending on the stage of your life that you are in — my wife and I are expecting parents and we even received valuable information to be the best parents possible.

Another great component that I got to cover as a Prudential ambassador was the Impact Awards presented by Prudential where we go to hear empowering stories from the awardees.

By far having the Prudential activation room at Hispanicize all throughout the weekend was another of my favorite parts of the conference because their interactive components made me learn so much more about optimized financial planning.

My wife and I are very appreciative to attend the Hispanicize and especially to Dorinda Walker, Vice President of Cultural Insights and Activation of Prudential.

Remember that it’s never too soon to teach others about financial literacy and it’s easier than ever by visiting and putting their simple recommendations into practice when were around our loved ones and friends.

Financial Wellness could mean the Following:

  • Financial wellness means maintaining stability today while having the knowledge and confidence to do

what you want tomorrow.

  • Financial wellness is a continuous process of achieving and maintaining balance to ensure we are

equipped to handle whatever life may throw our way.

  • The journey to financial wellness is deeply personal. Our relationship with money impacts our physical

health, our stress levels and state of mind, our family dynamic and even our performance at work.

  • Similar to getting physically healthy, there is no magic number that works for everyone. Financial

wellness is about training ourselves to build good money habits that we can practice in support of our

own personal goals and dreams.

  • To date, financial wellness has predominantly only been spoken about in the workplace–but it’s so

much more than that. Financial wellness can and does impact our lives as a whole.

So what does financial wellness mean to you? To me it means having an overall stability with my finances so that my mental, physical and emotional health is not affected. I do this by having a monthly budget and managing my expenses so that I can create sustainability and create extra money for a vacation or outings that bring joy to my life.

Lastly, if you have not thought about your financial wellness recently, but would like to get your financial wellness aligned with your long-term goals please reach out to one of Prudential Financial Advisors just like my wife and I did.

This post is sponsored by REI but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Being my own boss and working from the comfort of my home I often do not get out to enjoy the outdoors because I get so caught up on the day to day tasks. But when I was invited by my friends from REI to experience the Full Moon Kayak Tour I was all in and immediately said “where do I sign up?”

Life gets so busy and now more than ever as we wait for the arrival of our first born my wife and I want to squeeze in as many activities as a couple because we know time will be even more restricted caring for baby #1.

Recently I joined my friends from REI to try one of their guided outdoor classes and when I saw that they offered a Full Moon Kayak Tour at Newport Beach. I had gone kayaking in that particular place before, but never for a night tour. I had always gone during the day. This time I was able to go with my wife and that made it even more special — so much more romantic.

It was a perfect day to go kayaking because we worked for a couple hours during the day and by 2 pm we completely disconnected to drive to the place in Newport Sea Bass where we met the REI team.

You’ll want to know that REI Outdoor School instructors will provide all the gear and basic kayak instruction. It was such a beautiful experience to see the sun set, then headed out for a 2 hour kayak full moon.

This is a great way to get some extra kayaking practice and meet new friends. No experience is required, but taking a Learn to Kayak Class is recommended.

With a recent home move my wife and I were in urgent need of some “off” time, to recharge and rebalance, and there was no better way to do this than being surrounded by water. It was so relaxing.

There’s something about being outside in nature that puts my mind at so much ease and calmness. Whether that be hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding or any other activity REI has something for everyone. Their goal is to connect people with the outdoors at all times when possible.

The Full Moon Kayak Tour was amazing because we got to experience a beautiful sunset and then a full moon making it’s grand appearance which was mind-blowing. This was my first time experiencing kayaking at night and I would do it all over again. There was a small group (7 people) on the tour, a knowledgeable guide and a breathtaking view of the Newport mansions and luxurious boats and yachts.

I must add that my friends from REI made the entire sign up process easy and instructions were clear that we got to kayaking within 10 minutes. Our guides were equipped with an emergency kit, snacks, waterproof pouches and hot tea for when we took our break.

We kayaked around the sheltered Newport bay before making our way into a more open space where we would watch the full moon set in with the ducks and pelicans. We even came across a gigantic sea lion. I just sat on my kayak and enjoyed the moment!

If you are looking to get outdoors, do something fun and meet cool people, you should check out REI’s outdoor classes because you are bound to find others that have similar interests as you.

Learn more about the REI experiences in your area here.

What is something you’ll signup to try with REI outdoors? I want to hear your comments.

This post is sponsored by Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s time to get real on how bad my eating habits have been these past summer months. Alright they have not been awful, but there were times when I know I could have made better food choices for my body. But let’s remember that summer is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends too.The vain of that  “dig in, give it everything and persevere” motto is encouraged by my friends from Vega. My wife and I are becoming more conscious with the food items we consume and we recently tried the Vega™ Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative. She’s vegetarian and has been thinking of making the transition into becoming 100% vegan so the discovery of these snacks was perfect timing.As I mentioned earlier, this summer our eating habits have been  a little off track with upgrading r our home, preparing for the arrival of our first born, traveling,  and running our home business, so we are glad we found Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative. Vega is  all about the effort you put into life. We know life is never perfect and they understand that. I loved reading that they empower everyone to be their personal best.
But most importantly,  Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative  has real, plant-based food ingredients that help anyone “LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT”. Now that’s a great line to live by!
You’ll want to know that Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative is NEW is the best fuel choice to power through all of your life’s adventures and goals. Believe me that this has served us well in the middle of how chaotic and fun our current lifestyle has turned out. If these snacks have been ideal for us during our busy days I guarantee they will be beneficial for all of you living an active lifestyle.

With 13 g of protein, Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative has the highest protein per serving of any plant based yogurt alternative on the market.
For the past week I have madebig progress at re-integrating myself into my previous workout habits, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. To help me  get back into the groove of things and to make sure that I am fueling my body with the protein that it needs,I could not think of a better snack than to incorporate Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative.
What else will you find in Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative?
Live and active cultures, including prebiotics and probiotics
Good source of minerals (magnesium, zinc, and iron)
Made with real plant-based food ingredients
More protein than sugar (7 g)

Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative is a great option fora post-workout snack, an afternoon pick-me-up or a compliment to your breakfast.

Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative snacks can be found at your local Whole Foods, Sprouts or Meijer in the yogurt section – very convenient for you to find. Go visit them so that you can start tasting delicious and real plant-based yogurt alternatives.  
Will you be adding Vega™ Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative to your active lifestyle? I want to hear your thoughts.

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