This post is sponsored by iWi but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s been almost a year that my wife and I both decided to be more self-conscious on the food items we buy and consequently put in our mouths. We have not strictly gone vegetarian or vegan yet, but we have definitely cut back on our meat and fish consumption by over 80%. The main reason we did this at the beginning was to try out something new, but seeing how our energy levels improved we’ve decided to stick to this new lifestyle.

Throughout my life I have struggled a lot with my wellness, improper exercise, weight and body image problems, but ever since 3 years ago that I changed my lifestyle completely to one where I work out at home for 30-40 minutes, go on runs 2-3 days a week my health has tremendously benefited in ways that I would have never imagined. Staying active and eating healthy food has made me have more free time, stay more alert, be more creative and has made me feel great, but with summer here and with so many outdoor activities I felt that lately my energy was not how it was before.

As I mentioned earlier although my wife and I have changed our nutrition to be more plant based in the last months we’re always researching ways that we can continue to optimize our performance as athletes. Having the correct nutrients in our bodies is key to help us recover more quickly after we train and be able to hit “repeat” the next day during our home workouts.

The moment we began looking for the right sources to give us Omega 3 from algae that is grown in a sustainable way we came across iWi® Omega-3 EPA+DHA softgels. What this means is that these supplements are also great for the world.

We could not let this opportunity go by without trying them and implementing them into our daily lives. We both consume them now and right off the bat we’ve felt our performance and energy levels skyrocket as to how they were before.

An important nutrient for athletes, Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to quicken workout recovery by reducing inflammation and improving protein synthesis which may enhance workout gains. In fact, everyone benefits from omega-3s, as they are also essential for cardiovascular, brain, joint, eye and skin health as well as fetal development and a reduced incidence of certain kinds of cancer.

iWi is a U.S based company that is changing the Omega 3 scenario. Their product is algae based and actually has the highest bioavailability in the Omega 3 market (higher than fish and krill). Take a look at the graphic below so that you have a better idea as to what I am referring to. A side note is that it has a higher potency and absorption rate. They have full traceability of the entire product.
They make efficient use of land that is not suitable for farming and the delicate ecosystem of the ocean is not bothered. Sunshine is their main source of energy. The process is sustainable and scalable and the brand is socially-aware, creating jobs in rural areas. All of this ties into iWi being ocean friendly, which is pretty awesome right? They’re helping to save our oceans ecosystems. Now don’t we all want a better and healthier planet for the generations to come. I know the answer is: YES!

You’ll love to learn that iWi® Omega-3 EPA+DHA are non-GMO and suitable for all diet tribes from vegan and vegetarian to paleo and keto.

I continue to strive for implementing healthier habits in my daily life, but also serving as an inspiration in the lives of everyone who I impact via social media therefore I believe it’s important I share the new product I found and has benefited me. I make health and fitness a priority therefore I am incorporating iWi® Omega-3 EPA+DHA supplements in my life.

You can find iWi® Omega-3 EPA+DHA supplements on Amazon and there’s even a coupon you can use on your next purchase! Get 15% off with code: 15IWILIFEO

This is a sponsored post by ALDI, but all opinions expressed here in the post are my own based on my personal experience.

I find myself shopping at ALDI at least once a week if not twice because their deals are superb to any other grocery store in town. I learned about ALDI several years ago when I visited my family in Chicago and always wanted something like that store here in Los Angeles, CA. It took many years for us to see one literally 2 miles away from my house (Downey, CA), but I am thrilled that we finally did. Now you can always find me there shopping for the freshest vegetables, fruits and products at easily accessible prices.

ALDI works with farmers and local growers to ensure the vegetables arrive from the field to the store in the shortest time possible and then to our homes. This is a huge win for us health enthusiasts.

This past weekend my wife and I hosted a soccer viewing party for friends to watch the Mexico vs. Germany game during the World Cup and it was huge success. Did you all see it? What a great game!

Not only did my favorite team win, but I also scored some great deals at ALDI too. Can you believe that under $40 we were able to purchase all of the gourmet food we served during our brunch. We served delicious avocado toasts and oatmeal (one of my wife’s staple snacks) with fruit. One of the deals of the week was almond milk and that’s exactly what we bought at ALDI for the oatmeal.

Our guests loved the bruch just as much as they loved the game. We even shared with them where we purchased our food because we had the urge to say it and the majority of them did not have an idea that the store was so close to everyone. Our friends mentioned that they would make that their go-to grocery store moving forward.

Why do my wife and I love ALDI so much? ALDI supermarkets offers the best quality foods at the lowest possible prices, with exclusive brands that are as good, or even better, than the best known brands in the market. I was able to see this for myself this weekend because with under $40 I was able to feed a large group of friends during our soccer viewing party at our house. I will show you the receipt below.

Note: Please deduct $15.56 from the total amount on the receipt since I bought four pints of my favorite ice cream (Halo Top) and that was not intended for the brunch. That will be my for my cheat days. Deducting $15.56 from $49.25 is $33.69 and that is under $40.

Shoppers can save up to 50% any day of the year, compared to what we would spend at a leading competitor. If I would have gone to any other grocery store to buy all of the goods for our soccer viewing party I would have easily spent $75 or more.

Shopping at ALDI first guarantees that you are making your groceries stop really count. You will see that their exclusive quality brands are always exceptional and healthy, especially Simple Nature, A Simple Choice. If you were to come to our home and look through pantry and refrigerator you’ll see this brand everywhere.

What I love the most about ALDI is that you do not need to come in prepared with coupons. Leave all that hassle behind. Once you step in you are assured of their incredibly low prices.

Remember that we’ve still got a lot of fun soccer matches to watch during the World Cup. You can also score big savings at ALDI when you host a soccer viewing party.

I will be hosting giveaway so that one of you can enjoy a World Cup match with a $25 ALDI gift card. Next Mexico games are on Saturday, June 23 at 8:00 am and Wednesday, June 27 at 7:00 am. In order to win gift card follow ALDI on FB, TW and IG. Also comment on my social media channels when this post goes live as to why you love shopping at ALDI too.

If you haven’t gone to ALDI supermarkets yet, swing by, get to know them just like my friends that come to our soccer viewing party. It will surely become one of your favorite stores just like it’s been for my wife and I for the past year.

Plus, this year Market Force has named ALDI once again —among US grocery stores— as the leader delivering to its clients more value for their money; an award ALDI has received for the last eight years.

Let’s cheer for our favorite soccer team to keep scoring during the World Cup, but most importantly that we score big savings in our wallets too thanks to ALDI.


This post is sponsored by Michelob ULTRA but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

With Fathers Day just being one week away, it’s time we take a look at the strong and compassionate men in our lives who we will be celebrating. I feel honored and blessed to have been raised by a man that has taught me so many great lessons, values and attributes that constitute into being an honorable man — yes as cheesy as that my sound that is my Pops.

Since I will be traveling this year during Father’s Day I decided to celebrate my ULTRA father an entire week early because he deserves two celebrations for being an excellent human being.

In so many aspects I see myself reflected in my father. He’s taught me work ethic, compassion, integrity, responsibility and respect. Those among other qualities are what really defines him and I am proud that those important things have rubbed off on me. I always wish I live closer to my father because we are currently a 6-hour drive away from each other, but every opportunity I have to spend time with him I am all in.

My father is a real simple man, keeps to himself and is such a homebody that enjoys gardening and growing his own organic and healthy vegetables and fruits. Every time I visit he loves to show off his new crops and new projects he’s working on around the house. He’s retired now after so many years of working in agriculture and constructions jobs. I have so much admiration for him for always providing for my 4 siblings and I.

Often times and especially on a hot summer day and when we BBQ we enjoy a nice cold beer while we catch up on life and talk about my future plans w/ my family. I love sitting next to him and hearing all of his tips and tricks on how to live a more fulfilling life.

Quality time with my father is so valuable because we do not live so close to each other and I only get to see him once a month. Having a Michelob ULTRA with dad was a perfect option this weekend because although I live an incredibly fit lifestyle I believe it’s extremely important to live without restrictions and balanced. Everything with moderation is great. Plus Michelob ULTRA counts with only 95 calories and 2.6 carbs, there is no need to feel guilty about taking a break from my workout routines and trainings.

Quality time with your dad is a great gift you should never take for granted and consider giving more of that this upcoming holiday. In case you have no idea what to buy for him and really want to give him more than your attention and time Michelob ULTRA has a great online shop now where you can find some different & fun gift items for your special dad.

How are  you going to celebrate your ULTRA Dad this Father’s Day?  Will you spend time outdoors? BBQ together like we did, grab a few cold ones and spend some quality time together?

Cheers to all the dads out there instilling positivity into the world!

This post is sponsored by Sapporo USA but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As we all know there’s an international day for everything and sushi could not be left out from these big celebrations. I bet that you probably did not know that International Sushi Day falls on June 18 (Monday) and you can celebrate it too. I know I will be eating Sushi that day because I eat it at least twice a month and that day I will want it even more. I have an obsession with Sushi, not only is it delicious, but I feel that it is very refreshing and goes perfect with my fit lifestyle.


Every time I visit a Sushi restaurant I need to pair my sushi with the oldest and best-selling brand of Japanese beer, which is Sapporo Premium Beer. I will omit how many glasses I actually drink, but understand that it is one of my all-time favorite premium beers.


I will never forget the very first time that I was introduced to Sushi. I was a freshmen in college. I visited a Japanese restaurant and that time with friends and we ordered so many sushi rolls and I was enjoying all of them. At that time I was under 21 and I could not have Sapporo, but as soon as I did turn 21 and paired Sushi with Sapporo Premium I honestly felt that it was the perfect harmonious Japanese combination. Would you agree?


There’s a cool thing going on right now over on Sapporo Premium page and thanks to OpenTable giveaway one of you will have the opportunity to receive a gift card by commenting on my blog post with your favorite type of sushi to enjoy a Sapporo with! You do not want to miss this opportunity so that you can have an even better International Sushi Day at the restaurant of your choice.

In addition to the above giveaway there’s a Sushi Star game where you can find more information on the Sapporo Premium page and play for a chance to win fun, Sushi Day related prizes!!

So what will you do on June 18? Eat Sushi of course and wash it down with some crisp and cold Sapporo Premium Beer right! You can choose to visit your favorite sushi restaurant in your neighborhood or why not make your own sushi at home.

Recently my wife and I bought a sushi toolkit where we can make our own sushi and we have yet to use it so that’s what well do on June 18th. We’ll break the seal and have a sushi prepping party at our home with close friends.

We already have the complement to our Sushi, which is Sapporo Premium Beer and all we’ll need to go purchase are the ingredients on International Sushi Day. We will not do any fancy rolls since it will be the first time that we cook sushi at home, but California Rolls will be on the menu list for sure. A California Roll is very simple and the one I recommend everyone if they are trying out sushi for the very first time. The California Roll consists of rice, avocado, imitation crab meat and cucumber.

Lastly don’t forget to chime in on the fun and go have Sushi on June 18. Follow Sapporo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for International Sushi Day content – and don’t forget to share your celebration of International Sushi Day with all of us using the hashtags: #InternationalSushiDa #CelebrateWithSapporo or#SapporoPremiumBeer.

Kampai (cheers in Japanese) or Salud in Spanish!

It’s no secret that my wife (Carmen Melgoza founder of Latino Fit Club) and I love traveling and exploring new places. We’ve been fortunate enough to be living a life on-the-go since the beginning of 2018. When the opportunity of driving the Chevy Cruze Hatch Diesel came about we immediately said yes because not only would we make this a road trip experience to Scottsdale, AZ, but we would also attend an MLB spring training game.

The Chevy Cruze was delivered days before our departure so I was able to enjoy it in my city by running errands and simply taking it out for a couple spins with my wife. My wife’s favorite color is red and we were happy to drive the car in that color. The brown leather interior caught my eye since the moment I was handed the keys because it made the compact car look modern and sporty. You’ll like to hear that the Chevy Cruze offers up to an EPA-estimated 48 mpg on the highway with manual transmission.

For the extensive distance that we drove it from Los Angeles, CA to Phoenix, AZ we were surprised yet pleased with the fuel-efficiency of the car. You would love this too for your future car if you’re looking to purchase soon.  

We arrived to Scottsdale, AZ late on Friday night and although we only made one pit stop in Coachella, CA we were extremely tired of the long 6+ drive. It was great to be sitting in extremely comfortable seats. While I drove the entire way there my wife was able to take care of our online business. Aside from being bloggers and social media influencers were also fitness coaches and thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot she was able to get a lot of work done with our clients who are seeing amazing body transformations.

Saturday was game day and we were stoked to be enjoying a spring training game between Los Angeles Angels and Chicago Cubs at Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ. We were happy to arrive in style inside the Chevy Cruze. The weather was perfect and the best part was that we got great seats where we could watch the game without sun rays directly on our faces!

You’ll want to know that manual-transmission models for the Chevy Cruze come standard with the RS package, sport-tuned suspension and 18-inch wheels.

Since 2006, Chevrolet, has been supporting baseball and softball at the youth level in communities across the country through Chevy Youth Baseball, a grassroots, community outreach program. Chevrolet once again has sponsored Major League Baseball’s PLAY BALL initiative, a collaborative effort between MLB, USA Baseball and USA Softball to encourage participation in all forms of baseball and softball.

After enjoying the game we were starving so we headed out to eat a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called “Flower Child”, which by the way was delicious!

After that we went back to the hotel to do some R&R and got ready to explore Downtown Historic Scottsdale in our Chevy Cruze. It was a fun night and we were glad we got to enjoy the small city.

Sunday was return day to Los Angeles and we were sad that our experience had come to an end in the Phoenix area. In Los Angeles, CA we still had more hours to enjoy the car though.

You’ll want to know that available features inside the Chevy Cruze include wireless phone charging, heated rear leather seats and heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel. There’s also OnStar with 4G LTE connectivity, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility through Chevrolet MyLink.

Our drive back to Los Angeles was fun because we were able to see an amazing sunset during our drive. Wife and I got to enjoy quality time together and began planning our next trip.

We always felt safe inside the Chevy Cruze because its strong body structure because it features high-strength steel in key areas.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and learning more about the highlights of our trip and of course the car.  


Wow, 2018 has started off on an amazing note and by that I mean that AVivirLA has been on the road quite a lot. I am not complaining, but with that comes the responsibility of constantly washing hands because I have been in hundreds of public spaces.

These public spaces are not always the cleanest places either. Everyone touches everything and things can get pretty gross when you over analyze them like myself. Yes, I consider myself a germaphobic. Plus my wife realized this too when we moved-in together.

When traveling there’s been places where water is not nearby, but having the new Kleenex Wet Wipes has been a life saver. They are an extra item that has served a great purpose in my recent traveling experiences and also after my workout routines when I have to run a quick errand and there’s just not enough time to clean-up.

Yes, we all know that sometimes after a workout there’s that one errand that needs to be taken care of before the post office or bank closes for the day.

That is what recently happened to me and Kleenex Wet Wipes were the perfect method for a quick clean up. The other day I had less than 10 minutes to make into a nearby post office to ship several items and Kleenex Wet Wipes were very helpful.

When I received the opportunity to partner with my friends from Kleenex I knew it would be a perfect collaboration with the way I think and how concerned I am about germs around me. On my recent road trips I’ve made sure that a couple of these Kleenex Wet Wipes come along with me too.

It’s important that I mention that Kleenex Wet Wipes lacks harsh chemicals that are found in other wipes therefore they are very safe to use on our faces and hands. I love that they are thick and soft enough to clean all the sweat after my workout or germs on my hands after touching public spaces.

You’ll love to know that the Kleenex Wet Wipes now come in the perfect travel size packs that you see here in my post. They can almost fit in a man’s pocket or for sure in a ladies’ purse. My wife does carry pack in her bag.


If you’re ready to be a little more cleaner or simply carry that new wet wipe that kills 99% of germs around you get yourself to a Walgreens store now so that you can pick a few packs. You’ll find them in the “home supplies” section of the store. Plus, Kleenex at Walgreens is currently offering a $1 IBOTTA rebate through the app. Now you don’t want to miss these kinds of savings.

Let me know what you think once you try the Kleenex Wet Wipes?

February is National Heart Month, a celebration that aims to increase awareness of
cardiovascular health in general. The idea itself of ​​breathing should be a great reminder to take
care of this organ, which gives life to the entire body. Unfortunately, we don’t give it as much
importance as it deserves.

It is crucial to our community to be well-informed about cardiovascular health. Balanced
nutrition and regular check-ups are important ways to stay on track for heart health.

Doing a self-analysis of our lifestyle and see how can it be improved could be a first step
towards a heart-healthy lifestyle. For example, are you exercising regularly? Maybe you could
add physical activity to your day and avoid living a sedentary lifestyle. How balanced is your
diet? You can reduce foods high in saturated fats and take advantage of healthier foods, such as
fruits and vegetables, and introduce unsaturated fats, like pistachios, to your day-to- day.

Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts,
such as pistachios, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, which may reduce the
risk of heart disease. Wonderful Pistachios contains 13 grams of fat per serving and nearly 90%
of their fat is unsaturated.

When you have a serving of Wonderful Pistachios, you will be getting 3 grams of fiber and 6
grams of protein. On the other hand, if you have a serving of potato chips, you will only get 1
gram of fiber and 2 grams of protein. In fact, you’ll be able to enjoy about 49 pistachios
compared to just 15 potato chips per serving. Also, Wonderful Pistachios comes in a variety of
flavors, so you can vary and not feel like you are always eating the same snack.

You can also add Wonderful Pistachios in your daily meals. Have you thought of adding
pistachios to your morning smoothies? What about adding it to your favorite salad?

Take this month to start conversations with your family and friends about the importance of
doing annual checkups, the importance of having a balanced diet and how you can adapt
healthy habits that will remain forever.

I partnered with Wonderful Pistachios to encourage healthy eating choices.


My fitness lifestyle is all about balance, moderation and not having restrictions. I’ve always applied the mantra of life being too short to live restricted from eating certain cheat snacks or meals. There’s no point in living with that mentality because in the end you’ll only end up hurting yourself and your fitness goals. When you live under restrictions you only want what you tell yourself you can’t have even more.

It’s under that same mentality that every once in a while when I am craving a cold glass of beer and after participating in some of favorite activities such as hiking, working out or laying out in my pool I make sure I have one or two on deck to enjoy. There’s a big reason why I enjoy Michelob ULTRA so much and that is because they are all about living fit, having fun and living a life without compromise. I think my life mantra blends so well with theirs too.

If you did not know a Michelob ULTRA contains 95 calories and 2.6 carbs so that you and your buddies don’t sacrifice all that time spent in the gym. Sometimes when I hit the gym I push even harder on my routine because I know that at home I can reward myself with an ice cold beer during my dinner or as I hang out in my backyard patio counting my blessings (staring at sunsets). There’s no guilt or feeling bad because I remind myself of how hard I worked for that beer.

Michelob ULTRA is the superior light beer and I love that because I am that man that loves a great quality light beer. It’s fun to know that Michelob ULTRA carries the belief that health and happiness should go hand-in-hand of each other.

As a personal trainer I always tell my clients that I train that diets don’t work and that in order to see results you’ve got to put in the work at the gym and with nutrition. But I also always remind them that an occasional alcoholic drink will not mess up the fitness journey and instead it will aid the body because it confuses it so that it works even harder to obtain that summer body.

Michelob ULTRA believes you can work out and still go out and that you can stay fit and still have fun.

Recently we all probably went a little overboard during the Super Bowl or maybe even during the holidays that passed way to fast! Michelob ULTRA is helping everyone so that we don’t lose sight of those grandiose fitness goals we set ourselves to achieve this year therefore they are offering a sweepstakes that features over 95,000 fitness experiences. Whoa!

Michelob ULTRA has partnered up with organizations such as Class Pass, and CrossFit (on my bucket list to train list this year) and others to bring fans the motivation required to crush those 2018 fitness goals.

In order to participate in the Michelob ULTRA 95,000 sweepstakes make sure to follow the following guidelines; applicants must be 21+ to participants, begins on 1/1 and ends on 5/5 and prizes will be awarded across 125 periods. Some of the prizes include Class Pass Trial membership, a prize and much more.

Share what your passion points and check out how Michelob ULTRA is helping people reach their fitness goals by giving away over 95,000 fitness experiences. Don’t forget to enter here as many times as you’d like for yourself for the opportunity to win.

Don’t forget to Live Fit. Live fun. Live Ultra.

Although we are one solid month into the New Year let’s not forget those exciting fitness goals you set up for yourself when that clock marked 1/1/2018.

I want to share one piece of advice that will make you successful at achieving your fitness goals this year – upgrade your wardrobe.

As a fitness blogger and personal trainer I always tell my clients to treat themselves to new clothes for all the hard work they put into their fitness regimen. There’s some kind of invigorating adrenaline rush when you workout in brand new gear.

New workout clothes make a difference when it comes to training. It’s proven that your workout gear can help or break your goals. Although people will not always agree that your wardrobe does have an impact on your mood I am here to refute that mentality. Of course wearing clothes that are functional is important, but you also want to rock gear that gives you confidence boosters when you are pressing that last repetition, which you know you can achieve.

If you feel confident about the way you look in your clothes, you will work out harder and feel more motivated.

Since I love the way new workout clothes make me feel I decided to partner up with my friends from JCPenney to obtain the new gear like what you see me sporting. The store has all the essentials workout clothes. The Michael Strahan collection is extremely comfortable and functional.

Without a doubt I get pumped to go into my home gym when I have a brand new workout outfit. All I want to do is get sweaty and pump some iron in them. The Michael Strahan jogger pants and muscle tee are extremely comfortable and non-obtrusive.

Having these two pieces in my wardrobe will definitely help me stay on track and have me meeting my “New Year, New You” goals. I know it will do the same for you too.

Let me get real with ya’ll. If you feel you are not crushing those 2018 fitness goals already it may be because you’re feeling whack in your old gym clothes and you may want to give up completely, but I’ve given you the solution for that. Go visit your nearest JCPenney or shop online for the same gear I’m wearing.

If there’s one characteristic that has stood out to me the most when I initially was invited by
Blink Fitness to check out their brand new location in California was the fact of how much they
stress out that working out should be about feeling good and not so much about looking good.

Blink Fitness finally opened their 60 th location in the West Coast – to be specific in Gardena, CA
(metropolitan Los Angeles area). It’s located at the Gardena Plaza and has been opened for
almost 2 months. Since they’ve established a strong recognition in the East Coast it was only
natural that they made their way to another fun coast.

I had the opportunity to visit Blink Fitness and I immediately became a member because I
enjoyed their state-of- the-art facility. It’s got all the amazing amenities that we all need when
embarking on our individual fitness journeys. I would describe it as a luxurious gym offering an
experience at an affordable price.

The Gardena location establishment opening will be followed by two additional gyms in the city
of Huntington Park and Anaheim in late 2018. These will be great places for Angelinos to have
because for those who felt intimidated by campaigns that focus solely on working out, getting
ripped, chiseled and shredded Blink Fitness’s mindset is about Mood Above Muscle, which
changes the conception around fitness.

Blink Fitness’s messaging makes working out and living a healthy lifestyle fun and exhilarating.
Not only do they walk the talk when it comes to this lifestyle, but they implement it at their
gym with how positive their personnel are and how many uplifting phrases and quotes of
affirmation they have inside the gym. I applaud Blink Fitness’s realistic goals by celebrating the
bodies of every person and making them see how important it is to feel good under their own

When working out at the Gardena Blink Fitness you can expect to see mood up-lifters from
everyone that participates, colorful design, elevated customer service, spotlessly clean facility,
energizing music and confidence boosting training programs. The best part about receiving all
the mentioned above care in a nicely packed bundle is that you’ll only pay low-cost
memberships, starting at just $15 per month. It’s a great deal for the grand experience that
you’ll receive.

The equipment is some of the best that is out there in the fitness industry and they have
everything you need for working out every different muscle in your body. There’s a large training room for those who enjoy yoga or more soothing exercises. The entire facility is around
18,000 sq. ft.

According to one of the associates at the Gardena location Blink Fitness has bold goals of
reaching 300 gyms in the next 5 years through corporate-owned expansion as well as franchise

I really enjoyed working out at the Gardena Blink Fitness location because I felt I could go at my
own pace with my workouts and I did not need to prove anybody how much I could lift. I knew
that at the end of the day I only had to prove the person I was yesterday how much stronger I
had become. My spirits were lifted thanks to this great training and I will be returning for more
confidence-booster sessions.

If you would like to learn more about Blink Fitness check them out here: and don’t forget to sign up so that you can also begin your
fitness transformation.

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