I know what it is like to set “living fit” New Year’s Resolutions and not sticking to them because I have been in that same boat numerous times in the past. Last year and this year that was not the case though because I’ve been on a healthy fitness journey for almost 2 years. And so I figured that this time I could offer some motivation that has helped me stick to my regimen.

When I was approached by my friend’s from Grocery Outlet to talk about this specific topic I did not think about it twice for two reasons 1) I love the store and I sometimes purchase my groceries there and 2) living a healthy lifestyle is one of my biggest passions so why not offer some tips on what has worked for me.

Don’t we all want to be better human beings and we promise ourselves and others that we will commit to being a better version of ourselves in the New Year, but March rolls around and many times we have failed miserably. What happens after that? A lot of guilt and disappointment kicks in because we were not able to stick to our word. That type of attitude is horrible, but I want to offer some tips to help you if living healthy was one of your New Year’s resolutions.

Don’t Make Healthy Resolutions at All, Set Short Term Goals Instead

We get so carried with the resolutions hype that we immediately are programmed to do what others are doing. Don’t fall into that trap. Instead make short term goals that will stick to your lifestyle. For instance one of them could be changing your grocery shopping destination to Grocery Outlet where you are bound to find healthy and organic products no matter what. Why? Because you’ll find NOSH products. NOSH stands for Natural, Organic, Specialty, Health. I was at Grocery Outlet this weekend and affordability is definitely at the top of their priorities.

Plus when you set short term goals and you achieve them the feeling of accomplishment is like no other! It feels amazing.

Make a Grocery List and plan your Meals

Yes, meal prepping and writing your grocery list go hand-in-hand. When you plan your week ahead you are setting yourself up for success. So before visiting your nearest Grocery Outlet be sure to create a grocery list of the items you need to create your healthy meals so that you purchase exactly what you need for yourself and family. You will also end up saving a lot of money when you have a grocery list. In addition, when you arrive home from buying your groceries at Grocery Outlet make a habit to meal prep for the week or at least the following 3-4 days. This will cut away in any temptation of bad food that you could find at work.

During my most recent visit to Grocery Outlet I was able to see that they have a vast amount of options for produce and meats. Their organic products are extensive too. One of the items on my meal prep menu this week was quinoa and you bet we found that at Grocery Outlet during our visit.

We were also able to find healthy snacks that account for our carbohydrates daily consumption too.

FullSizeRender (13)

Use a Journal or Develop a Buddy System

Getting off the healthy wagon is so easy, but not when you have a buddy. Even better is when you live with that buddy because you are able to support each other day in and day out. In this case my fiancée and I are both in this healthy lifestyle together so it makes things so much easier. You also need to find yourself a support buddy to keep each other accountable and why no when you go grocery shopping together at Grocery Outlet.

I did want to emphasize that Grocery Outlet communicates the individual store daily deals via their email program. Based on the selected stores, every day they send subscribers a WOW alert, featuring products with 50% – 70% or more savings for that particular store. NOSH items and other great deals are featured daily. A lot of Grocery Outlet shoppers are reading the Wow alerts and going to the stores for a treasure hunt experience because you won’t believe what big name brands you can find for a bargain price.

I can honestly say I said the word “WOW” at least a few times during my most recent visit because of the great prices. At checkout we were pleased to know that we saved $32 and now that deserves a “WOW”! Everyone likes to save money on their groceries because that leaves us with some extra money to purchase other items.


I hope that the tips I’ve presented on sticking to your healthy lifestyle do support your New Year’s goals. And better yet understand that living a healthy lifestyle is not expensive nor will you go broke if you start shopping at Grocery Outlet and planning. You’ll find everything you need so that you have the healthiest year of your life.

Is living a healthier lifestyle one of your New Year’s resolutions? Let me know if my tips have helped you? Don’t forget to use the hashtags #NewYearNewNosh #NoshWithGroceryOutlet

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If there’s one place that lets me get creative and plan out my vision to the maximum that will always be stepping into nature and the outdoors. This can be anywhere, at any city or country that I visit. The energy that I receive from such places is indescribable because your mind gets cleared to the highest level possible. You re-invent yourself in so many dimensions that you end up leaving like a brand new person. I am serious!  


The outdoors experience that I recently had in my most recent getaway could not have come at a better timing especially since we are days away from welcoming a brand new beginning, cycle or as many would refer to it as a blank chapter in our lives to start creating our very own stories. Happy New Year!


This holiday season I could not think of a better place to unwind and re-charge for a successful new year than visiting and hiking at Knights Ferry Recreation Area in Oakdale, California. As I visited this hidden gem in Northern California (one hour away from Yosemite) I immediately imagined that I was letting loose of my inner explorer and seekender in me because I was enjoying every spot there.


Let’s remember that a seekender is an adventurer or traveler who likes to take advantage of the weekends while enjoying food, music, sports or the outdoors. I also recommend that you all go visit Hampton by Hilton for more inspiration on how to best enjoy and where to go on your next seekender weekend experience.


Knights Ferry Recreation Area is a large park area that is commonly used for hiking, picnics, photoshoots and is a convenient place to have a river recreational trip since the Stanislaus River runs smack down the middle of the area. The peaceful noise of the water will put you in the mood for some deep reflection, which is exactly what you’ll need to start envisioning the new year.

During the summer you can do some kayaking or water rafting in the river, and I will most definitely be returning for that experience.


I arrived to Knighs Ferry Recreation Area and hiked about 3 miles and I was able to obtain some pretty stunning views. In the park you will also find some ruins and the Knights Ferry Covered Bridge, which spans for 330 feet, is the longest covered bridge west of the Mississippi.

I was able to capture some pretty beautiful views of the bridge against the Northern California foothills. Check this one out below:


There’s no need to make reservations to visit this place other than paying for your parking when you arrive. It’s a dog-friendly park too as long as your pet is on a leash.


Enjoy the views and disconnect from the exterior world. If you enjoy your trip hashtag your pictures with #SoySeekender and #AVivirLATravel to find them and leave you with some social media love. And don’t forget to visit Hampton by Hilton to find nearby properties to lodge when visiting this California natural park.

*If you stay at a Hampton by Hilton you will receive complimentary breakfast and you’ll always have access to free coffee and tea throughout the day.

Combinaciones con leche que impactan, desde botanas hasta postres.

Los clásicos platillos de las fiestas son el centro de las reuniones de fin de año, un momento en que las familias y los amigos celebran preparando y disfrutando juntos comidas caseras. Pero muchos de los platillos favoritos de las fiestas requieren horas y horas de arduo trabajo en la cocina. Para ofrecer a las familias una solución sin complicaciones, la Junta de Procesadores de Leche de California (CMPB), creadora de las icónicas campañas got milk? y Toma Leche, ha colaborado con destacados chefs y aficionados a la gastronomía de todo California para crear recetas modernas inspiradas en los platillos tradicionales y en los sabores de temporada que a todos nos gustan – los cuales saben aún mejor cuando se acompañan con un vaso de leche.

Para muchos, existe una relación muy estrecha entre la comida y la familia, porque las tradiciones nos traen una sensación de pertenencia, amor e identidad con los demás. Esto se siente especialmente durante las fiestas, cuando las recetas familiares son las estrellas de la mesa. Sin embargo, muchas de estas recetas que han pasado de generación en generación, suelen tomar mucho tiempo de preparación; la generación de hoy en día busca recrear estos sabores de una manera más eficiente para poder dedicar más tiempo a disfrutar de las festividades con sus seres queridos. “Estamos muy contentos de ofrecer a las familias de todas partes opciones nuevas para disfrutar de las fiestas manteniéndose fieles a sus tradiciones y la versatilidad de la leche la convierte en el acompañamiento perfecto para la variedad de propuestas creadas por nuestros chefs,” afirma Steve James, Director Ejecutivo de CMPB.

Un ejemplo de estos platillos nuevos y novedosos es el fascinante giro que el Chef Javier Plascencia le da a los camotes caramelizados. Inspirado en Bimbo y su muy popular panqué – una delicia que él mismo solía disfrutar de pequeño en Tijuana, B.C. – Plascencia creó su nueva combinación para las fiestas: Panqué con Camote Asado Bañado en Miel de Piloncillo y Especias + Leche infusionada con Mazapán de Almendra.. “Mi abuela siempre preparaba camotes para Navidad y el platillo que yo creé está basado en su receta que ha sido un clásico esencial en nuestra mesa familiar por muchos años,” comenta Plascencia.

Otro platillo son los Tostones al Horno con Crème Fraiche, una receta inspirada en los sabores cubanos creada por Eddie Zamora, un aficionado a la gastronomía y al turismo que reside en Los Ángeles, fundador del popular blog gastronómico, The Yum-Yum Foodie. Con ingredientes exquisitos como plátanos, crème fraiche (crema fresca) y aguacate, Zamora combina estos bocadillos deliciosos con un vaso de leche fría. “Lo que me encanta de esta combinación es que luce impactante pero es muy fácil de preparar,” afirma Zamora. “Lo puedes servir como una botana para que tus invitados la disfruten antes del platillo principal o si organizas una reunión más informal, puede ser parte de tu selección de tapas,” agrega.

Y para agregar el sabor de Argentina al meú, está la creación del Chef Pablo Romano: Empanadas Dulces y Saladas para el Desayuno + Leche. Romano, chef y co-fundador/propietario de Venga Empanadas en San Francisco, incluyó piña, paleta de cerdo, panqué Bimbo y ciruelas secas en este combo intrigante para el desayuno y complementó estos ingredientes dulces y salados con la leche.

Si deseas conocer todas las recetas para estas fiestas creadas exclusivamente para got milk?/ Toma Leche, visita: www.gotmilk.com, www.tomaleche.com y sigue a got milk? en Facebook/ Twitter @gotmilk e Instagram @officialgotmilk.

Aqui una receta tipica durante estas fiestas decembrinas:

Tostones al Horno con Crème Fraîche y Vaca Frita de Pollo

Rinde para 4 porciones



2 plátanos verdes grandes

1 aguacate

1 envase de 8 onzas de crème fraiche

1 pollo rostizado, desmenuzado

1 cebolla blanca, cortada en rodajas

2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva

1 cucharadita de ajo en polvo

1 cucharadita de ajo

¼ cucharadita de comino

½ limón verde, rebanado en trozos

Aceite en aerosol

Sal Kosher



Vaca frita de pollo:

En un tazón, mezcla el pollo desmenuzado con el comino, el ajo en polvo, el jugo de limón verde y sal y pimienta al gusto. Deja marinar por 20 a 30 minutos. Si lo deseas, puedes usar ajo fresco en lugar de ajo en polvo. Luego, coloca una sartén grande a fuego medio-bajo y agrega el aceite de oliva y las rodajas de cebolla. Sofríe la cebolla hasta que quede translúcida. Agrega el pollo desmenuzado y fríe durante unos 10 minutos o hasta que esté crujiente y dorado. Deja a un lado.


Precalienta el horno a 425°F. Rocía con aceite un refractario grande para horno. Recorta las puntas de los plátanos. Haz cortes a lo largo de dos lados de cada plátano, lo suficientemente profundos como para atravesar toda la cáscara. Cocínalos en el microondas hasta que estén blandos en el centro. Para 2 plátanos, tarda alrededor de 6 a 6 1/2 minutos. Para 1 plátano, alrededor de 3 a 3 1/2 minutos, dependiendo del microondas. La cáscara se pondrá de color negro. Luego, pela los plátanos y córtalos en rebanadas de un grosor de ¾ de pulgada mientras estén calientes. De cada plátano se obtienen alrededor de 12 rebanadas. Coloca las rebanadas calientes de plátano en un tazón mediano y aplasta cada rebanada con el fondo de un frasco o lata. La herramienta recomendada para este paso es la tostonera, que suele encontrarse en los mercados latinos, pero cualquier objeto plano sirve.

Coloca todas las rebanadas de plátano aplastadas en el refractario para hornear ya preparado, rocía con una cantidad generosa de aceite, condimenta con sal y hornea durante aproximadamente 10 a 12 minutos o hasta que estén doradas en la parte de abajo. Retira del horno y voltea todas las rebanadas. Coloca nuevamente en el horno y hornea por 8 minutos más o hasta que estén doradas y crujientes. Retira del horno y condimenta con más sal. Agrega una cucharada de crème fraiche (crema fresca), una rebanada de aguacate y cubre con la vaca frita de pollo. Sirve este platillo con un vaso de leche fría y disfrútalo.

Note: This is a sponsored post created in collaboration with Hampton by Hilton and Latina Bloggers Connect, but all views are my own.


If you are a seekender like myself I am sure that on the top of your traveling plans you may have Los Angeles, CA as a destination for your next adventure. And if you do I don’t blame you because it’s my city and one that I have come to love for all the different things you can do here. As a fitness blogger and runner I have explored distinct scenic running/hiking trails that I want to share with all of you.  


In addition I highly recommend that hiking or running is implemented into anyone’s lifestyle because it helps you clear your mind, it’s great for the soul and most importantly keeps you healthy. Even when you are traveling you can squeeze in a good jog, hike or walk around the city you are visiting such is the case of all seekenders. A seekender is an adventurer or traveler who likes to take advantage of the weekends to explore and let loose of their inner seekender.

*When lodging at a Hampton by Hilton location you will receive complimentary breakfast and you’ll always have access to free coffee and tea throughout the day.


We won’t always know the hidden gems in a city that is unknown to us, but when we set to explore that city by foot we will discover a whole new world there. This is why I want to recommend my favorite running/hiking trails in LA, where I live, for when you come and visit. The trails that I share with you are suitable for running or hiking.

1. Sturtevant Falls Trail

Why I go

I love this trail in Arcadia because you really get to disconnect from all the hustle and bustle that you experience in LA. In and back, it’s a good 5 mile run with downhills and uphills. You really go deep into the wilderness and when it’s a hot day, the weather there will be a lot cooler.


What to know

At the end of the trail there’s a 50-foot waterfall that you’ll enjoy as a final treat. Once you get to the waterfall, hike up the to the top of and get a killer view looking out into the mountains. It’s a good place to have a snack, which I recommend bringing in a fanny pack.

2. Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath

Why I go

I love this trail in Long Beach because there are clear lines for the pedestrian and bike lanes, and the scenery is nice. It’s just over 4 miles, and I incorporate it into longer runs. The material used for the pedestrian path is great! It’s like a softer gravel, lessening the impact on your legs. I have my best runs here.


What to know

I like doing this run more in the evening because you get a good view of the sunset. You are jogging right along the beach and the view beats any other one. There are stairs along the way too so you can do those, too, if you want to switch things up.


3. Marvin Braude Bike Trail

Why I go

On this trail, you run through 3 to 4 different beaches and get to experience the different vibes of all of them. It’s 6, almost 7 miles. I start at Will Rogers Beach, which is calm, then head south through Santa Monica Beach, which is always busy. Next comes the famous Muscle Beach, and I end at Venice Beach, where you get to experience that free-spirited vibe.


When to go

I suggest going early, at 5am or 6am, or later in the evening. During the daytime hours, it will be crowded.


4. Fullerton Loop Trail

Why I go

On this trail you can get a high-intensity run while enjoying nature, and that is what I really love. The terrain here is in the middle, there are some ups and downs but not as rough or steep as Sturtevant Falls Trail. It’s about a 12-mile radius around. The vibe is very family-oriented and dog-friendly.


Insider tip

You can go off into some different trails connected to the main trail to add more miles to your run, another 2 miles or so. I usually do around 14 miles. I always change it up.

5. San Gabriel River Trail

Why I go

I do the 11 miles from Wilderness Park to El Dorado Park. I like it because it starts and ends in these parks so I can add miles by doing some extra loops in them. One loop around the Wilderness Park is maybe a mile and a half, and the El Dorado one is easily 4 miles around the entire park. So when I want to do 17 miles, 18 miles, this is my route.


What to know

The majority of the trail is flat, and a lot of people don’t know about it, so you kind of have the whole trail to yourself. I love that. The best time to go is early morning. Avoid evenings because there are some areas that are not well lit.

6. Hollyridge Trail

Why I go

I’ve run this trail in front of the Hollywood Sign numerous times. It’s 3.5-mile out and back, and starts at Sunset Ranch, where they do horseback rides; that’s the place to park. The majority of the beginning is pretty difficult because you’re going up. Definitely pace yourself. And just enjoy the view—you’ll see Downtown LA when you get to the top.


Insider tip

Go with a group of people, it’s more entertaining. I’ve done it with college friends, my nephews — I took my three nephews, they’re all between the age of 9 and 12, they were dying.


If LA is your next travel destination I hope that my running trails guide is helpful to you. If you visit one or two of the places I mentioned you’ll be in for some pretty spectacular views. I hope you think of me when visiting my city, which you’ll fall in love with too. More than likely as a seekender you enjoy good food, music, sports or the outdoors, like myself, so I recommend you visit Hampton by Hilton for more inspiration to enjoy your weekends to the maximum or how I like to say it #AVivirLA!

Quiero agradecer a mis amigos de #LasPalmasSauces por enviarme un detallito para prepararme para estas fechas decembrinas en familia.  La cajita incluye un pequeño tamal “starter kit” y también una receta desarrollada por Bricia López con el sabor auténtico de #LasPalmasSauces. Les comento que esta fue mi primer vez preparando tamales y creo que me fue muy bien, claro con con un poco de mejoramiento para la proxima estaran aun mas deliciosos.

Foto Cortesia de Las Palmas Sauces

Foto Cortesia de Las Palmas Sauces

Ya es diciembre, lo cual significa que es el momento de buscar ideas para tu menú navideño. De esta forma, podrás planificar cómodamente una rica cena con toda la familia.  Bricia López, conocida por su influencia en la cultura gastronómica de Los Ángeles gracias a su restaurante La Guelaguetza y su podcast Súper Mamás, ha creado dos recetas tradicionales y deliciosas, perfectas para esta época del año.  Bricia desarrolló exclusivamente los siguientes platillos con el sabor auténtico de las Salsas Las Palmas, para que dejes a tus invitados chupándose los dedos.

En esta ocasion yo les quiero compartir la receta del Tamal Rojo con Carnitas:

Cantidad de porciones: 15 Tamales


8 onzas de Salsa para Enchiladas Las Palmas® (Picante)

2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva

½ cebolla amarilla grande, cortada en rebanadas

2 libras de tomates rojos, cortados en rodajas

1 cucharada de orégano

Una pizca de comino

3 dientes de ajo

1 libra de puerco cocido y desmenuzado (También se pueden utilizar carnitas del día


Sal al gusto

1 libra de masa preparada para tamales

De 15-20 hojas de maíz secas



Vaporera de tamales

Esparcidor de masa (opcional)


Pon a remojo las hojas de maíz por unos 10 minutos en agua caliente hasta que estén

tiernas y se puedan moldear fácilmente. Puedes utilizar un plato o una piedra de mortero

para mantenerlas sumergidas dentro del agua.

Para preparar el relleno:

En una sartén calienta el aceite de oliva a fuego alto. Una vez caliente, añade las cebollas y

tomates cuidadosamente. Revuelve por 2 minutos a fuego alto y luego baja el fuego a

medio-bajo. Deja que se cocine por 10 minutos más, revolviendo ocasionalmente.

 En una piedra de mortero coloca el orégano, el comino, los dientes de ajo y dos cucharadas

de agua. Muele hasta que tenga una consistencia pastosa. Deja a un lado.

 Vierte la mitad de la mezcla de los tomates y la cebolla cocinada en una licuadora y tritura la

mezcla con 8 onzas de Salsa para Enchiladas Las Palmas® (Picante). Añade sal al gusto y

deja a un lado.

 Luego, agrega el puerco cocido y desmenuzado (o carnitas desmenuzadas) en una sartén

caliente con el resto de la mezcla de tomate y cebolla. Revuelve por 2 minutos a fuego

mediano y sazona con sal. Añade la mezcla de la piedra de mortero a la sartén hasta que

cubra completamente el puerco cocido y desmenuzado.

 Cocina por otros 5 minutos a fuego alto, revolviendo ocasionalmente. Vierte la salsa licuada

y deja que hierva a fuego lento por 10 minutos. Deja a un lado y mantén caliente para

rellenar los tamales.

Para rellenar los tamales:

 Seca las hojas de maíz. Coloca cada hoja de maíz por separado, con el lado liso hacia

arriba, y esparce la masa de manera vertical a lo largo de las hojas de maíz con el

esparcidor de masa.

 Rellena el lado derecho e izquierdo de la hoja de maíz completamente, pero recuerda dejar

espacio, más o menos de una pulgada, arriba y abajo. Agarra el relleno con una cuchara y

colócalo en medio de la hoja de maíz. Une los lados de las hojas de maíz y después dobla la

parte de abajo por encima del tamal.

 Coloca los tamales cuidadosamente boca arriba en la vaporera y mantenlos al vapor durante

unos 35-40 minutos. Finalmente, retira los tamales de la vaporera y sirve.

Note: This is a sponsored post created in collaboration with Hampton by Hilton and Latina Bloggers Connect, but all views are my own.

It is everyone’s ultimate dream to travel to new and exciting places where one can bring out the wild seekender within, but even more important is NOT jeopardizing one’s healthy living if we are on a transformational journey. That would be the cherry on top for many of us. As a fitness enthusiastic and blogger, but also someone that loves to take advantage of the weekends to explore and spontaneously enjoy new experiences I’ve come up with some tips to follow while being away from home and out of your day-to-day routine.

As you previously read on my blog a city that I was able to check-off my bucket list this summer was Nashville, TN and if any of you have traveled there you’ll know that staying healthy is not the easiest thing to do there for all of its amazing BBQ joints. But, as the healthy couple that Carmen and I are we did not let this excuse get in the way of our healthy lifestyle. Yet we still enjoyed the delicious grub there, not everyday though.


I am sure many of you reading this are seekenders which means that you are weekend travelers motivated by four main passions: sports, the outdoors, music, and food (Nashville has them all within the downtown area). In addition, staying at the Hampton by Hilton, which is only 2 miles away from downtown certainly helped in keeping us aligned to our healthy lifestyle.


We avoided eating out too often by making sure that we fueled our bodies with a hearty and fulfilling breakfast at Hampton’s on the House Hot Breakfast and then we would set off to explore the country-rich city. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of your day — never skip it. Shout out to my friends at Hampton by Hilton for providing us with delicious and fulfilling meals to start our days.


Living fit while traveling is not a myth- in fact, it is easier than you think when you do not live off of airport food and follow the exercise and nutrition tips that I am about to share with all of you to adopt on your next trip.

Pack snacks for the trip and food for your first day of travel

The best thing you can do for yourself and to avoid a lot of the guilt is packing a day’s worth of lunch while traveling because this will eliminate one day of not-so-great eating. Plus, you will be less likely to eat the unhealthy stuff at an airport or fast-chain food restaurants. Simply make sure everything that you are packing on your lunch box is solids and no liquids so that you can go through security checkpoints at airport without any hassle. In your luggage pack away plenty of snacks so that you have them for your trip and the only meals you need to worry about are the larger portions throughout your day.

Make Simple Substitutions

When you are eating out you can substitute dressings and other not-so-healthy sauces for those that have more nutritional value. In addition, at restaurants you will usually always be given large portions so pay attention and do not eat all the food in one sitting. Split your plate and you can ask for a to-go box and save the remainder for another day. Avoid public transportation and uber as much as possible. In Nashville, TN there’s a lot to see and explore in the Downtown area so walking to places is best so that you do not miss any hidden gems.


Eat Slowly

Even on a daily basis people will not do this, but when you are traveling and especially on our trip where we indulged in a lot of BBQ food we had to make sure we ate slowly because our bodies were not used to that type of food so eating slowly was key. It takes your stomach 20 minutes to tell your brain that it is full. Thus, eating slower gives your stomach the time it needs to relay that message to the brain.


Control your Portions

This is a habit that I have adopted since a year ago and it’s worked so well for me so I felt the need to share with all of you especially when you are traveling. Eating small portions every two to three hours not only will kick-start your metabolism, but you won’t feel deprived to try all the local new dishes of the places you’ll visit. I am savoring some pork BBQ right now!


Exercise or Take Part in Local Physical Activities

This helpful tip was not difficult for us because we love fitness and when we could not get a jog or workout in our system we’d head to downtown for some country line dancing with the locals. That was definitely a #SoySeekender worthy experience. Of course don’t forget to pack your jogging shoes and workout clothes.


Drink Water

Keeping your body hydrated is one of the most difficult things to do, but it is so necessary. If possible carry a water bottle everywhere you go and sip water all day. Try as much as possible to drink one gallon of water a day.


And lastly don’t feel deprived during your trip if you want to eat certain foods that are local to the area — do it because there’s no worse feeling than knowing that you shouldn’t eat something. Life should be a balance so as long as you are continuing with your fitness regimen you should be good to eat the typical foods of the area.


And don’t forget to check out Hampton by Hilton website to book your next travel. Rest assured that you will enjoy a comfortable and worry-free experience on your next trip if you decide to lodge at one of their properties.


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Esta aquí la época favorita del año de muchos porque es el tiempo donde nos regocijamos con amor, sonrisas, atenciones y renovamos nuestra fe gracias al espíritu navideño. Como no recordar las fiestas tan coloridas de Navidad en nuestros países natales, para mí en mi México, donde se celebran las famosas “Posadas” con comida rica y autentica, música, aguinaldos, piñatas y tantas cosas más únicas de esta temporada.


Por muchos años no podía regresar a mi país natal y veía como mis padres mandaban dinero a México para ayudar con algunos gastos a familiares. Esa costumbre aún sigue firme y me dio gusto escuchar de la herramienta Xoom que nos hará la vida más fácil. ¿Cómo? A continuación les explico.


Pero antes de eso también recordemos que no es el tiempo favorito de algunas personas por la simple razón de que no están junto a sus familiares o posiblemente tienen años sin ver a sus seres queridos. Sin embargo, el estar lejos no es sinónimo de no regalar sonrisas o algunos centavos porque con Xoom ahora puedes enviar dinero a tus familiares en otros países.


Les quiero platicar de cómo es tan sencillo hacer envíos de dinero con Xoom, un servicio de PayPal. Esta herramienta ha sido maravillosa porque es muy fácil y sencilla de usar porque todas las transacciones se pueden hacer desde la comodidad de tu cama o sofá y sin salir de casa. Este servicio digital es súper conveniente y rápido de usar – tu dinero llegara a su destino justo a tiempo para comprar los ingredientes esenciales para la cena de Navidad en la que posiblemente no podrás participar.

Las cosas se han puesto aún mejor porque si por cualquier cosa con el “corre, corre” o ajetreo de la temporada se te olvida mandar dinero tus familiares te pueden dejar saber directamente a través de una “solicitud” de dinero por Xoom. Y sabes que ya no es necesario apuntar datos complicados de diversas cuentas o cometer errores adivinando domicilios – ahora tus familiares ingresan la información correcta en Xoom.com y tendrás más seguridad. Después de recibir la “solicitud” tu solo tendrás que confirmarla y listo. Así de simple.

La tecnología ha revolucionado los tiempos en los cuales vivimos. Según un estudio de las Naciones Unidas del 2016, actualmente un aproximado de 244 millones de migrantes viven fuera del país donde nacieron pero gracias a la tecnología podemos aun apoyar y sentirnos que estamos cerca a nuestros familiares que dejamos en otros países gracias a la tecnología.

Las cosas se ponen mejores porque Xoom ofrece también la opción de ahorrarle tiempo y molestia a tu familia de tener que esperar en largas filas para pagar sus facturas. Desde tu hogar, usando Xoom.com, puedes echarles la mano pagando sus cuentas de servicio en ciertos países – solo con su número de cuenta. Creo que no habrá mejor regalo para ellos que quitarles ese peso de encima como pagarles los servicios más esenciales como gas, electricidad y línea de teléfono.

Ahora si les he presentado la mejor herramienta que les cambiara su vida en esta temporada decembrina el único problema en el cual no les puedo ayudar mucho es cocinar su deliciosa cena de Navidad.

Si eres de las personas que desconfía en herramientas como estas en línea no te preocupes porque Xoom.com está disponible para ti las 24 horas del día y todos los días de la semana en español y te garantiza 100% reembolso de sus servicios por si llegara a pasar algún inconveniente. La aplicación está disponible en teléfonos Android y iOS.


No lo pienses mas y estas súper invitado a que pruebes Xoom hoy mismo. Ingresa al sitio para aprender mas acerca de Xoom. ¿Me dejas saber que te pareció en los comentarios de esta nota?

Felices fiestas y te deseo un próspero año nuevo. #XoomFiestas

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are currently in the largest gift-giving season, especially in the western culture. As a matter of fact we could argue that the final two months of the calendar year account for the largest revenue sales for retailers because many people are in the giving mode. While this is a time when many overspend there are some simple steps that could be adopted so that come January credit card statements there’s not too many surprises.

In a recent phone interview with Alan Whitman, a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor we discussed tips on how to avoid overspending during the holiday season and what measures could be implemented so that increased stress and regret is not experienced in the aftermath. Whitman has been in the industry for over 45 years so his wealth of knowledge will be valuable for all of my readers. He’s had experience with individuals, foundations and corporations.

What is one of the biggest mistakes people do when it comes to spending during the holiday season and are there any tips you can offer?


Alan Whitman (AW): I think in spending one of the biggest mistakes people make is they fail to really think ahead what it is they need to buy. We always encourage people, think about who you want to buy for, what it is you want to buy, and what you are willing to spend. What happens is that people get into stores and everything looks good, everything is exciting, you want to own it and you want to buy it. And before you know it you really haven’t covered everybody on your Christmas list, but you are way over spent and now what do you do? Make a list not only who you want to purchase gifts for, but what it is you want to buy for them and how much it is you want to spend for each one.

A lot of people see a lot of teaser ads that offer certain things and are racing to get them. And know that in most cases those bargains are limited in terms of availability. And so when you get there you are disappointed.

Why do you think people spend more money than they actually have?

AW: Well it is pretty easy to spend more than you have because most people don’t use cash. Most people tend to charge cards and when those bills show up they expect to get paid as well. But what people forget is that in most cases credit card interest rates are extremely high.

In addition, Whitman explained how spending money is like playing with poker chips in Las Vegas. How? You are not playing with real dollars, you are playing with chips it’s the same thing with credit cards (piece of plastic). It’s hard to keep track when you are adding credit card expenses vs. how much money you have left in your wallet.

An important tip that Whitman mentioned was spending money on what you can truly afford. “It doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive gift on the block nor a lot of gifts because people will remember that one item instead of the 3-4 items”, said Whitman.

He emphasized how credit card debt was horrible because the only thing to keep it running is paying the minimum payment and that is enough to keep the card active. Interest keeps charging and that’s where a person gets destroyed down the road.

“I tell people credit cards aren’t evil. They are wonderful things to have. You get reward points. The thing to do is use the card in a fashion that you know you can pay it off at the end of the month. And then it’s the ultimate dream because you got what you wanted to buy, you were going to buy it anyway, whether you paid cash or not but here you got reward points. They may be airline miles, gift cards or points to stay at a hotel. Using a credit card is not a bad thing to do as long as you are smart about making sure you get it paid”, commented Whitman.

Do you think people should be purchasing gifts for everyone or any recommendation that you may have to save money?

AW: Gift exchanges are a great idea. The problem is the push, the advertising, the hype is so much that you just want to buy, buy, buy. And they make you feel guilty almost if you do not buy. I think gift exchanges are wonderful. I think gift exchanges are fine and you do need to buy gifts for everyone.

Another important tip that Whitman recommends is giving a gift that will be delivered at a later time so that when you do have more cash flow or  are not pressing for money that gift can be given without any hesitation or regret.

morgan-stanley-showcase_image-2-a-8767In addition, telling people what they will get as their gift (e.g. television set) and go purchase it with them after Dec. 26th because that is when prices will be much cheaper. A lot of ways people are getting smarter is that they are postponing the actual purchase of the gift, but they are letting people know ahead of time what the gift is going to be.

What recommendations do you have for people to save more money in 2017?

AW: Begin saving immediately. From every paycheck or whenever you get extra money put it into a savings account. What you are doing is simply parking some dollars so that at the end of the day [year] you don’t get hit as bad and have that extra money for your holiday spending the following year without resourcing to credit cards.
It’s difficult to create the savings mindset discipline, but you have to so that you are not burdened with interest charges and different pressures with money in the long run.

December to me is a time to reflect and ponder on what I did great in the year and what I could have done better. But more than anything it’s also a time to not be so harsh on myself and recognize that I am nowhere near my comfort zone and this is GREAT!


I can honestly say that 2016 has been a year for the books. My blog reached its 1 year successful anniversary, my overall social media reach exceeded 100,000 followers, I proposed to the love of my life (tying the knot August 2017 #CarGusWedding), I’ve taken my health and fitness to a whole different level, I’ve traveled to unknown and cool places and 2017 is bound to get better. With that said those are the “quality moments” I live for and I know that more are in store next year.

In addition, this year more than ever I’ve invested so much in my personal growth and development, which has allowed me to completely let go of negative experiences from the past and focus on creating a brand new life worth living. I couldn’t be happier for this moment. I’ve invested in new books, audiobooks, knowledge and conferences, which will make me a more successful and confident man.

Therefore it was a no brainer for me to partner up with my friends from Alford & Hoff on this next grooming review because they’re brand embodies class, excellence and drive for success. It was great to learn that Alford & Hoff are former athletes and businessmen, so my desire to collaborate as a brand ambassador for this opportunity was the perfect match for me as a certified personal trainer, lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur.


Another great thing that I enjoyed learning about Alford & Hoff was the fact that a man that uses this fragrance is characterized by someone that takes good care of his mind and body. We’ll seems like the fragrance was cut-out just for me because those two are very important pillars in my life.


Alford & Hoff have 3 different fragrances, but there is one that resonated with my taste the most and that was the No. 2 since it is a more subtle and fresh. The scent has notes of citrus, cardamom and wood. I’ve never been a fan of overly strong or spicy scents so this one was perfect for me. It’s that cologne that will make you feel fresh all throughout your day.


The other two scents, Signature and No. 3, are great too for other tastes. I recommend you check out the entire collection here and whichever one you choose will be a great fit for your personal preference.

Let’s not forget that whichever Alford & Hoff you choose for yourself you’ll be winning because I am sure you’ll have your significant other loving you more for how amazing you smell. I know my love reminds me how great I smell every time I acquire a new scent and this Alford & Hoff has not been the exception.


The greatest thing that I want you to take away from this post is that they are offering a Dopp Kit valued at $29.00 when you purchase a fragrance. This special gift adds a touch of style to anyone’s traveling repertoire. It’s a vinyl Alford & Hoff Dopp Kit with elegantly printed motif and spacious interior to fit all your bathroom essentials. To add value to your purchase they even have gift sets and travel sprays.


You can purchase the Alford & Hoff at major retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and others near you or here.

Lastly, I’m taking full advantage of the quality moments that I will be living with this brand new fragrance this holiday season and all of 2017 and I really hope you do too!

As a child I recall playing soccer and there were a few times when I did get hit in the head by the opponent team, put excessive force in a “cabecita” (header) hit or simply ran into other players and my head was injured. As boys/men we tend to always get into the game head on and soccer is a sport that runs through our veins so there is no exception as to how aggressively we sometimes play. It’s a natural thing.  Storelli, a new soccer brand, is a must for soccer players to look into to protect head injuries.

I had the opportunity to partner up with Storelli recently to give their Exoshield HeadGuard a try and provide all of you with some information and feedback. The best part about receiving this product is that I will get to use it during the holidays when I visit my nephews and we’ll play soccer in the park. My nephews are now teenagers and are just as strong as myself and I know I will be putting the head guard to great use.


When playing soccer as a kid I would have saved myself and my parents a lot of headaches if Storelli would have been around. The Exoshield HeadGuard was specifically designed to provide protection against impact to the head and to reduce the incidence of cuts and bruises in the covered areas.

An important note to share is that although third-party testing confirms that the Exoshield HeadGuard significantly reduces the force of impact to covered areas, there is no conclusive data showing that the Exoshield HeadGuard prevents concussions.


Storelli shares important information about head injury reports and you can learn all about it on this link here. They are spearheading the “head injury” topic and are genuinely interested in creating the best head guard there’s out there for soccer players.

We all know the huge trauma a head injury can bring to a person so in this case prevention is key and the great thing about Exoshield HeadGuard is that it will provide that exactly without affecting a player’s performance in the field.

After wearing the Storelli Exoshield I was amazed at how comfortably it fits and how strong it is. Take a look at the demo video below so that you have an idea as to what I am referring to and see for yourself how powerful this weapon is versus a bowling ball:

Let me tell you that it is made with military grade and it will keep everyone on the field safe when it is worn. Storelli are thought leaders in the head protection space. The Exoshield HeadGuard is armored with materials to absorb 90% of impact and reduce G-Force affects to the head by more than 50% and limited variety of pain points.

I highly recommend that you read more about head injury here and what Storelli is doing to provide protection.


Want to have one of your own? Enter the Exoshield HeadGuard giveaway by posting your social media. Tag @storellisports on your post and use the hashtag #protect25 to enter.

All the luck to you and don’t forget to follow Storelli on social media for cool and exciting updates.

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